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  1. I never really even knew there was a front page. My bookmark to JN since forever was the forums.
  2. Are you going to the Detroit game this year? We may bring another batch of deviled eggs with smoked trout. This time we'll have enough to go around.
  3. As long as the call-in is Saturday late afternoon, when we first get to Green Bay. Like the first 30 minutes in. After that, the slope gets slippery.
  4. When I'm good and drunk enough. No really I will one of these days.
  5. I like the layout. I think JN Radio should have a more prominent place though. Front and center.
  6. I'm assuming Google Chrome is one the the apps you are using. Chrome is a great browser, works well across platforms.
  7. Talk of politics and religion on many message boards are usually verboten, but it's funny how Mac vs. PC or Mac vs. Samsung can be just as venomous. That being said, I love my Mac and my iPhone. And Apple TV. And Airport Extreme. I think the key to any one of these brands is to use one brand across the board. Google. Microsoft. Samsung. Mac. All the devices can sync to each other. No hiccups.
  8. You don't need to read those comments. Just read the replies right here on JN. Plenty of haters. Most of which are Jets fans. We have the most negative fan base, so it feeds the haters. The only thing that will end all that is winning the SB.
  9. How many people had Pryor in their mocks? Shows how clueless everyone is.
  10. Just booked at the Days Inn. Some decent prices out there, some are just ridiculous
  11. Quality before quantity. I have almost 50,000 less posts than you, but said so much more.
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