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  1. When the smoke clears from this offseason debacle, I hope we land Lamar Jackson
  2. Yeah I heard it's gonna cost quite a bit lol. Imma leave the negotiating part to King Douglas who's done pretty good so far
  3. divisions matter................jags 4-2 in their division Jets 2-4 in their division we sh*t the bed at the end of the season but we had severe injuries in critical areas that we couldn't overcome. we improved this year with 7 wins and a lot of nail biting losses. I wanna see a new offensive coordinator and a solid vet bought in at qb but i'm optimistic for next year.
  4. You raise good points Warfish. I think Zac has a ways to go in the mental capacity and his imaturity has totally disrupted his raw abilities. Of course, it's partly a porous Oline but what a horrible inability to see the field. I think JD puts him on the trading block for a veteran QB who's team thinks in the right situation Zac can be developed. Riding the pine is in Zac's near future
  5. too bad seahawks are mostly a zone "D" Still looking for great things from him sunday though.
  6. 2021 QB choices were Zac, trey lance, mac jones, justin fields, kyle trask, kellon mond & davis mills. It was proven to be a bad draft year for QB's. Throw in a heavily injured Oline and imo poor OC in MLF and wilson had no chance in developing into anything. . Considering the rest of our 2022 draft picks, It's safe to say JD & Saleh know what they're doing draftwise.
  7. post of the thread so far. you had me at Fire Lefleur. You left off cut Mann
  8. yikes, Lets hope big Q Williams and rest of the Dline can get to Geno
  9. This was painful Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. Amazing combo in douglas/Saleh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For those who like Dabol over Saleh I prefer Saleh & his system. We get to the q'back rushing 4 where Dabol is using exotic blitz pkg's that will eventually get figured out by opposing coaches. You can't argue mims should be splitting playing time with Corey Davis when Zach clearly has better timing & chemistry with Davis. Imagine the NE game with Breece, AVT & Corey healthy. All 3 phases have shown great coaching which is a huge reflection on Saleh
  11. Last yr the pats beat the bills on their 1st match in a game the bills should have won. the next meeting the bills trounced the pats I see a similar result on our 2nd meeting with them. We've seen their stuff and we go in sunday knowing we're the better team hands down. If i'm wrong i'll send green dna to the mod room to blow all you guys.
  12. the pats also have a bye week & will play with fresh horses as well. anyone know if they have anyone major coming off the injury list after the bye like we do? NE is also a mental challenge that will always be a concern til we get this monkey off our back. absolute critical game!!!!!!!!!!!!1 but I like our chances. It's in the bag unless we choose to lose it.
  13. great post............. How do you teach a q'back to see the field? How do you teach him not to panic? How do you teach him to stop throwing off his back foot? That last 4th & 5 he could have easily pulled it down & ran for 10 yds
  14. I think having Corey Davis as number one helps Wilson a bunch as the number two option.
  15. Our oline and tight ends got owned. anyone else surprised to see Cager in the game?
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