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  1. Southern Jet was on Jake Asman's show today and he explained why Wilson is a failed QB and that he will never be able to be taught what he lacks in being able to go through the reads. It was a great phone call
  2. We've seen this movie dozens of times before. Guys who have contracts on the line decide to get serious getting their lazy asses off the couch brushing the crumbs off their fat guts. Locke is right, we don't give him his big contract after he manages to put together the kind of season worthy of a 1st round draft pick. Because we all know what happens to guys like Becton who play the way we hoped he'd play and stay healthy all year-after he starts all 17 regular season games and helps us win the Championship by this time next year he'll be right back on the couch with Chipolte bags of greasy food surrounding him and gets hurt and misses most of 2024 with those "nagging injuries"
  3. We as Jets fans, more than any other fan base I think, have this strange tendency to overrate our players. I mean they REALLY have to suck bad before we give up on them (hello Zach) We did it with Berrios which got him a nice fat payday for a year in NJ. Elijah Moore, is another guy who we all who watched the tapes of him running up and down the field wide open and always unseen by the piece of crap worst QB we ever drafted so high. We thought all he needs is someone who can get him the ball and he'll be good.Wait until he plays with ARod... Now as far as Denzel Mims goes what Clay said above me here is quite true-he isn't a great go-up-and-get-em type of receiver but he can catch them if they are thrown within reason his way. Also, the guy can lay some wood on those DBs. I hold out hope that he can still be a productive pass catcher IF...IF, he stays on the Jets. I saw him make some big plays when Flacco was throwing him the ball in his rookie season. I hope he stays a Jet so I can see if he can be a good Lets player.
  4. 4.22 40 speed is NEVER meaningless Mick, just watch the tapes bro. he is a threat to score every time he touches the football. He's going to be a big improvement over Berrios on both slot pass catches, WR sweeps not to mention his punt and kickoff returning skills
  5. Since coming into the league in 2019 there's only one player with more yards after the catch than Mecole Hardman: Deebo Samuel
  6. We lost two of my favorites Joe Pepitone and now Willis
  7. He was the reason so many of us started shooting left-handed jump shots and hookshots
  8. Barry asked the most relevant question in this thread and no one has an answer-what is the new turf going to be? Anyone know?
  9. I saw Luther and the NMAS open up for and then be the back-up band for John Hiatt in a small Ft Lauderdale club. Man I was standing there with my bass player Tim telling him that. we needed to find a way to get him in our band-I love a great slide guitarist. I also like that cat from The Stone Roses whoever he is Love Spreads kills me every time I hear it
  10. Only if they are someone from the street that you grew up with but lives too far away now
  11. The guys like Stephen King talks about in the final line of Stand By Me? When he says “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?” If you are then you're a blessed person.
  12. The dude is a 6'8" 300 Lbs Monsta
  13. You're frickin' OLD man-I'll bet you even still have a deer-skin fringe jacket in your closet you old hippie you
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