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  1. This is me in that same Gibson factory in Memphis which to a guitar player is akin to being in Heaven Itself.
  2. This is so scary for those of us with conditions that make us most vulnerable. Take care of yourself and get well so that you are able to still be there for your family JetNut.
  3. Same injury that Jon Abraham got in his rookie year. At least we got 3-4 games out of him before he was eventually shipped out of town and THEN started to finally get better
  4. That was excellent fg, thanks bro
  5. I have been in with the Sasquatch community for the past decade or so and it's uncanny how many are musicians-especially guitarists. I have been doing audio work on the Sasquatch people and I have come up with a template that I use to be able to access their voices-they speak English!
  6. My son James played the bass, strings, and helped with production, My new NC buddy Bob Starr played the middle lead guitar part, I played, 6 string and 12 string acoustics some electric rhythm and lead fills as well as all the vocals. This was a great old Dave Loggins song
  7. I've seen a badass gigantic UFO and I have witnessed the evidence of Sasquatch and as far as ghosts go, no doubt in my mind, I was terrified growing up in my house in Jersey, I believe it was the ghost of an American Indian that terrorized me growing up. There 's a theory that when there are renovations in a home happening that it riles up the spirits hanging around. I remember my father telling us that he would give a dime to the one of us who got up the earliest to hang out with him, I think my big strong 82airborne Division father was even freaked out by them. Lock Ness type of creatures absolutely, they could very well be living in those deep underwater tunnels under those mountains living down there between the Loch and the Atlantic Ocean and hunting out at sea since there isn't enough food in that whole Loch to support a family of Manatees if it were warm enough.
  8. Now I've never been one of the guys who worried about how much of the Johnson Family fortune goes into players' bank accounts but I mean c'mon, $12,000,000.00 for a WR who had 52 catches and 780 yds and only 5 TDs?
  9. Nobody wants to work for the worst ownership in professional sports
  10. Yup, turned me into a football fan for life. They used to have a Notre Dame show on Sunday mornings on like channel 9 or something showing clips and I got to like their big name QBs like terry Hanratty and Joe Theismann. Later in the mid-70's they had another promising kid Joe Monta...something like that
  11. The first NFL team I liked was The Green Bay Packers when Bart Starr was the QB and Vince Lombardi the coach. The first NFL game I watched was with my father on New Years Eve (I think) 1966 and it was one of the greatest football games ever played The Ice Bowl Green Bay vs Dallas. That was my team until they started showing some AFL football games on TV during that 68 season and I watched my first Jets game and with their young QB from Alabama. Now if there wasn't a team called the New York Jets, I don't know, The Giants or The Bengals
  12. BTJF was along with Matt from The Greenhouse the first two guys I met from the message board community. It really worked out just right, Matt's Greenhouse site was shutting down and we needed a place to go when I got an invite at JI from Brenda telling me about this new site and that I was invited to join (The Groucho quote about who would want to be in a club with someone like me allowed in comes to mind). Damn the Jets had a chance that season too, Doug Brien two missed FGs with 2 minutes to go for the win and a Championship game.
  13. Anybody ever see Lech Kowalski's Gringo? It's Alphabet City in the early '80's and it don't get any "realer:" than this one kids. I saw it when it came out in that theatre near the Holland Tunnel I think it was.

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