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  1. Well your solutions have not work over the years. Time for a new direction. That direction is trading for the greatest Jets qb of all time.
  2. Sam will still suck regardless who the receivers are
  3. Sam has earned one thing going into his 4th year, a backup role somewhere. It’s time to sit and earn a starting job instead of being anointed the starter year after year.
  4. Please ban manuvsteal for life and then some.
  5. I doubt Darnold wants to be a Jet after his contract is up. Also, I doubt Douglas wants to pay him. Time to move on.
  6. It is more about paying Sam 30mil a year. I don’t see Douglas offering him that contract.
  7. I like the positive thoughts of Mike135. Although, back in the day Mike134 was also positive. Eventually, Mike134 had the breakdown and his sabbatical. Stay positive Mike135, but realistic.
  8. Win eleven and fire Macc today.

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