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  1. Not gonna happen.....you get the Skins recently embarrassed in a big way. Look for Moss to go off. Enjoy the game.
  2. Got it, just look for him on 4th. He was clutch Monday. I have limited viewings, but if they can get timing down and he can keep his legs...which he hasn't been able to do...he'll have more NFC Player of the Week awards. Can't do it every week, but he puts a couple games in there this year and D's will need to account and that can only help stretch
  3. I can see your point as having had both for extended periods of time. Since you have a QB with suspect arm-strength, or health or both, Coles is a good fit, but a healthy Moss can be the difference maker in DC.
  4. Some folks didn't like the post name, so I aquiesce. Moss will make more of a difference in WASH than Coles will make for NYJ.
  5. Very true. Actually I loved having Coles, but wanted to stir something up. He has a lot of heart, which may have actually hurt him by not sitting some to get healthy. He was awesome before injury. YPC was high, then injury hit and he went south fast. He got punished over the middle and still ran routes. he does cause a lot of trouble wherever he goes at one point or another but he's got skilz. If Moss can stay healthy and Brunell is answer, which I am not sure he is...he may have a big year.
  6. We all know why he needed to run those. It's Penny's range. We'll take over and under coverage if they think he's a deep threat. That is what Skins have been saying they want (and needing), which is stretch it out. If he is feared deep and D's are compelled to move two defenders out, then it opens up CP for some scampers. Coles can take a hit though. Give him props for that...but stay off his toes.
  7. You'd stay out of the middle too if you were 5'1" and 125lbs with sand in your shoes....but that's ok, didn't grab him for crossing routes. Coles is a malcontent. He'll run his hooks and at end of year will be looking for some grass on the otehr side of the fence....again.
  8. In the span of 71 seconds Moss showed why he is a serious deep threat and why the Skins made what seemed an unconscionable trade(not to mention Coles would have continued to wet his bed until he got his way). Is bye week enough to provide the old fella the extra time needed to get the timing down with the speedy receiver? The Skins looked awful and missed on more than a few deep shots before the last 4 minutes. I'm one guy hoping they get it down....and one guy thanking you for bringing HM back into your fold. Good luck with that.
  9. If you couldn't get it going with your lady while listening to a little Luther....DON'T BLAME LUTHA. RIP
  10. I take Winslow for the 3rd, but that is wayyyyy too rich for my Blood on Taylor at this point. Prior to his "I'm gonna get you sucka" James Brown impersonation, I'd say yes. Now...he potentially has a mandatory do not pass go 3 years to serve if convicted. That makes him eligibale for parole/training camp circa 2008. No thanks
  11. All "serious" offers considered. Fireams included.
  12. One bad boy first round Safety. Low miles. Looks great...in orange suit. Runs great....from cops. Will consider trades.....
  13. LOL. Yeh, but him in a reality house and see if he comes out hook'n up with Grace Jones.
  14. I Hope Snyder can hear my chants of "sell the team" from my nose-bleeds. What debauchery....
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