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  1. Anyone get it yet? They are shipping these out early.
  2. For those who don't know, it's two former poster here.....Smizzy and MrsTaborJet.
  3. I really need to lose the TaborJet name. It's part of my past, somewhere I used to live, and it's something I need to change. Fire away! I'm sure to hear some real winners.
  4. I'm still convinced that under the hood it looks like this:
  5. **** him. I miss 124.
  6. You could have had some of my rack, but you gave it up for Lent. Your loss.
  7. Dear Woody Johnson, Thanks again for footing half the bill. Now go **** yourself. Regards, The Mara Family
  8. FYI, there is a documentary on MTV at 9pm. "Summit on the Summit" is raising awareness for clean drinking water worldwide. But of course it will have some good shots of Mt. Kili and what it took to climb the mountain.
  9. We were at the Inlet Cafe Friday night. Winds were howling, but no damage then. Was it On the Hook?
  10. Just because.. 9Uq0F2whpl4
  11. Then there are the ones who are going to Atlanta this week on business and complain that 50 degrees isn't warm enough.
  12. gg squeaks by on a technicality. A circle is just one big curve.
  13. Funny you mentioned Happy Days, since this place jumped the shark a long time ago.
  14. I think you're on to something there...maybe a new poll....which would be worse - being the douche or the nozzle?
  15. No I got the point. Just isn't the first time a bunch of out of shape message board regulars tore apart someone who was out of their league. Mark Sanchez can get with a lot of girls, got it.
  16. Nice find, GOB. I think it's hysterical that there are those knocking this girl. Let's see what you fellas look like with your shirt off, right? HYSTERICAL.
  17. That's crap. What a waste of a good smoker! So it's just going to sit in a showroom now? Well, what are the chances of of having the same meal that was on the show anyway? And how was it?
  18. Just finished watching the American Chopper episode featuring TailgateJoe's new ultimate smoker grill. Looks great and can't wait to sample some food next season!
  19. Well, he's not here to tell me otherwise now is he?
  20. That's a lot of info right there. It may take me years to respond to all those questions. Seriously, the experience was all that I had hoped for. Really opened my eyes to how people live over there. There's poor, and then there's insanely poor. But as a whole, the people are so friendly and thankful for what little they have. Perhaps they could teach us Americans to be as thankful. Standing on the summit was pretty special, but short-lived. It took 10 hours to get up there, and then I had another 4 to get back down to camp, pack up, and hike 3 more hours to get down to camp the last night on the mountain. 17 hours of hiking, and I was done. Oh, then there was another 20k of hiking the next morning to get down to the park gate. I lost about 10 lbs. on the trip! To train? That's simple. Stay away from JN and actually work out! Just keeping active, lots of cardio, hiking on weekends, eating right. And prepping for this....Six shots, Anti-malaria pills, typhoid pills, Diamox... After all that, I feel bulletproof....like I could roll around the floor of a crack house amongst the broken viles, and nothing would happen to me. I was looking for some sponsors. Max was too cheap to hook me up with some JN gear. For some strange reason, I made it through every night without having to get up, despite taking diamox(altitude sickness meds, which makes you want to pee a lot more often!)
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