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  1. Not sure why there was the surprise prostate exam, either..
  2. Not sure why there was the surprise prostate exam, either..
  3. Not sure why there was the surprise prostate exam, either..
  4. I remember Phil, Jim, Phil's son, and myself watching the Patriots dominate the Jets in your man-cave. The highlight of the evening? I believe Mrs. Max made us all wings.
  5. Looks good in the beginning, but will end in an ugly divorce after a few disappointing years.
  6. Congrats, Frank. You got to retire having worn the same uni your whole career. Max sold BP, TomShane, GOB, and myself to the sex slave trade years ago, just for some free advertising on MySpace. He'll still boast that He got the better deal.
  7. Oh. could't see the link with my adblocker up. So it's not Fanduel anymore? Pass.
  8. ...that's never going to come. Stout run D? Whatever.
  9. New York Jets claimed former Buccaneers TE Austin Seferian Jenkins on waivers, per source. SUPER BOWL.
  10. Happy Birthday, ex-employer! See you at the home opener.
  11. TaborJet

    Comcast \ YES

    The water will definitely sweeten the deal. Our daughter loves water, thanks in advance for babysitting!
  12. TaborJet

    Comcast \ YES

    Well, we're keeping Comcast internet but dumping their cable service. We look to save about $80 per month.
  13. TaborJet

    Comcast \ YES

    Max, look into Playstation Vue. I think that's the direction we're heading in. The app is on the Amazon Fire as well as the PS3/4, and there are streaming packages available that carry the YES Network. DirecTV is verboten in by our association, and The Fios people won't run their fiber optic up Scenic Rd to our development. The Vue streaming is adequate, not quite 1080p. but it'll suffice. At least I can now alternate watching the Yankees in between repeat showings of Winnie the Pooh.
  14. If Lamar Miller didn't sh** the bed, I could have done far more damage in another tournament. Still, It was a great day!
  15. I'm so sorry for you and your family. She will live forever in your heart.
  16. Wesley F****** Walker!!!!!
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