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  1. SoFlaJets

    Hello Everyone

    Hey my old buddy, you haven't missed much as far as the Jets go, we'll one good thing is we at least now have a QB who people are using terms like "potential Ben Rothlisberger type future hall of famer, so that's kinda good.I'm glad the ticker didn't do you in bro, welcome back.
  2. SoFlaJets

    Myers moving on

    They obviously know something because they have the money, they have to figure there's another option that is just as good out there. Besides, when your STers are your team MVPs you had a bad offensive season, I want to see TDs and not 3 pointers this year and I believe we will.
  3. SoFlaJets

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    Not fer nuthin' but after Bart Scott talked smack about Lee, the kid ended up being one of the best defensive players on the field. I'm kind of glad that we're keeping him.
  4. SoFlaJets

    Happy 14th Birthday JetNation.com

    I joined here at the beginning of March and got sober 2 and a half weeks later I was a mess then and yes, I still am to a certain degree
  5. You're doing good Doc
  6. SoFlaJets

    D.K. Metcalf

    He reminds me a little Calvin Johnson and Al Toon and Braylon sprinkled in there. Also, who is that QB throwing those balls to the guy right in stride? He's good too
  7. All I know is I used to brag about having watched every Super Bowl and even going back to the year before there even WAS an AFL Vs NFL Championship game; The Ice Bowl, the great game between Dallas and Green Bay on frozen Lambeau Field. I can see it in my mind's eye like it was yesterday. I was sitting in my living room with my father on New Year's Eve Day because it was too cold to play outside-even in New Jersey and Bart Starr going over Jerry Kramer for the game-winning TD. These forever tainted Patriot teams have turned it into nothing more than The WWF's Sunday Night Raw. Now I pride myself by saying that I didn't even watch one play nor did I even switch over to check the score-not even once. I'll try again next year and hopefully if I'm still here then who knows maybe it'll be the Jets in there again. Hope springs eternal.
  8. Have the Jets ever had a player like Adams, a guy who actually thinks about his team first and goes out of his way to try and recruit good players for his team? I think about the difference between oh, say a certain hotshot CB of years past who was all about the green, the difference being the "green" that Revis was all about had little to do with the colors on a jersey.
  9. SoFlaJets


    I refuse....no can do....I won't ....I could care less. The only good thing that can come from this is if after the game Brady announces his retirement
  10. And if Adams did ruffle some feathers by saying they need more dogs, kid's right, they do and if some of his soon to be ex-teammates don't like it they can just leave his UPS packages on the steps or cut his turkey too thin at the Pathmark deli that they'll be working at next year.
  11. or maybe he's the kind of a kid that needs a fire under his ass to get to the place that he needs to be and that we need him to be at. I mean he is a player who was always a half second away from the big play, maybe with a Greg Williams type of guy he'll make up that half second and become a true 1 st round talent-I think he has it in him. I'm not ready to give up on him yet.
  12. SoFlaJets

    Bowles gone- schefter tweeted it

    Woody's too busy playing Trump's Stooge in England to worry about something as droll as football.
  13. SoFlaJets

    That's a Wrap

    Is he gone yet?
  14. I just feel sad for me as a Jets fan, the only sport I can even stand watching for a whole game and this is what we are given as far as Sunday entertainment-a team run by jokers who are more concerned with being politicians than they are about being NFL owners.
  15. I want to see Brady twist an ankle...on the sideline while slapping someone's hand

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