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  1. Curious if you have each category ranked best to worst?
  2. Curious, how many other teams could have selected these q backs? Signed, lazy research guy
  3. I'm putting Mahones on the top of the list. Other than that I don't care
  4. I'm already dreading throwin up in my mouth 17 times next year
  5. cool sounds like yer nearly as handsome as me. My lil ones are 33 & 30. both cute as a button. Wife I think is the 1st supermodel under 5'. She gets like super tired on long runways & catwalks
  6. Anyone else think Fales stopped by, suited up.......saw the Oline perform from close up and asked to be released?
  7. Agreed Slats and crime is also creepin up there as well. cool thanks for the website, I'll check it out. I've never been to el Salvador but I enjoy talking like I know everything about everywhere. Here's hoping you can still post from there.
  8. LOL, maybe for a month out of each year. Gonna look you up in the spring as we're gonna do NYC. Hope you're enjoying retirement and my condolences to your wife for you being home all day.
  9. lol I've gained confidence and don't even do it alone anymore. My court date is Tuesday. Isn't lake George more of a summertime gig? Though I guess it's still pretty warm up there. Hope all goes well & it doesn't become a mini Griswald trip
  10. I agree the mess we're in is coaching related. Gase in particular stands out due to playcalling really testing blocking schemes or lack thereof. We all knew the line would suck but what we've witnessed for 3 games is beyond sucking
  11. Yeah over on the pacific side is awesome. We had a place in the hills above los suenos but sold it a while back. We're splitting our time between here (8 months) & Blue ridge mts near blowing rock NC (4 months) Nothing beats ziplining thru the rainforest. Best zipline experience ever
  12. Is El Salvador safe? The short answer is no. Depending on where of course. Jif & Slats are braver than I am but probably much more knowledgeable than I am of the safe zones. The various MS gangs originate from there. This new president is doing a great job trying to quash them but it is a daunting task. Honduras was the murder capital of the world a short while ago but of course there are safe areas there as well. Sounds like a great plan to retire there or somewhere similar. Costa Rica anyone?

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