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  1. Bump for twenty-ten... Just got through my first week of P90X lean. So far so good!
  2. These wings, as were featured at the tailgates in the past: http://www.bbqu.net/recipes/410_2.html Burgers with roasted poblano peppers, special sauce, and provolone... ...and Weihenstephaner beer.
  3. Damn, I fell asleep and didn't DVR the game. Who won?
  4. I guess all my feverish posting lately caused the burnout. My bad.
  5. Well done. Seriously. The Times is a pretty big deal. But I'm surprised you used your maiden name in the article.
  6. Went on a 1 day safari in nearby Arusha National Park.
  7. 19,340'. Lots of emotions running through me here. Mostly exhaustion. It took 10 hours to get here, and there were another 3 1/2 hours to get back down to camp. Then, pack up and hike 3 more hours. Very long day, but worth it!
  8. Some glaciers off in the distance. Almost to the summit!
  9. Looking across the saddle to our next camp, which are called Kibo Huts. About a 5-hour hike from here.
  10. Our campsite under the Mawenzi peaks. By now we're at about 11,000'
  11. After the first night of camping, with Kibo in the background.
  12. All settled in here. The people are very friendly, and the food and drink so far have been excellent. Is this JetNation's first post from Tanzania?! Quite possibly. I got to see the mountain from the air last night, and again on the ride in to town here, since the moon was nearly full. Awesome is the only word that can describe it right now. The climb starts tomorrow! Baadaye!
  13. I'm going up via the Rongai Route, and I booked through Peak Planet. I know to pace myself, the guides are very strict to go "pole pole!" And yes, I have a lot of Under Armor and even wools socks with liners. The fun part so far have been the 5 shots along with 4 types of meds to take.
  14. I read other people's tweets, but rarely post my own (kind of like on here!) The jock-sniffing on Twitter has reached biblical proportions. Enough already.
  15. Mt. Kilimanjaro, who is with me? Seriously, This has been a long time in planning. Very excited about this and I'll post some photos when I get back.
  16. My dearest Joey... You were right. How dare I plan to travel overseas for week 17. I remember you giving me hell at one of the tailgates this year about it. When I booked this trip, The Jets had just hired a rookie head coach and Kellen Clemens was #1 on our depth chart. I figured an 8-8 record would be the best the Jets could do(which still looks very possible.) But alas, I cannot control the rainy and dry seasons where I'm headed. I'll try to get updates on my trek. Just do me the honor, Joe, and scream your head off for me Sunday night. That goes for everyone. Make it louder than the home opener!
  17. That's some shizzle right there....just wonder if it will seem like Gladiator II.
  18. I hope he didn't drive her in the Mustang. The kid would come out halfway to the hospital.
  19. We'll be in 5H this Sunday. Weather should be great!
  20. We'll be in 5H this Sunday. Weather should be great!
  21. I'll be at Stan's tomorrow until about 7:30, when I will have to make my way across the street...
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