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  1. So, I tweeted to the Jets to accept Dogecoin, I would by a Wilson jersey with Doge if they did. Elon Musk is hosting SNL Saturday. I'm anticipating a spike during the show if and when he mentions Doge. Then I will sell what I put in & let it ride. To. The. Moon.
  2. Disney would have the Jets win on a last second field goal by Scrappy the dog. And it would be magical.
  3. Phil liked it when I wore a wig and heels.
  4. The over/under for Yankee wins still sits at 196
  5. I can't really say, but after circling the bases with all of my positive rep, I definitely did not want my jersey ripped off.
  6. I thought the rep level pretty much determined that. There are some legendary names on top of that list.
  7. "Viva La JetNation" was the very post that got me banned from JI. I'm so glad they did. What a great group of people I've met over the years. Lots of memories. Congrats to Phil for keeping this place running.
  8. Have a great day Phil! J-E-T-S!!!!
  9. Clearly, this is a a case of age discrimination. The League should look into this. Titans WR Adam Humphries: Tom Brady's age factored into decision not to sign with Patriots Lorenzo Reyes What I'm Hearing: USA TODAY Sports' Jarrett Bell is on hand for the NFL owners meeting in Florida and tells us what he's hearing regarding news surrounding the draft and combine. USA TODAY New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, by all accounts, is one of the best to ever play the game. But one free agent receiver spurned the chance to play with the three-time NFL MV
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