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  1. Mike White is on his way to being a media darling. Would not surprise me.
  2. Mike White is from the future. He has knowledge of something he is not quite ready to reveal.
  3. Not up for debate, Bills to lose. Just business boys.
  4. DWC is the one who is clueless. If we call out everyone who left the Jets for dead we would be the beat writer taking the blows. It is a process and we always have to prove it on the field.
  5. I see 11 wins…Two at home and two on the road.
  6. Prior to the draft there were character concerns" in a Walter Football article. The article claimed "[Wilson] has character concerns, rich kid who is an entitled brat - uncle owns Jet Blue -, parents are a pain, not a leader, selfish, and he's a know-it-all."
  7. Chuck Knoblauch is the poster boy for yips
  8. If you now look up the definition of insanity, you now just see a photo of Zach Wilson. I think the organization handled things perfectly.
  9. This is more about Zach has left the building excitement. Do not confuse the two.
  10. This Zach benching is blown out of proportion. It is not about White, it is a commentary on how Zach is perceived. They can say all the right things, but they know Wilson is a bad prospect. You don’t bench a player for disciplinary or a reset and demote him to the practice squad. The only way we see him again if we are out of the playoff race. Expect a veteran player to start in 2023.
  11. What this forum needs is more Bob Kraft threads.
  12. Wilson needs to change his number to 3 with a number 4 contingency plan.
  13. The 2nd pick in the draft is looming large here and this needs to be the reset. I feel Wilson needs to be treated as a late round pick. He needs to earn a backup role before the organization ever considers him as the starter.
  14. I believe there is an underlying issue not yet disclosed. Zach checks most of the boxes and what we are witnessing is not consistent with his growth. Just a hunch, but my gut is telling me Zach needs to be in a small market that allows him to develop as a backup.
  15. According to Ian Rapoport and Sports Illustrated, Zach Wilson apparently has been dealing with “the yips” since the offseason.
  16. You know the old saying: Once you go White…
  17. Just don’t trust him against a great defense or challenging weather conditions. He is in over his head mentally and physically. Time to vent when he is in there.
  18. Just frustration and anger built up. Great time to vent.
  19. If they start Zach when he is not qualified to be a back-up, we as fans need to unmercifully boo him and the coaching staff Sunday.
  20. No problem, if he starts the fans should welcome him with a standing ovation.
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