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  1. As some of you may know, I just recently booked a trip to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro next January. I was wondering if anyone here has either completed the climb, or perhaps flown into Tanzania for other reasons (safari). Funny that 124 mentioned to me that I would miss the playoffs next January. I will be gone for 1 1/2 weeks, but will the Jets even be there?
  2. Thanks for coming into the Easter thread to tell us that very important info. We should be honored that you even write here. Happy Easter everyone!
  3. It's not free, but they updated this app with live audio feeds for every game. Great app overall and will be very useful this season.
  4. You know why he shot himself? He woke up one day and realized he was married to Courtney Love.
  5. Why have I not heard of this group sooner? Just straight forward, heavy rock. Nice fuzzy distortion, big drums. Kind of like old Sabbath. Love the songs "Over the Edge," "Saturn III," and "Boogie Van." Good stuff.
  6. "I'm Your Boogie Man" by KC and the Sunshine Band.
  7. TaborJet


    Ask BP about Revis' ability to cover the quick slant. Revis is the man.
  8. I have The Force Unleashed, released last summer, which has the Euphoria engine as W.E. mentioned. Same environmental reactions as you are mentioning, ecurb.
  9. I tried the demo, and it's OK. Nothing ground-breaking for me. I'm still enjoying Afro Samurai.
  10. Gainzo talking about someone else being disrespectful is beyond funny.
  11. GG asked me to retire her from the Lounge award. She won the three previous years. I mentioned it in the rules. Did you remember to tell JetFanByMarriage this before she started to count the ballots? Tell her thanks again.
  12. Thanks IC, brain fart. I got it mixed up with the YouTube classic video.
  13. Great game. Looks just like the show. Killer soundtrack as well. And Samuel L. Jackson's narrations are just hilarious.
  14. Did they go to that out-of-the-way place where there is live music in the street?
  15. Short version or long version? Either one can't be answered out here in the open.
  16. Hey Becker, what's up? You get sucked into the FB vortex yet?
  17. SJ- 1st serious relationship I had, I was with the same girl for 6 years. We got engaged, but she broke it off....and married my best friend. 2nd serious relationship I had, was married for 8 years....you know her by the name of Mrs.TaborJet. We are no longer together. Split up 4 months ago. We are civil to one another, and while I think she still reads the boards here, she chooses not to post here anymore. This news had to break sometime, and I thought this thread was a good place for it. So there it is.
  18. Who is going to replace Mangini? Anyone think the Jets can re-work Coles' contract and keep him? Did Brett Favre decide to stay or go? I have concerns about the Jets' secondary and ILB's. Will they target any free agents. And if so, who?
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