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  1. I'm the only person in America who still doesn't even OWN a cell phone, oh wait my 94 year old mother doesn't either.
  2. I found part of your song Jet-O Mixdown.mp3
  3. and the worst front office and the worst owners in ALL Pro sports. Even if the Jets end up with the 1st pick in the draft it won't mean a thing, he'll suck or get injured or be misused-it's not worth it anymore-sell the team
  4. and what really sucks is with this ownership, nothing will ever get done like it should and nothing will ever change. We are the worst organization I have ever seen since the first few years of the Mets, but even they got good after 6-7 years. With these Jets it's been a whole decade of the worst professional play I have ever seen in a pro team. *CLICK* it's just not even worth watching this sh*t
  5. I sit here and look at Frank Gore on the bench there and it's so typical of this team since Johnson owned it. Trade away or simply just let the best players go and pick up Pro Bowlers looking for a final payday
  6. I swear all day it's like the Jets have been playing one-hand-touch. They don't even seem to know HOW to tackle
  7. The LAST football game that this team has played was a decade ago in the playoffs against the Patriots, the Bart Scott "Can't Wait!" day. That's a long ass time to ask a fanbase to still care. They need a new owner now
  8. Tommy's right, this has nothing to do with coaches any longer this has been nothing but bad inept ownership by a criminal family
  9. This is me in that same Gibson factory in Memphis which to a guitar player is akin to being in Heaven Itself.
  10. This is so scary for those of us with conditions that make us most vulnerable. Take care of yourself and get well so that you are able to still be there for your family JetNut.
  11. Same injury that Jon Abraham got in his rookie year. At least we got 3-4 games out of him before he was eventually shipped out of town and THEN started to finally get better
  12. That was excellent fg, thanks bro
  13. I have been in with the Sasquatch community for the past decade or so and it's uncanny how many are musicians-especially guitarists. I have been doing audio work on the Sasquatch people and I have come up with a template that I use to be able to access their voices-they speak English!
  14. My son James played the bass, strings, and helped with production, My new NC buddy Bob Starr played the middle lead guitar part, I played, 6 string and 12 string acoustics some electric rhythm and lead fills as well as all the vocals. This was a great old Dave Loggins song

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