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  1. You and Lauren are in my thoughts Phil, God Bless
  2. These are the Jets, we already know what is going to happen with Mosely, we're all going to be excited about having him 'back; and he will be done for the season before October hits, you guys watch.
  3. That's a good one too Mick hey who was that guy that Herm Edwards hired to be his clock watcher? I know it wasn't Flavor Flav or any wabbit who is late for a very important date
  4. HOLY sh*tE!!!!!! Oh man we're way too predictable
  5. Now I haven't looked yet but how long before a Flavor Flav picture with a giant watch on his chest shows up in this thread? 5-4-3-2...
  6. No thanks, and this answer has nothing to do with anything he has said or done to or about the Jets, the guy is done, that's how fast it happens. Being a 'name' player means nothing when it comes to professional football and it's a trap we Jets fans have found ourselves falling in for time and time again. AND.... It never works out. When a player loses that half a step and /or starts with these nagging injuries, history screams back at us to STAY AWAY. The good news for us is it seems like we Jets fans finally have the right people in place and who are privy to this kind of intel to make those
  7. I wrote that he reminded me of Emmitt Smith but I think your comparison is much closer than mine. Good call Ghost all I know is this kid looks A-MAZ-ING!
  8. All I can say is HOLY sh*tE this kid looks amazing, reminds me a little bit of Emmitt Smith
  9. This guy's CRAZY no one in their right mind would ever make a deal like that and he should be ***** OFFICIALLY***** banned for even suggesting such travesty here on Da Nation.
  10. It just 'feels' different these days to be a Jets fan doesn't it? It reminds me of when Rex Ryan first got here and stated that there would BE no kissing of the rings when it comes to Belichick and the Patriots. Also the excitement we felt when they flew out to Cali to stand in the Sanchez driveway so they could meet their new franchise QB. They were different days for us and those fiirst couple of Ryan/Sanchez years were the most fun I had being a Jets fan since those great years of 97 and 82. I have a lot of hope again as a Jets fan and believe that I may actually get a chance to see w
  11. I know right? I was so excited when they finally did something different and hired an offensive guy for HC, little did we really know then that he was the worst offensive mind in the game and never even talked to Sam Darnold, Who knows, maybe they'll get it right this time, I sure hope so, I'm running out of football seasons and chances to watch another Super Bowl win. hell, the last one I watched was also when pubic hairs first started to show up down south.They're getting gray now.
  12. You can't blame us fans for the team having the worst ownerships in all pro sports.
  13. Hey Barton are you the guy who plays guitar and sings?

  14. speaking of Mafia, I started watching Godfather 2 for the 837th time and I actually found Paolo's murderers -both shots-here's the second shot notice the flash from the small tree in the upper right hand corner...
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