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  1. niners were decimated with injuries when packers beat them. I got the niners to beat them. Rams are on fire & will beat bucs. Bills & titans in afc carry the day
  2. You spelled it out very clearly and I agree with the total assessment. what picks do we have after 4,10 35 & 38?
  3. I'm not sure it was the mangold at the expense of Abraham, Abraham displayed some real Diva issues that helped make the decision. I think it was too many missed opportunities the following years in finding an edge guy. "cough Gohlston"
  4. RIP to one of my all time favorite jets......ever A real class act
  5. Only 35 weeks to go til KRL's next gameday observations. What a great addition to the board this thread is. I'm assuming Carl Lawson will shine at the edge like CJ did at LB this year after sitting out so I agree with The Oline as 1st priority. Wouldn't it be great to have a 1st class tight end & WR as well. We have a lot of needs actually but other than CJ, our LB core is a joke
  6. Omg Max, so sorry to hear And wishing Lauren a speedy and full recovery
  7. We could have fielded the top 3 wr's Currently playing in the NFL today and the outcome would have been the same. When your quarterback sh*ts the bed like Zac did today you have no chance. I really hope Mims get things figured out soon as I think Him, Davis, Crowder and some Moore sprinkled in can serve us well this year.
  8. LOL what a video for the ages
  9. lol this sums it up for me. Schotty was the worst playcaller we ever had on the sidelines, and that includes Gase. I remember the countless threads complaining about him
  10. 30 cents on the dollar? short term devaluation of Bell due to gross misuse by Coaching shortfalls can only be compared to Carnival cruiseline stock since mid feb.
  11. Yeah 1968 for me too. This is the worst team I've witnessed and I hate not caring...…… My family put me on suicide watch the night we lost the AFC championship to the steelers thanks to our kicker. This sucks having
  12. with crowder out how exactly will we even sniff the redzone. no less a touchdown.
  13. Not sure how anyone can power rank the jets over the pats given the proven records of head coaching capabilities. Pats defense is very good.
  14. wow sounds like life is good........glad to hear it
  15. Hey Slomoe how are you & the family? That was a fun day. Hope texas is still treating you well.
  16. Cayman islands. 225 Honda 4 stroke does just fine. Gotta choose calm days but it does go offshore to fish, though i'm more hesitant since Gase tookover
  17. some of the best posters are not really on anymore. GreenDNA comes to mind Crusher - always look forward to his posts Sperm edwards - great knowledge, insight and allround great poster tomshane & Max- couple of allstars with amazing wit. gonna recruit dem both on my XFLnation website which will launch when my gay nudity forum gets approved. jetfan80 - solid poster slats - great poster who can always be counted on for a logical point of view even in the off topic stuff big fan of Jif, sar1, warfish and many more that i'm forgetting
  18. Love this response Villian. Very well thought out and articulated. Makes a lot of sense & is by no means condescending. Gotta run, there's an all in buy alert happening on the Motley Fool site.
  19. Ethereum was going to be the next bitcoin according to my coworker from the phillipines who used it to transfer $$$ to his wife back home. Not sure how much that poor guy had in it. it was at 1200 when I bought & is now rising to 285
  20. I'm holding a bunch of Ethereum that started tanking the day after I bought it 2 yrs ago. It's starting to climb back up to where my 10K investment is currently worth in the neighborhood of 2.8K So yeah it's faring better than my heavy AOL buy back in the day
  21. Games are won in the trenches and niners win on both sides of the trenches. Definitely win in the D side of trench & with the aid of an amazing fullback and tight end blocking scheme, advantage niners. Mahones will get his share of big plays but the chiefs can not sustain that front 7 attack for 60 minutes
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