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  1. Beans was so right just as I knew he WOULD be especially after I heard the Jets would be once again facing the B/U Quarterback. The Jets have to be the worst team historically speaking when they have to face a new QB. Started back in the 70's with a kid who was being laughed at by the NY Sportswriters because he played at "Little Milton College". That nobody QB (who of course lit the Jets up that day) was starting for Jet-Killer Jim Zorn just some no-name future Hall of Famer Dave Kreig that was over 40 years ago and the Jets have be under 25% vs back-ups. Oh yea, and when they also have to play against the zebras who call 5 penalties on the NY for every 1 the opponent, forgetaboutit
  2. Remember the smoldering never-ending stinky garbage fire that was underneath the Kosciuszko Bridge for decades? That's the kind of stench that Woody Johnson's Jets have now become.
  3. The NFL has become even more crooked than it ever was before. I mean it has become blatant. They want the games close and then they can decide the winners probably 80% of the time, by who gets penalized. Remember how Belichick would always be complaining about bogus calls to the League office. Robert Kraft has so much pull that his arrest is treated as if it never happened. While Jets players are ALWAYS being given 4-6 game suspensions, every single year we start out "light". There are two sets of rules for the "so-called" elite teams and the teams with owners like The Johnsons who never squawk about anything, thus the league knows that they can use the Jets for getting the teams they want to where they need them to be. The way I see it now is it always seems to come down to bad ownership. Have you EVER seen the Steelers or the Pats get penalties like that at a point in the game as critical as that was? Yea, me neither.
  4. We're in the same boat; haven't watched a Knicks game since Ewing-Mourning playoffs. I think the last Yankees game I actually sat all the way through was the 2001 7th game against The Diamondbacks and The Jets games haven't even been on in this Apt. since the end of the Cleveland game.
  5. And yet, here we still are Jetsfan_always. I haven't been able to even turn the game on since the end of the Cleveland debacle but I'm still posting on Twitter and here just as if it's still 2010
  6. Does the memory of ecurb come to anyone's mind while reading a certain person's obsessive posting behavior?
  7. and it keeps happening sooner and sooner. This season was over by week 2
  8. It's simply a damn shame that we can't even get 10-12 good Sundays of NFL-diversion every 2-3 years.
  9. The thing that amazes me Joe Willie is how a guy in his mid to upper 50's can still stand watching this team. I can't do it anymore. It frigging kills me, even though I have managed to not kick chairs and scream and curse at the TV like an idiot. When one has to sit there like a mental patient on Thorazine just to get through being able to handle WATCHING a game, well it's just not worth it anymore. And for someone to say to people like us; "Oh you should just go ahead and root for another team" Has no idea of the kind of people we are. I have always said there are Yankee-pinstripes over Knicks-blue and orange skin with Jets green blood that courses through my veins and nothing will ever change that.
  10. I agree Joe Willie Sar just posted the most ridiculous statement in the history of Jets message boards. How someone could be that clueless is beyond the beyond. Jets fan-base 'likes it when they lose" dumbest thing I've ever seen written on a Jets board.
  11. yea, thanks I didn't want to state the obvious

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