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  1. Yeah, really. The mods used to be on top of things like this.
  2. That was a blast! Hoping to do the Jets @ Giants game this year, too. Great to see the JN family
  3. The wifey and I thought we would give this a go.
  4. I had 20,000 posts in there. Plus another 10,000 in the tech forum. All deleted so Max could keep the working man down.
  5. Very special thanks to you guys for your generous gift for our daughter. Means a lot.
  6. Congrats, Phil! Glad that I was a mod here once. Got out before the site jumped the shark.
  7. Don't try to put it out. Just let it burn. It will go out on its own.
  8. He (Woody) has the silver spoon thing. But he maintains his billionaire status by building an embarrassment of a stadium and then double-dipping with the Giants owners with PSLs.
  9. There's back ups for every profession. You should know this, JN fluffer.
  10. What a blast. Great to see everyone.
  11. I know the O and D seem the most glaring, but when was the last time the special teams did anything special?
  12. Next road trip is L7 for the home game vs. Detroit. Pennsylvania does drag on forever, doesn't it?
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