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  1. SoFlaJets

    Future of the AFC

    The difference between Sanchez and anyone else was that Sanchez was never the same after the first half of that Pittsburgh game when dirtbag James Harrison karate chopped him on his neck and that caused a fumble for a TD and the Jets their best QB since Kenny O'Brien and Vinny for 1 year. Mark Sanchez was never the same after that play. You guys remember him staggering to the sidelines like a heavyweight fighter about to slam into the ropes and a KO? Sanchez was a playoff game winning QB whose life and our team's fate all changed on one dirty and uncalled by the refs (of course) play. Sanchez was getting pretty good.
  2. The Soothsayer-I mean look at his brilliant work jettisoning all the losers from JI
  3. Yea Max because he actually signed late that night and we went nuts for days
  4. Wow, Even busier than the 24 hour time segment that they signed Brett Favre?
  5. SoFlaJets

    I can't even....

    Of course not they will pick an undersized but very fast LBer and try to turn him into an outside pass rusher. The Jets ALWAYS pick defense first
  6. SoFlaJets

    Per Schefter. Isaiah Crowell to Jets

    Man I hate to say this but I really miss Mike T
  7. SoFlaJets

    Who Else Here WON'T Be Watching?

    I used to be really proud of the fact that I had been a fan of Pro Football and had seen every Super Bowl game since before they were even called Super Bowls. No more.
  8. With no hesitation, if the starting QB is hurt and can not throw the ball more than 10 yards you change QBs.
  9. And it has nothing to do with kneeling during the National Anthem. This is all about a team that now even has the officials celebrating when they score. So many people told us all to just "get over it" during Spy Gate when we were incensed that a coach and franchise were allowed to get away with cheating. Then we would hear more about how it happened during run-up to a Super Bowl and it kept happening more and more, plays being allowed to stand that should never have been, holding penalties not being called for weeks at a time, 1st downs given that were a yard and a half short, fat assed defensive linemen intentionally diving at QB's knees and ankles TRYING to injure them. It just keeps happening and now the league and this horrible commissioner have finally turned this once-great game into the second coming of the WWF. So yea, I could care less who wins because we ALL know who will win and who will be given a hand by crooked officials at some point in a crucial game-changing situation. And, who among us would actually sit through 4 hours of TV just to watch the commercials? No real football fan that's who. So yea, I ain't watching.
  10. Have the Jets ever won a bidding war when Denver was their chief competition? I'll answer it for you guys....no
  11. SoFlaJets

    What Will Go Down in the Superbowl?

    I have no idea because I won't be watching, Why is it that the Jets have 2 teams in their division who have been to like 20% of every Super Bowl ever played?
  12. Go Jets screw draft position it really doesn't matter anyway-the problem remains as long as Woody Johnson is the owner. Nothing changes, and I am convinced that nothing WILL change until the Jets are owned by some other concern than Johnson & Johnson.
  13. SoFlaJets

    Mo Wilkerson ~ ~ ~

    No serious NFL players or coaches have any respect for, nor do they want anything to do with the Jets and their absent English tea sipping owner. The Jets have finally become the Kansas City Athletics