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  1. Price. "I'll buy the buggy, virus-laden pc that will crash all the time, but I'll save some money."
  2. And what exactly did you add to this thread?
  3. Stay away from the Landshark Lager.
  4. From your lips to God's ears.
  5. Should we be expecting T0m to start appearing in Hanes underwear commercials now?
  6. A lacrosse video game? I can finally exhale.
  7. I hiked the Sourland Mountain Preserve over the weekend. Nice trails, not too scenic however. I'm thinking of making a few trips up to the Adirondacks this fall to help prepare for the Mt. Kili climb in January.
  8. Look who no longer rules the top of the list.
  9. Hey Becker, can I join in the fun?
  10. Good stuff, Joey. Sucks that I moved away from that area.
  11. Thanks for the update, Borgo. I need to get back up to speed here on several topics, such as...who did we draft with the #1 pick? ps. Verde...if you see this, feel free to PM me the lingerie shots. Tabor is back!
  12. People come and go on JetNation for many reasons. Some don't come back. Some are not welcome back. And some just get kicked out. But Verde is welcome here!
  13. Well... any takers on this one?
  14. Well, I had upgraded from XP to Vista Ultimate, which gave me ultimate headaches. Microsoft really dropped the ball on Vista, hence the rush to get Windows 7 out. I am now running the Windows 7 beta, which to my pleasant surprise.....works. And it actually fixed things that Vista screwed up. The bootup time is lightning fast. So I think Windows 7 is Microsoft's apology for Vista. I'm still considering the switch to a Mac when this PC finally takes a dump.
  15. lol, his name is already mud.
  16. If Smizzy comes back, it will drop to less than one post per day.
  17. I have a few questions for him as well.
  18. And I questioned why I have been absent lately?
  19. Happy Birthday, Duane! Hope it was a good one!
  20. Seeing his posts getting bumped like this makes me feel all warm inside. No wait, that's the vomit building up.
  21. I would take 100 JetsRule accounts over 1 Smizzy account. Wait, did I just post that out loud?
  22. This is easily their best album since Before These Crowded Streets in 1998. Early favorites: "Shake Me like a Monkey", "Lying in the Hands of God", "Dive In", and "Why I Am".
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