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  1. I actually apologized to my wife and son who were in the living room watching this disaster of a so-called NFL team for turning them into Jets fans-me? I can't even do it anymore, I was recording music with headphones on instead of putting myself through another second of Jets football. What a focking disgrace
  2. This is a team that has had only one winning season over the past decade-ONE!
  3. All I know is not one of my grandsons care less about watching an NFL game. When we were young we played at the parks and schoolyards EVERY weekend during football season. We played night touch football games at the mall parking lots with a dozen or so kids. When was the last time you saw a dozen white kids from 12-16 playing a game of tackle? They ruined this game and it started with this commissioner and his decision to have the red, white and blue Patriots win the Super Bowl after 9/11.
  4. Man it sure didn't take you long to get the gist of what was going on with this supposedly greatest American sports product did it Irish? Good for you brother, now maybe you won't have to waste investing another decade watching a sh*t product that tears the love of a once-great game from your heart.
  5. It's unbelievable to me to see a league that allows a team in its biggest market to be owned by a family that uses it like it's some type of hobby akin to collecting baseball cards, and couldn't care less or know less than the Johnsons. Having politicos as owners consistently makes the jets vulnerable to cheating officials and crooked gambling schemes. Watching the Jets get screwed year after year with bad calls after bad call and other teams always getting the benefit of the doubt has made watching professional football into a depressing and unwatchable waste of time. So many of my life
  6. Prayers said for the family this morning.
  7. For some reason I thought that THIS Jets team under this head coach was going to be one that could roll off a 6 game winning streak but with the refs being the one deciding factor in any game they are betting on makes THAT impossible and a defense that 1-can't stop a 3rd or 4th down crucial play and is incapable of getting turnovers-this is simply just the same old sh*t we've been watching (or NOT even bothering to anymore) since Rex Ryan's last two seasons. It's disgusting and crooked as hell, and no one can convince me otherwise. They've ruined this game with gambling being legal
  8. we knew it was going to be trouble when they all picked the Jets in the pre-game
  9. Just another lost year of Jets football. It's so frigging obvious that there is a fix in against the Jets that the refs even have a back-up penalty planned if the 1st one goes wrong. And it's not like the NFL isn't KNOWN by mobsters and gambling concerns to BE a crooked operation. The Jets are the easiest team to pull it on since everybody just EXPECTS them to suck anyway, and their owner is a milk toast rich baby who runs the team like he's collecting baseball cards. I'm done, I can't do this sh*t anymore, it's too heartbreaking to watch year after year after year
  10. That's enough of that for me, whenever I get a little excited about an upcoming game this happens-every ******* time-I can't do this sh*t anymore
  11. It's bad enough that the team sucks but then when you sit there and watch the officials obviously being crooked it hurts and makes it no fun to be a Jets OR NFL fan anymore. They can do it to the Jets because everyone expects them to lose anyway and no one will even question a sh*tty call or two
  12. I hate these kind of games where the officials totally **** the Jets, it has happened so much over Woody Johnson's jets era
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