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  1. does anyone know if the iptv setboxes carry NFL? My mag322 gets PPV movies for free so just wondering if they can somehow access the NFL games
  2. agreed 100% .Parcells comes to mind as one who captures all 3 traits. most carry 2. I'm just not buying into Gase. Poor track record, inexperienced and players didn't like him. Looking forward to apologizing in feb when we hoist the trophy though.
  3. I like everything I've seen so far about Gase coming here except for Gase himself coming here. Who know's why Mac is gone but I like new GM selection I like new DC selection I like the selection of ass't coaches kept and released I just don't like Gase......All moves so far could prove to be successful but until we start winning I don't like Gase. Egotistical,arrogant & douchebag will remain his tagline until he proves otherwise
  4. I also stopped at the Cleveland prediction. I'm kind of a slow reader so i'd like 2 minutes back as well.
  5. Curious what the patriots do in this regard. they draft close to last every year and the years they have early draft they trade down. They never make too much noise in FA either. For them it's the cohesiveness between gm & hc finding good fits
  6. Part of my football card collection of some 50 yrs ago includes 12 cards with part of a player on the back of each. I have the complete Bart Starr poster. Also have Len Dawson poster. I share this so I won't have to repost when Len dies. RIP Mr Starr. You were a class act on & off the field
  7. yeah me too. he seems less crazy & related to Marty Feldman. I enjoyed the presser but will reserve judgement til midseason. I didn't like the hire but became impressed on his coaching staff build.
  8. If he becomes available, worth a midrounder..........especially given the track record of our midround picks
  9. Hey Max, are we still doin post of the week? if so my vote goes to one of Tom's finest rants
  10. some good memory joggers. I was 12 and my older brother & I recorded superbowl 3 on reel to reel. Having replayed it many times, I can remember every inflection in Curt Gowdy's voice
  11. Is this another feeble attempt to get someone else to fund private stalls in the mod lounge? It's a shame that with the amount of draft picks invested on the "D" side while ignoring the O line we are not even close to a dominant "D"
  12. great write up. good point being that maybe being on the road all week had an effect. Great point that Sam did really well considering the turnstyles in front of him. Defense was very disappointing in every phase

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