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  1. I agree. That's bucket list stuff right there. Doing something out of your comfort zone, which seems to be complaining about the Jets.
  2. Just trying to find something positive, however small, to say about the Jets. It's tough being a fan, Even with all the national news surrounding the Patsies and Aaron Hernandez, Jets fans still want to beat up on Sanchez. I'm not a Sanchez supporter, but c'mon...Yeah, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he probably bagged both girls after that video was taken. I would act like a fool too, if it got me a Klondike bar. Could you imagine if smarphones, Twitter, Vine, etc were around during Namath's time with the Jets? The press is no better. Hacks like Cimini and Mehta should be gone. Just give me the news without the sarcastic undertones. Stop digging around for crap to print. I wish Cimini was fired after the imfamous tweet a while back. But he probably got promoted instead. Like I said, just looking to see something good written for a change.
  3. No, but I heard they both bagged the same blonde.
  4. Hey Max, Taste is a pretty nice place. I don't think your Coles jersey is going to cut it there.
  5. Cool. We all get to watch Woodhead get cut again.
  6. Faithful Jets fans follow team to showdown in Pittsburgh The Jets head into hostile territory for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but they’re not going alone. Gang Green faithful citywide are taking to Craigslist, online forums, bus services and local rideshares to find ways to trek to the Steel City to cheer on their team. A victory against the Steelers is the only thing standing between the Jets and the Super Bowl. “Everybody wants to be there to see history in person,” said Phil Sullivan of blog JetNation.com, who helped readers organize their own trips and is going with his son. Todd Hudson, who owns sports bus travel service The Stadium Events, said he expects to shuttle at least 100 die-hard fans to the big game. “Fans want to watch their team, wherever that is,” Hudson said. The Jets head to Pittsburgh after huge back-to-back upsets against the Indianapolis Colts and the archrival New England Patriots. But with the Super Bowl on the line, some fans said they wouldn’t miss this weekend’s on-field drama for anything. “Wild horses couldn’t stop me from going,” said Fred Robertson, 52, of East Meadow, Long Island, who is making the nearly seven-hour drive. “I bleed green.” Added Brian Moffett, 53, of Staten Island, who organized a four-man trip through Craigslist: “For years after we lost a game, everybody would say, ‘Same old Jets.’ But with Rex Ryan, we’re not the same old Jets.”
  7. Dennis Byrd to join Jets in Pittsburgh, will take part in coin toss BY EBENEZER SAMUEL Last week, the Jets carried Dennis Byrd's old No. 90 jersey onto the field for the coin toss. This week, Byrd himself will join them at midfield. The former Jets defensive lineman, who suffered a career-ending neck injury during a game in 1992 but learned to walk again, will serve as the Jets' honorary captain in the AFC Championship. "It's fitting for him to be our captain," Mark Sanchez said. "Hearing about his story for the first time really makes you understand how fortunate we are and how fragile your career is." Byrd told the team about his struggles in a moving pregame speech the night before the team's upset of New England. Numerous Jets credited Byrd for giving them extra motivation to beat the Patriots. "His story definitely gave us inspiration last week," Sanchez said. "And it's just fitting that he's going to lead us out before the game."
  8. ..just a little extra salt in the wound..... Video shows Pats' sideline wall vs. Jets ESPN.com news services Video surfaced Sunday showing several Patriots players standing flush against the inside border of the sideline during a punt return in a Week 2 loss to the Jets, with the last player in the line attempting to trip New York's special-teams "gunner." Fox Sports broadcasted the footage during its coverage of Sunday's NFC divisional playoff game, reporting the Jets were aware of the Patriots' actions when under scrutiny by the NFL for similar activity that resulted in a $100,000 fine. The Jets became privy to the Patriots' use of the sideline wall when they signed a player off the Patriots' practice squad in November, Fox Sports reported. Linebacker Shawn Crable was added a few days after he was cut by the Patriots. The Jets are appealing the fine handed down by the NFL last month, levied for a violation of league rules when Sal Alosi, a strength and conditioning coach, tripped Miami's Nolan Carroll on the sideline during a punt return in the Jets-Dolphins game on Dec. 12. The league said Alosi instructed inactive players to stand in a wall in a prohibited area on the sideline to deter opposing teams' players during special-teams plays, which is a violation of NFL policy. The video of the Patriots showed the players in a similar sideline position. Alosi was suspended until the end of the season by the Jets. After the Alosi incident, Jets special-teams coordinator Mike Westhoff told the media he had seen similar tactics used by other teams, specifically naming the Patriots. Westhoff said he noticed it when he watched film of past games to see if Alosi had the Jets stand in the wall formation during earlier games. "Were [the Patriots] teaching it?" Westhoff said at the time. "I have no idea. When they punted were they back? Yes. When the other team punted were they up tighter? Yes. Absolutely. You can look at it -- look at the tape. I'm not accusing the Patriots of doing something wrong, maybe they are doing something smart. That's up to you. "Just watch the tape. You tell me. I know one thing, I don't teach it, I don't coach it and I'm not aware that it happened." Both Jets coach Rex Ryan and Westhoff have said they were unaware of the tactic. A few days after the incident, the NFL sent a letter to all 32 teams reminding them of the rules and restrictions for the bench area and sidelines. Jets owner Woody Johnson has since apologized to Patriots owner Robert Kraft, as well as Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.
  9. Jets' Antonio Cromartie tells Daily News he hates Tom Brady, calls Patriots QB an 'a$----' Now, it's really personal. Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie, taking the baton from Rex Ryan, who criticized Tom Brady's post-touchdown "antics" earlier this week, ripped into the Patriots quarterback in a profanity-laced rant Tuesday, calling him an "a$----," and claiming he hates him. Ryan set the tone by saying it was just "Brady being Brady," referring to his finger-pointing to the Jets sideline after his touchdown pass gave the Patriots a 38-3 lead on the first play of the fourth quarter on Dec. 6 inFoxborough on the way to New England's 45-3 humiliation of the Jets in their first-place showdown. Cromartie, in his first year with the Jets after four years with the Chargers, backed up Ryan Tuesday when he was asked by the Daily News if he's ever seen Brady pointing after the Patriots score. "We see that a lot. He does it a lot," Cromartie said. "That's the kind of guy he is. We really don't give a damn, to tell you the truth." Okay, what kind of guy is Brady? "An a$----. "---- him." In Brady's 11 years in the NFL, this is the first time anybody has so openly criticized his on-field behavior. He is expected to win the MVP award this season after throwing 36 TD passes, just four INTs and leading the Patriots to a league-best 14-2 record. He is one of the faces of the NFL and a future Hall of Famer. Cromartie just raised the stakes even higher for the Jets in their divisional round playoff game Sunday in Foxborough. With Ryan first taking on Brady on Monday and then Cromartie taking it off the charts, the Jets surely run the risk of raising the QB's already stated hatred of the Jets to a world-record level. Brady will not likely respond to Cromartie. That is not his style. He will just try to burn him for four touchdowns on Sunday. Just as Bill Belichick will not be drawn into Ryan's declaration that this game is him vs. Belichick. But Belichick and Brady hate the Jets so much that the Pats QB played the whole way in the 45-3 game. Why does Cromartie feel this way about Brady? "That's what I think about him. I don't really give a damn about him," he said. "I don't have to play against him. I play against the receivers." Well, Brady is the one throwing to those receivers. "Yeah, but if I beat the s--- out of his receivers, he can't throw the ball," Cromartie said. Cromartie says Brady's antics are evident when the Jets watch the film of their games against the Patriots. "He's doing the pointing at our defensive line and stuff like that," Cromartie said. "That's the kind of a guy he is. He's a competitor, he loves what he's doing. He's going to compete. When you're competing, you are not worrying about anything else, about what anybody else is doing. You're just worried about what you have to do." Has Brady ever tried to show up Cromartie during a game? "Oh no," he said. "He knows better." Cromartie said, however, he doesn't find what Brady does on the field offensive. "Nope. He's playing football," he said. "If you're an a------, you're an a------." One of the reasons Cromartie was happy to be traded to the Jets was so he could play against Brady and the Patriots twice a year. "Going against a future Hall of Fame quarterback two times a year, now getting a third shot at him, is something I take pride in and definitely want to do. It definitely did apply to one of my reasons being traded here," he said. Cromartie was a rookie on the 2006 Chargers team that blew a 21-13 lead with 8:35 to go in the divisional round to the Patriots in San Diego and lost 24-21. After the game, the Chargers were upset when the Patriots were dancing on their field to celebrate. They felt disrespected. "I hate them," Cromartie said. "I don't care. I hate them." Brady or the Patriots? "Both," he said. "Everything is personal with me and the Patriots and what they did to us," Cromartie said. "So, I really don't care. I don't have too much to say about them. I'm just ready to play ball on Sunday." After that game, LaDainian Tomlinson, now Cromartie's teammate with the Jets, got into some pushing and shoving with the Patriots. "I was very upset," L.T. said back then. "They showed no class at all, absolutely no class, and maybe it comes from their head coach." L.T. smoothed things over with Belichick a few weeks later at the Pro Bowl. Cromartie said he's never told Brady how he feels about him. "I let my play speak for itself," he said. "I don't need to boast, do all the pointing and doing all that stuff. I let my play speak for itself. At the end of the day, if he respects me or not, I'm going to get it some kind of way." Cromartie was given a lecture by Ryan on the sideline Saturday night in Indianapolis after being responsible for Pierre Garcon's 57-yard touchdown. But he made up for it with a 47-yard kickoff return to the Jets' 46-yard line following Adam Vinatieri's field goal that gave the Colts a 16-14 lead with 53 seconds left. Cromartie's return created a short field for the Jets, which they cashed in with Nick Folk's 32-yard game-winning field goal on the final play of the game. That sends the Jets to Foxborough, where Cromartie's trashing of Brady could come back to haunt him.
  10. Some loophole where I could read the mod forum. Not like this sort of thing ever happened before...
  11. I hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday, followed by a Jets victory tonight!
  12. as of yesterday morning, Fox was not back to my knoweledge.
  13. I officially moved from a Cablevision area to a Comcast area yesterday, so I had to return my equipment to Cablevision. I went into the office dressed in my green and white. I didn't tell them I was moving, rather that I won't tolerate Fox being off the air for the Jets game today. I caused a minor ruckus to the point where security was almost involved. After the tirade was over, other customers started chiming in, high-fiving me and so on. It was a feel-good moment for sure.
  14. I saw this tour in '91, when they were all at or just past their peak. Oh yeah, and Alice in Chains opened for them, supporting their Facelift album. Ok, now I feel old.
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