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  1. SoFlaJets

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    Exactly JiF and really, who cares that it wasn't done in December or in January or in February, at least it got done. We were all sitting there a few years ago watching the Jets field teams with players names on the rosters that had no business even playing pro ball. Good riddance.
  2. SoFlaJets

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    I see this move as a good one and one that is a step in the right direction-finally. Any of you guys who know me know my feelings about Woody Johnson and how in my eyes he showed his true colors (red not green and white) by telling the world in after a 34-0 drubbing by the 49ers after the 4th game of the 2012 season that the most important to him was NOT a winning Jets football season but rather that a certain political party that he supported, wins the White House and the House. Thank God for us Jets fans that Woody is finally doing what he thinks is most important over in England while his brother Chris is at least trying to bring the Jets into the small town community that the I have always considered the NFL to be. Now we need Joe Douglas and Daniel Jeremiah to help get the Jets even closer to the center of town. I know there's been a lot of carping about the timing and calls are always ready for people to write SOJ, but all I know is at least we got rid of the guy who has set this team back 3-5 years with his horrible drafting and mystifying inability to sign any much-needed Free Agents over his tenure. At least now I feel that there is a chance that I may once again see the Jets playing in a Super Bowl, and I want to tell you guys, there was never a bigger sporting event in The Big Apple as there was in 1969 after the Jets won it all, I would love for all of us to see it happen again.
  3. SoFlaJets

    Mac fired!

    and free agent after free agents who weren't signed and just laughed at the idea of ever going to the Jets what with the failure of the ownership and front office. That guy's horrific drafting has set this team back 3-5 years
  4. GREAT! Thanks a LOT I DLed it and my computer is now ablaze and smoking
  5. SoFlaJets


    You would think that after all these years of cellular phones that they would have figured out how to make them work and sound better than they do. They are actually worse sounding than those big old Motorolla jobs from the mid-80's. I hate cell phones and I still don't own one. If I could afford one right now, I would go back to a landline here at home.
  6. Also, a fierce pass rush automatically makes your defensive backfield a whole lot better as well as more productive numbers-wise. The pass rush with Henry Anderson QWilliams, and Polite will force bad decisions and up the interception numbers
  7. SoFlaJets

    Jets Roster After Draft including UDFAs

    I just told my wife that this is the best team since the Pittsburgh AFCCG. This is a team that I truly feel excited about. I haven't been this up on the Jets since Bart Scott said "Can't wait!"
  8. This is an Adam Gase pick all the way, you guys. Gase said all along that he wanted, no, that his teams must have an edge rusher like Cameron Wake and I watched film on him last night, wow! This is the guy who will be brought in on 3rd and long and blow by the LT or RT to sack the QB and if he doesn't get the QB then Henry Anderson or maybe one of the Williams' will. This is going to be a very very very different looking Jets team one that may finally unseat New England at the top of the East.
  9. SoFlaJets

    On This Day In 2001

    We lost the great Joey Ramone. I wonder if his ghost still posts here in the Forum....
  10. SoFlaJets

    OT: You big tough guys out of NJ

    Almost as badass as the 82nd AA's
  11. I thought that it was Manning who said he didn't want to play for the Jets.
  12. It's the truth one party theft to turn the state into one ruled by that one party has succeeded in turning a place that was once a paradise into a bumper to bumper from the ocean to the sugar canes nightmare, and they continue to tear down every locally grown tree to replace them with parking lots and over-priced condos and apartment buildings.
  13. SoFlaJets

    Hello Everyone

    Hey my old buddy, you haven't missed much as far as the Jets go, we'll one good thing is we at least now have a QB who people are using terms like "potential Ben Rothlisberger type future hall of famer, so that's kinda good.I'm glad the ticker didn't do you in bro, welcome back.
  14. SoFlaJets

    Myers moving on

    They obviously know something because they have the money, they have to figure there's another option that is just as good out there. Besides, when your STers are your team MVPs you had a bad offensive season, I want to see TDs and not 3 pointers this year and I believe we will.
  15. SoFlaJets

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Not fer nuthin' but after Bart Scott talked smack about Lee, the kid ended up being one of the best defensive players on the field. I'm kind of glad that we're keeping him.

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