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  1. Go Jets screw draft position it really doesn't matter anyway-the problem remains as long as Woody Johnson is the owner. Nothing changes, and I am convinced that nothing WILL change until the Jets are owned by some other concern than Johnson & Johnson.
  2. Mo Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    No serious NFL players or coaches have any respect for, nor do they want anything to do with the Jets and their absent English tea sipping owner. The Jets have finally become the Kansas City Athletics
  3. Todd Bowles for Coach Of The Year! the officials are really trying to get Tampa Bay a win
  4. snore.....weebeeebeebeebee snore weeebeebeeebeee snore weebeebeebeebee
  5. Fire Bowles Now!

    Look, guys, nothing changes if nothing changes. The real problem is lack of leadership coming from the teams' owner Sadly Jets Ownership IS the problem.
  6. Brett Hundley

    Hey after all of the years that we wanted Jay Cutler it took Tanny to finally make that happen for us Jets fans and now the Dolphins are stuck with a 10 million dollar tag and a gunshy scaredy cat for its signal caller. Trader Mike Baby!
  7. RIP Tom Petty

    JiF, FOUND IT!!!!!! http://www.gainesvilledowntown.com/2016/04/gainesvilles-rock-history-makes-for-good-read/
  8. RIP Tom Petty

    What a great story JiF, I just saw a cool picture of the Gainesville crew all hanging out us hippies used to back in the 70's. Perhaps your pop is in that shot, I'll try to find it.
  9. RIP Tom Petty