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  1. That was some year the only way it could have been any better, no PERFECT, would have been if it were the Yankees and not the Mets winning the World Championship. The strange thing was New York beat Baltimore teams in all 3 sports The Mets beat the Orioles, The Knicks beat the Bullets to get to the finals and the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts for history.
  2. I'm sorry to say but if it doesn't start happening right now, it never will
  3. My cousin Anthony and I were both 13 and you guys never saw what a team taking over that city looks like if you did live through that year.
  4. 52 years ago tonight my cousin and I were in our football bliss as Joe Namath was jogging off into the Miami night index finger raised in the air, screaming WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!! It was an amazing night I hope that you guys all get to feel what that felt like what that moment 52 years ago tonight felt like to a lifetime Jets fan.
  5. Yes, it's in open 'G' tuning, which is something that unless you have a whole road crew as well as a guitar tech to work for you and a lot of extra room for guitars and big clunky cases most of us aren't able to stay up on the nuanced guitar techniques that are afforded by playing in open tunings. Do you have any videos to share HighPitch?
  6. you got something you wanna share with the group we can use this thread. Here's one I just re-discovered this morning it's a Gregg Allman song called "Come And Go Blues"
  7. Is one tough kid, looks a little too skinny for the pro game though
  8. No thank you, go screw another team over
  9. Because this is the way the Jets ALWAYS do it, they sit there and watch all the top 2-4 head coaches get scooped up and we're left with the likes of Herman Edwards (the LAST time Marvin Lewis' name came up as a Jets HC possibility). Hopefully Joe Douglas has the pull needed to FORCE the idiot brothers into listening to someone "in the know" from their OWN organization instead of someone outside whose only loyalty is to helping a friend get the job. Like oh say, Peyton Manning convincing The Idiot Brothers to hire Gase.
  10. Hey I am willing to go with Sam and trade back for picks to build this team, I don't trust "sure thing" QB prospects and Darnold with a real coaching staff can play like this every week

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