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  1. Jim has by no means failed at Michigan. He's an excellent head coach. Would luv to see him n Gregg Williams for a year. Jury's still out on Joe Douglas but I think he will prove to be competent. Therefore he n Harbaugh could actually work well together
  2. great write up jetster. you summarized it nicely. As a longtime disappointed jets fan, I can only wonder what will lead to our demise next year. My hopes are pinned on Joe Douglas........Kalil didn't work out but he has brightened our WR corp with Berrios & thomas
  3. Nice job greenbean..............You gonna put southernjet in the car with ya next week?
  4. What does a 1st round rookie WR cost per year??????????
  5. I'm curious what the great qb's did in their 1st 2 yrs in the nfl? Sam has made a ton of mistakes and will make a bunch more but I'm confident based on his body of work so far that with protection he will be our guy
  6. So I hated the play call when we were pinned at our 3 yd line. Gase called a play action where Sam had to turn his back on the line of scrimmage in his own endzone. He barely got the pass off & it was an amazing throw for a 1st down. Threw the ball in the dirt for the 1st time in his NFL career. Threw a couple away when he needed to and didn't wait til the last minute Maybe he should have kept running but threw a beauty to #11 hit a bunch of different receiver's Yes there's a lot to like about Sam. I loved the draft pick and still did when he was seeing ghosts. I really think Joe Douglas is our GM for the future and will do a great job putting the pcs together around our franchise QB Gase?????????? The jury is still out on him for me. hopeful but doubtful.......I still don't have the confidence in his abilities (especially without Williams)
  7. your welcome Max . Lets see.....October? 3 of those views were mine.
  8. Wow sad but awesome story Tampajet. My sincere condolences for your loss. Nothing better than reading about a proud son speak about his dad, rip dad
  9. Great stuff KRL! very insightful. As a huge fan of Bilal Powell, I agree with your bell assessment. Powell was the better runningback yesterday. A lot of Robbie Anderson's routes take more time to develop and our Oline hasn't been affording Sam the luxury of hitting a deep route. I'm fine either way if He stays or goes Shout out to our punt & kick coverage as well
  10. Every comment everyone makes in this or any thread should be prefaced with: " We have the worst Oline in the league ".....possibly the worst ever assembled by any NFL team.....ever!!!!!!!!!!! You cannot evaluate Darnold. My wish is that the Oline stops allowing human missiles darting at Sam untouched......... that's my only real wish. BLOCK BETTER SCHEME BETTER
  11. where exactly is joebabys tailgate party? gonna go to the game
  12. They wanted CJ Mosley to wear it but he didn't show up last night
  13. Curious if you have each category ranked best to worst?
  14. Curious, how many other teams could have selected these q backs? Signed, lazy research guy
  15. I'm putting Mahones on the top of the list. Other than that I don't care

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