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  1. Hey Sofla Good to hear. What's your weight-loss plan? Keep it up! I'm down from 245 last Christmas to 199. I think JN is the reason. Post on here too much, and the pounds add up.
  2. Thanks for all the well wishes...
  3. Damn...I have an a tattoo appointment for 4pm. If you guys party into the night, please let me know and I will head down. Great idea, though!
  4. ...is Jerry Manual firing up a fat spliff before he meets with the press?
  5. I'll be catching the action live this Sunday. First visit to the new stadium.
  6. That guy who hasn't been here in ages came across a thread you just posted here that was inappropriate.
  7. Do you want to be banned? That is the question.
  8. Very. No mail delivery. Going to the post office all the time sucked. Cute little town, though.
  9. Well...with Robocop, at the very least, Detroit will look exactly the same.
  10. Somewhere over the Rainbow -Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  11. I used to live in Mt. Tabor. If I could change it now I would.
  12. I didn't know you had a dog, Jon. Sorry to hear this news. That is one tough decision to make, and I'm sure you will make the right one. What is her name?
  13. Ha! Two days in a row, biznatch!
  14. From the photos I've seen, she is very pretty. Well done, brother. You bring me hope.
  15. WOW. MJ currently holds 9 of the top 10 spots on the iTunes current bestsellers list.
  16. That's not hail, it's small pellets of frozen ice cream. Think "dippin dots." You should try to go outside and catch some. Make sure to carry a long pole with you, preferably made of metal.
  17. That is a great app. Having the Yankees blacked out on Sunday sucked, though. I also love the new Sirius/XM app. Works flawlessly, good audio with no dropouts.
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