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  1. Before Revis goes down as well. There's already three guys up there who can't walk without help.
  2. Will there be any tickets left by Wednesday? I'll be heading up to the Bronx (hopefully) and I would like to stop here for the freebie offer.
  3. Is this the right forum for this? Oh, nevermind...
  4. Yes, quite well! Although Jimmy Buffett has soured a bit recently. I stopped drinking Landshark Lager. F the Dolphins. I'm listening to "Last Goodbye" by Jeff Buckley.
  5. What about the 2 1/2 year bender we all went on after the spike game in '94?
  6. Former Jets QB Stands Out in UFL Posted Oct 20, 2009 4:30PM By Anthony Olivieri (RSS feed) Filed Under: UFL Fans of the New York Jets don't need any more angst, especially after the abysmal performance by rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez on Sunday. So, Jets fans, stop reading now because Brooks Bollinger, a former starter for Gang Green in 2005, has been a standout signal caller in the UFL. Check Bollinger's numbers in two season-opening wins for the Florida Tuskers: 44-of-58, 535 yards, 7 TDs and 1 INT. Thanks in part to Bollinger, the Tuskers have scored 64 points and amassed 792 yards of total offense in those contests. OK, masters of the obvious, success in the UFL doesn't equate to similar prowess in the NFL. It's the irony, however, that strikes us, as well as the opportunity for a social experiment. Will New York fans second-guess anything, even if they are, in effect, second-guessing themselves? For those of us who live in the Northeast, and within hailing distance of New York sports radio arguments and newspaper headlines, it's no secret that everyone from Derek Jeter to Rich Kotite has been questioned in the big city. Starting quarterbacks, third-string point guards, back-up goalies, four-time champion managers and pinch-runners have been on the wanted list in NYC, where if you don't win, well, there has to be something wrong with you -- even if you were OK two days ago. Just ask the two Joes, Girardi and Torre. So, just weeks after being anointed New York's biggest star, Sanchez threw five interceptions in a loss -- a third straight defeat for the Jets -- against the dismal Buffalo Bills. Those that had punched the rookie's ticket to Canton were wondering why he wasn't benched. New Yorkers memories are short, presumably even the guys who wanted to replace Bollinger with, well, anyone during his nine-game tour as the Jets' lead dog. Let's hope that someone calls WFAN's Joe Benigno, the Jets' most visible diehard fan, and suggests that they sign Bollinger, whose season with the Florida Tuskers will be over no later than November 27 -- the date of the UFL's championship game. For comedy's sake, it needs to happen. Bollinger, of course, will have to keep it up Thursday against the California Redwoods in Week 3 of the UFL's inaugural season. If he can't, well, I told you he was a bum.
  7. bump ...seems like the popular choice of words after another loss.
  8. I'm with you, Garb....summer is gone. Looks like another great time, despite the game's outcome. I have to get down there one of these years.
  9. Happy Birthday, SoFla.... sorry the Jets couldn't gift wrap a W for you.
  10. I forgot how much fun it was...
  11. Nothing wrong with that at all. You're married to a beautiful woman, you have a beautiful daughter, and another child on the way. You have a good job and are a responsible husband/father. I envy you. By the way, I'm prepping food this morning for a huge throw-down I'm invited to tonight. There will be smoking, excessive drinking, and beautiful single women. I anticipate myself not getting any sleep until the sun rises tomorrow morning.
  12. Wow he almost took Mawae back to the locker room in Beast #3.
  13. The Jets need to run the clock down with the lead. The last two weeks, the defense had to trot out to the field too many times in the 4th quarter. It's going to bite them in the ass sooner or later.
  14. MMS is finally here for the iPhone. It's about friggin' time. ps. Max, this does not open the door for you to start sending me various photos of yourself.
  15. Joe, count me in +1 for Sunday. Looking forward to it! GO JETS!
  16. Hey Jon, Hope your day was great! Finish it off with a few cold ones at Poe's would ya?
  17. You guys will be sorely missed this season. I see that joebaby has the torch now, and the JN tailgates are in good hands. But the Reading, PA crew are good people. Hope to see you all again soon.
  18. We'll be serving some grilled pound cake, post-game.
  19. What sucks is this - With each win/more success on offense, the more attractive Schotty becomes to other teams after this season. I hope he sticks around to see this thing through.
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