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  1. I guess these refs won't be calling the Super Bowl this year after this abortion of a call.
  2. Go **** yourself.

  3. Tony Dungy On Meeting With Rex Ryan: 'That ****ing ****sucker Is A Good sh*t' August 28, 2010 NEW YORK—After briefly speaking with Jets coach Rex Ryan about his excessive use of expletives during the HBO show Hard Knocks, NBC football analyst Tony Dungy admitted Monday that "the fat ****sucker is real ****ing good sh*t." "We were yapping our ****s off on the ****ing telephone… I had a ********* great conversation with that lovable ****ing *******," said Dungy, adding that he and the "huge a$-muncher" hit it off right away. "That ****-gobbling bastard understood that none of this sh*t is ****ing personal. We had an *******-to-******* talk and now me and the big **** are tight as ****." Dungy said he had apologized to "Lard ****" for being "such a little bitch" about the ******* swearing and accepted Ryan's offer to tour the Jets' *******. Here is the link to the uncensored version: http://www.theonion....ucking-c,17984/
  4. Can't take off work. I wish they would have an open practice on a weekend.
  5. Wow with this criticism, and the other complaints I've read about Rex's style and bravado, maybe we should get Mangini back?
  6. *bump* for tonight....as if everyone here needed the reminder...tonight at 10pm Eastern on HBO!
  7. ...they will still be in 3rd place in the AL East.
  8. CORTLAND - Jets quarterback Erik Ainge recently entered a drug treatment/rehab facility for "recreational issues," according to sources. The Jets placed the fourth-year pro on the reserve/non-football illness list before the start of training camp. A team source told the Daily News that the Jets are "very disappointed" in what appears to be a relapse for Ainge and don't have a timetable for his return. This would be Ainge's second strike under the league's substance abuse policies, which means that he would be subject to an eight-game suspension upon his return. Ainge, who hasn't taken a regular-season snap in his first three seasons, was suspended for four games without pay in 2008 for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances. Rex Ryan didn't provide an update on Ainge Tuesday other than to say that he hadn't spoken to GM Mike Tannenbaum about him in the past couple days. A team spokesman only confirmed that Ainge had an undisclosed illness. On Monday night, Ainge posted this message on his Twitter page: "I am taking some personal time to address a non-football related illness. Thank you for all the love, thoughts, and concerns. I love you all." The uncertainty surrounding Ainge's immediate future means that fellow QB Kellen Clemens may not be going anywhere. Mark Brunell's arrival fueled speculation that Clemens could be released. Now, it appears Clemens and Kevin O'Connell will battle for the final quarterback spot.
  9. I was there for #500. Yes, the same good seats that we had when we met up with ******.
  10. I'll take Coles over Brad Smith as a #4 receiver any day. Besides, Max will have more balls thrown at him this season than Coles.
  11. This was written by a Cowboys jock-sniffer.
  12. All this free stuff...can't be. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. Like charging $55 for the iPhone app.
  13. That was so 2009. And the first half of 2010.
  14. Great. Now my tailgate expenses for the home opener just doubled.
  15. Oh wait, I forgot...there isn't any! Carry on.
  16. Thanks to all for even remembering who I am here anymore! Still trying to lose the TaborJet name, I guess no one came up with a good replacement screen name. Funny thing happened...I was out shoppping with my grilfriend a few weeks ago, when suddenly someone shouted out of a passing car "Tabor-Jet!" I wanted to dive behind the closest parked car. Then I saw it was Max calling me, and I wish there was a live grenade to jump on instead.
  17. ToWruIL-5_Y From Tuesday night's show at the PNC Arts Center. I didn't take the video, but this person was in the same section.
  18. Since my posts here have been so infrequent, is it possible to have a bandwagon moderator?
  19. That's just terrific. Anyone else?
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