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  1. McCown had no snaps week 3 last year.
  2. TommyT

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

    I was not being mean. You asked a question that cannot be answered.
  3. TommyT

    Is Bates The Right Coach?

    At all the things to contemplate, this is what you come up with. Spend less time wasting your time.
  4. Sam the Copperhead Darnold
  5. I did not even get an interview!?!
  6. TommyT

    I have to ask this question...

    Please ban Fremanm for wasting our time.
  7. Rosen blew his chance when he called out the Jets, Browns and Bills. He is a me first player. Arizona will have their hands full. I am hoping the better quarterback stays healthy, Bradford.
  8. As silly as this thread is, it does speak volumes that any negative regarding Baker will be treated as another Browns debacle. Anywhere other than Cleveland would have best suited this kid.
  9. TommyT

    Someone sell me on Darnold

    When the pocket breaks down is when Darnold is at his best. He instinctively is evasive and will extend a play.
  10. You need to be drug tested
  11. TommyT

    Darnold or Rosen?

    Rosen is our next qb

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