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  1. Let me guess....starring as Jason, it's.... Uma Thurman!!
  2. yeah, they should have just come out with a name patch at the time where you could just stick Boomer's name over O'Briens...
  3. I agree. My next jersey will be customized with my name on the back. I'll never have to buy a new jersey again, unless they come out with new uni's. Penny Vinny Chrebet Keyshawn Boomer Toon O'Brien Gastineau
  4. Isn't today the official launch date with the new front page? well?
  5. My wife and I went 3 years ago and stayed at the Luxor. The price really wasn't the high, either. The Blue Man Group was definately worth it. The Flamingo might be the best rate on the strip, and it's right in the heart of the strip.
  6. from Profootballtalk.com POSTED 2:59 p.m. EST, March 8, 2005 TAYLOR WANTS OUT OF MIAMI? A league source tells us that, in the wake of the Miami Dolphins' acquisition of defensive ends Vonnie Holliday and Kevin Carter, Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor soon could be requesting a trade out of Miami. Taylor, we hear, is miffed by the possibility that he'll be shifted to outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. Such a change would reducing Taylor's sacks by limiting the number of times that he actually would be rushing the passer. The fact that Taylor is a prominent member of the "old guard" Dolphins players also could be influencing the burgeoning feud. New coach Nick Saban, we suspect, probably would like to jettison holdover players who are in position to undermine the new regime in the locker room. But Saban surely can't unilaterally dump Taylor with incurring the wrath of the fan base and the local media (whom Saban already has pissed off by clamping down on the flow of information). So what better way to engineer Taylor's exit than to goad him into asking to be traded? This way, Saban gets what we believe he really wants without (if he's lucky) the P.R. fallout. If Taylor ends up on the block, the most obvious trade partners are any of the three teams with franchise-tagged running back. The Seahawks have running Shaun Alexander, and need a replacement of Chike Okeafor. The Bengals have Rudi Johnson, and Justin Smith is entering the final year of his contract. And the Colts have Edgerrin James as part of an offense with far more firepower than the team's defense. The fact that Dwight Freeney is entrenched as the right-side defensive end in Indy might, on the surface, reduce the Colts' interest in Taylor. However, Taylor moved around a good bit in 2004, and he got half of his sacks from the left side, where he typically was facing the opponents' second best tackle. Stay tuned. We have a feeling that the situation is going to deteriorate quickly in South Florida.
  7. I wonder if he was drinking the cheap stuff...doesn't matter really, even 50 shots of Patron or Cabo will kill you!
  8. Nice to know he can still hit home runs when he's off the juice. Especially against the Sox! I hope he can so the same when he gets to Fenway.
  9. Anyone have this game for the pc? I'm addicted to it. If you like Star Wars and shooter games, this is it.
  10. I believe so, maybe within the next 3-4 years. Since he brought in Hendu, there's been a good-cop/bad-cop relationship there. Now that can apply to the Offense now that Dinger is here. 2 in-your-face assistants with the gentle, Tony Robbins styled coach. It could work.
  11. Thanks for the heads up....looking forward to some new Bruuuce
  12. Hey guys- Where does all the OT posts go? In this welcome forum?
  13. If you want to root for a team that plays in Giants Stadium, by all means...go root for the Giants.
  14. Isn't anyone interested in Carlos Rogers anymore?
  15. Hey Jetnation.. I'm not a big poster, but I believe in the quality of the post. It seems that JI has lost a lot of quality posters. I don't know what happened, and it's really none of my business. But I do enjoy the quality of the posters here on JetNation. Here's to the 2005 season, and good luck with the new website!
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