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  1. Congrats bro! I hope they serve good pancakes wherever you spend your honeymoon!
  2. Actually, yes...we worked out in this mess today. The only time we don't work is when there is lightning in the area. We just stayed a little closer to the ground today.
  3. http://www.maxim.com/New-York-Jets-Cheerleaders/todays_girl/4478.aspx
  4. Hey GOB, aren't you glad your trip here was last weekend? If it were this weekend, you'd be sleeping at the airport, waiting for your flight. Oh wait, you wouldn't sleep if your airport has a Dunkin Donuts in it!
  5. Tommy Bahama - signature or very cool Dolce & Gobanna
  6. So far I only got something for my brother. A cool pullover from Classic Harley-Davidson of Reading, PA. (<--shameless plug)
  7. I'll take an ugly win over a hard-fought and undeserving loss any day. This game had shades of "Shrek" circa the '01 season.
  8. Norton is great for keeping your PC virus-free, but it can bring the most powerful pc to its knees. It's such a resource hog. Next time...throw me a bone, Verde and post in the tech forum!
  9. BP: They didn't look underage, officer. GOB: Uncuff me! Do you know who I am? Tabor: Yes, I do wear my sunglasses at night. Max: Aw, c'mon guys. I'll be your prison bitch.
  10. I have three songs, and I can't decide between them. The funny/I thought it was cool back in the day song - No Presents for Christmas by King Diamond. The tug at your heart strings/classic of all-time song - The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. And a new edition to my favorites this year - The song that plays at 12:01am December 26th on a station that has been playing nothing but Christmas songs for over a month!
  11. Sources: Yankees to trade Melky Cabrera to Brewers for Mike Cameron BY MARK FEINSAND DAILY NEWS SPORTS WRITER Thursday, December 11th 2008, 4:50 AM Conroy/AP According to two major league sources, Mike Cameron is on his way to the Bronx. Simmons/News It'll be Cameron's second tour of duty in New York, having played for the Mets in 2004 and 2005. Sipkin/News Melky Cabrera, meanwhile, appears bound for Milwaukee. The Yankees have found their center fielder for 2009, as they are set to send Melky Cabrera to Milwaukee for veteran outfielder Mike Cameron on Thursday, according to two major league sources. The Yankees have been saying that Cabrera and Brett Gardner would compete for the center field job, but the acquisition of Cameron gives them a veteran presence at the position. Many believed Cabrera would be the center fielder of the future entering the 2008 campaign, but a disappointing season, in which he hit .249 with eight homeruns and 37 RBIs in 129 games, led many to believe he was destined for a future as a utility outfielder. Yankees blue-chip prospect Austin Jackson is not expected to be ready for big league action until at least 2010, making Cameron the ideal one-year stopgap in center field.
  12. There is no link to this. It's a headline on the NY Daily News web page. It's a live developing story...stay tuned!
  13. Depending on how many strip clubs we take GOB to the night before, we may roll in a little late. Look forward to meeting you!
  14. Vista Ultimate. The only related topics in the HP support forum deal with XP. Like Vista never has problems!
  15. I know, shame on me...Tabor's Tech Talk, and I can't even install a printer, right? Well, I just picked up an HP printer/scanner...C6380...set up wirelessly so I can set it across the room. The printer works fine, I did a direct print from my digital camera. I set up the network fine, SSID and WEP key. My pc recognizes the printer on the network. My issue is this: I can't get the friggin' software and drivers to install. I tried it from the CD, and even a direct download from the HP site. About 1/4 way throught the install, I get an "extended attributes are inconsistent" error. What gives? I disabled my firewall, so I should have no problem, right?
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