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  1. some good memory joggers. I was 12 and my older brother & I recorded superbowl 3 on reel to reel. Having replayed it many times, I can remember every inflection in Curt Gowdy's voice
  2. Is this another feeble attempt to get someone else to fund private stalls in the mod lounge? It's a shame that with the amount of draft picks invested on the "D" side while ignoring the O line we are not even close to a dominant "D"
  3. joewilly

    Quick Observations (WSH)

    great write up. good point being that maybe being on the road all week had an effect. Great point that Sam did really well considering the turnstyles in front of him. Defense was very disappointing in every phase
  4. It's been a dream of mine for quite some time to get to downtown Detroit but not gonna happen this year. I am going to the dolphin game on Nov 4th if you want to warn BP to hide from me again. Hope all is well with you Max
  5. joewilly

    Happy birthday, Maxman

    LOL my son has been relocated to Miami so we're doin the phins game again this year. As bad as we are it still feels like a home game with that pathetic fanbase they have. BP managed to avoid me in Miami last year that prick. Hey BP it's Joewilly, I'm outside the stadium where are you guys? Hey Joewilly we're umm, well on the northern side and I'm wearing a jets jersey so sure come on by.
  6. joewilly

    Great Job NFL Network/Direct TV rant

    I do NFL gamepass online and hdmi stream it to my TV. works great for the last 3 seasons
  7. joewilly

    Happy birthday, Maxman

    Hey MAX, I'm coming out of retirement to wish you a very happy birthday. Great job with this site for many years. So glad to see so many cool posters still here. I see Tomshane is still posting here as well. All the very best to you.
  8. I once got fired for only showing flashes of capability. I fell asleep & missed the 2nd half but Decker did not exactly offer a glowing review. Aren't flashes usually of brilliance?
  9. joewilly

    Is Revis a lock for first ballot HOF?

    If i'm voting...........Revis get's a no......... I want players in the hall who suited up for the love of the game, not their love of money. his holdout as a rookie. his departure to NE. his decision to mail it in this year was obvious when he chose not to work out in the offseason. These collectively are not hall of fame attributes.
  10. joewilly

    On to Miami

    lookin forward to meetin you guys. I hope Your're bringin that class holder that's in you're profile pic with you.
  11. joewilly

    On to Miami

    Hey BP, I was just goin back thru a bunch a threads and it doesn't appear that I owe you any $$$ and savage no longer wants to kick my a$$ so i'll look for you guys at tailgate. look forward to meeting you guys.
  12. Can't get the game on NFL game pass or dish. Play by play detail much appreciated thanks so far
  13. no problem no problem no problem no problem no problem

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