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  1. Up 10-3 at the half, plus we get the ball to start the 2nd half. I like our chances.
  2. The Titans do not scare me. 10-0 is impressive, no doubt. But they are beatable, and the Jets are very capable of beating them. Go Jets!
  3. I think AC/DC radio will be around until after the holidays. I love Buzzsaw/Boneyard and miss it! Classics from when I was your age! Playboy is now on channel 99.
  4. Got this last night. A lot like GTAIV, since it's also made by RockStar Games. Only the graphics are better, good soundtrack, and it's all about racing, so the driving controls are a lot crisper.
  5. This would have been a great week to wear the throwback unis. For one, we could show the league who the real Titans of the old AFL were, not the new powder-blue ones. And second, the Jets could have made a lot more coin selling throwback replica jerseys with the away colors.
  6. I noticed the reruns on TBS seem to be re-mastered for HDTVs. Oh, and George likes spicy chicken.
  7. I guess art does imitate life, Thor.
  8. Well, no Pats in the playoffs this year...I guess it will be a long winter in Boston!
  9. Try to take out Haynesworth while you're at it. Happy Birthday!
  10. Was out over the water this morning at 7am, building a scaffold. It was.... ..wait, I'm not permitted to complaing about the cold.
  11. It's not case sensitive. I logged in last night, no problem. Home has potential, but It's far from becoming the next MySpace or Facebook. The 3D world is cool, but unless you have a keyboard hooked up to your PS3, you can forget about the chat feature.
  12. Ginn reminds me of another frail Dolphin from the past....Yatil Green.
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