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  1. The NFL Needs Its Villains Back Last season, the NFL kinda sucked - and that's because we were missing our favorite villain. By Matt King, BleacherReport.com Finally, the NFL can officially be great again. I
  2. I like this. Extra reps and I'll be there to witness it.
  3. Hope you had a great day, Garb!
  4. Wow. You've been hanging out with Gainzo too much.
  5. Joe, your stores blow. They have squat when it comes to Jets merchandise.
  6. F*** the Raiders. How was Buffalo Wild Wings?
  7. It's not like he'd be playing complete games tonight and next Thursday. Maybe a series or two next week.
  8. Just wondering (yes I am going and would like to see him play). I know that traditionally, teams will rest the starters and take long looks at players that are on the bubble. But it's not like Sanchez is exactly a polished qb....we all know he could use the reps in a full-speed game. I know there is always the risk of injury, but I think he should play.
  9. I may or may not be back at the Tiki Bar... :headbang:
  10. Wow. I remember all of the folks who were opposed to the west side stadium because the tailgating element would be lost. Now tailgating is dying a slow death anyway. Oh yeah, we will still share a stadium with the Giants. Party on.
  11. Hey big fella, 40? Holy ****. Well, I'm right behind you. (insert JN Mod joke here) Have a great day. Will you be at camp this weekend? Your estranged moderator, Tabor
  12. This was taken from www.hotchickswithdochebags.com, which by the way is just...an awesome site: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 Honorary Douchebag of the Month: Brett Favre If we define the douchebag as the preening narcissist who turns himself into a spectacle to attract attention, than who better to earn an honorary Douchebag of the Month than the clown prince of football, Brett Favre? This oafish yoyo has come out of retirement yet again, simply to see headlines about himself coming out of retirement yet again. Whether you're a fan of football or not, this self-important preening narcissist spends the better part of each year making sure his ass is suitably kissed by football fans, talk show hosts and media the world over. He has retired and unretired more times than a porn star late on car payments, proving not only that his massive ego needs constant placation, but that the sport itself is secondary to the desire to see his name endlessly trumpeted on TV and radio. Since personifying the faux-humble jockbag that Mary dated in There's Something About Mary in 1998, Favre hasn't just forced us to reverse the "r" and "v" when we pronounce his name. He's forced us to pay attention to his unquenchable need to be talked about. Constantly. To have the world kiss his ass on a yearly basis with "will he or won't he" stories for almost a decade straight. "Attention Whore" doesn't begin to cover it. He makes Perez Hilton look like J.D. Salinger. Suck it, Favre. You lead the douche league in interceptions, stubbley chin hair and self worship. Even when your father died, you turned it into a spectacle about yourself playing a freaking game rather than mourning with your family. This makes you a massive pile of douche water. Take your Levis and your chin hair and your false small-town good ole' boy performances and stuff 'em up your ass. The fact I have to listen to another year about your sorry ass "retiring" makes me want to throw an interception made out of monkey feces and spittle. Get the hell off my teevee and never come back.
  13. Can NFL 2010 for iPhone topple Madden? The last Madden-rival standing: Gameloft's NFL 2010 (Credit: Scott Stein/CNET) NFL game fans, we feel your pain. Ever since EA locked up video game-publishing rights to consoles and PCs, Madden has become the only game in town--a monopoly on NFL gaming that eliminates free choice and, some say, removes a competitive need for change. We played the new Madden 10, and we happen to like it. Still, we miss the days when competitors such as NFL 2K5 actually existed. But, in fact, one still does, and it's made by Gameloft. NFL 2010 (App Store link) hit the iPhone last week with relative quiet. Not only is it an NFL-licensed game, but it's a full-3D game with playbooks and complete league-accurate rosters. In case you're wondering how this happened, EA Sports doesn't own exclusive rights to NFL mobile games. In the mobile arena, competition still exists. Gameloft currently has a license to make NFL games as well, although only on phones and not for DS/PSP hardware. EA is reportedly preparing an iPhone version of Madden, but for now, Gameloft's title is the only real-deal gridiron action on Apple's App Store. Of course, we were extremely curious as to how it would play, especially with no physical control pad. Read on for our impressions, and check out the gallery below. NFL 2010 for iPhone/iPod Touch (Gameloft) On the iPhone 3GS, the 3D models and gameplay weren't bad. On a scale from primitive polygons to the Xbox 360, we'd place them solidly in the N64/Nintendo DS camp, perhaps slightly better. Arms and legs are blocky, but you can read player names and watch plays develop. Playbook selection is decent, but hardly Madden-level. This isn't such a bad idea considering the simplicity of most mobile games, and it creates a quicker-fix feeling. It's slightly odd that plays can't simply be flipped and tapped directly--instead, tapping small arrow icons or "OK" buttons are required, adding an unnecessary layer to what could otherwise have been much simpler. The same goes for the gameplay itself. A virtual analog stick and buttons pop from the bottom of the screen, much like Gameloft's other titles, Hero of Sparta and Real Soccer 2009. The analog control is almost perfect (though our fingers were prone to sliding off the control zone) but the button selection can be awkward. As a running back hits a hole, for instance, the game slows down and offers a series of special action buttons to pick before the rest of the play unfolds, such as spin, juke on running plays, deflect and intercept on defense, and so on. The after-effects are animated after you hit the button, creating an instanced minigame effect. It turns the game into more of a casual armchair quarterback affair. Other moments, like dropping back and passing, are controlled by tapping on open receivers directly to throw. This worked well, and is a better use of the iPhone/iPod Touch's innate interface capabilities. Full-season mode is available as well as a randomized "quick play" option, giving NFL nuts both long and short-term fixes on their way to the sports bar or stadium. Quarter lengths can be 2, 5, or 8 minutes, depending on your patience, and you can set your own skill level. Easy is way too much so, but then again, it's a useful tutorial to the game's nontraditional controls. A third play option, Playoffs, is an idea even Madden could learn to adopt. Selecting your favorite team, you're immediately thrust into a playoff tree on a multigame trip to the Super Bowl. It's a great way to get the fix of Season mode without slogging through 16 games. As a whole, it's better than current App Store throwback classics like LED Football, and while it's a close graphical match to the Nintendo DS version of Madden, it's nowhere near it in terms of gameplay realism. On the other hand, it's only $4.99, which is cheaper than nearly anything on a DS--or at a real football game, for that matter. And as far as multiplayer goes, Gameloft's app page says it's coming soon (with online support, as well) in a future update, along with a "zombies vs skeletons" mode, oddly enough. Can Madden catch up and beat Gameloft at its own sport, or is this the start of a new series of mobile NFL game wars? Stay tuned...
  14. What was the mullet-to-guys that have current hairstyle ratio?
  15. Martin acoustic. Playing a lot more lately! Not exactly ready to play out, but I have a nice little set list that I like to practice.
  16. I see that Favre isn't the cover boy this year. So yes, there is a huge improvement.
  17. If you can think of it, there's an app for that. One of the best apps would be the Sirius/XM app, if you have a subscription.
  18. Would you like me to take a shot at answering that one?
  19. I'll start: When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris.
  20. Willpower! That's what is takes. I eat healthy, but never buy more food than I need. My fridge/pantry is EMPTY by week's end. If there is extra food, I will eat it.
  21. The old school JN'ers...dig
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