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  1. What the fizzuck! Sorry I missed it, GB! Hope you had a great day!
  2. I'm taking a snow day. I am available to count ballots if needed.
  3. It does look pretty slick, I will say that...but on a PC, if you have multiple tabs open, it is a resource hog.
  4. Hmm...what pisses me off? How about when a drunk makes a serious pass at your wife at one of the tailgates? Oh, and he was a Pats fan to boot. Yeah, blame it on the booze, jackass.
  5. The lowcountry is calling, Garb.
  6. You want to be my regular booty call again?

  7. Congrats to StillerPaul and the rest of the winners. And thank you Max for counting those ballots. Although there are plenty of loser doosies here besides me who could have counted them for you.
  8. Good choices for the current banner. Funny thing if we do another April Fool's banner....there are more choices for an all-fail banner than a banner with all-pros.
  9. **JetNation awards official ballot*** Most Underrated Poster
  10. The 4th Annual JetNation Awards Attention boys and Girls! JetNation is celebrating its 4th anniversary soon(can you believe this s***!), so let
  11. Rising Born in the U.S.A. new song Dancing in the Dark
  12. How about just one version, please? It will know enough to have less graphic and memory-rich features if it is installed on a netbook. And for the power users/suits, for a fee you can unlock the added features. Why is this a problem? I said it before...my next computer is a Mac.
  13. Arizona is qualified to be there. They earned their way in. There is no question. I guess you can relate this situation to the one with your car, GOB? If the car says Mustang on it, it looks like a Mustang, when you sit in it, I'm assuming it feels like you are in a Mustang. But the debate is under the hood. Six cylinders....is it really a Mustang? Has it earned the right to be called a Mustang?
  14. I am reading there will be several different versions of Windows 7, just like Vista. Say it isn't so. I also read that Vista Service pack 2 RC will be released Q2 of this year. Maybe the bugs will finally be gone.
  15. Have a great day, Bren! Hope to see you at Tyson's tomorrow.
  16. That was with Mumbles, Jr. calling the shots. Exactly. I fully expect to see a blitz-happy defense next season.
  17. Down between 10-15 lbs. since mid-December. Max isn't quite as attracted to me as he used to be, since he is a chubby-chaser. JB, I would like to work out now, but I'm still pretty bruised from the ass-kicking you gave me in the JN beat-down thread.
  18. So if the Cards win the Super Bowl, and we beat the Cards earlier this season, what does that make us? Losers.
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