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  1. The most aggravating thing to happen to "news reports" is the advent of these lists that you have to keep clicking on to get an answer that is usually not even there nor is it news. So if someone has more patience than I, print the names of the 4 guys please
  2. Maybe that's it, also the other part of it is the way we have been told for all these years how the Beatles break-up was so bitter and they couldn't stand each other-not true, those cats loved each other. The other thing that struck me Snell, was I think I finally realize what kept them together for so long, they screwed around so much, had a blast, and they were FUNNY, especially Lennon, who was supposedly all strung out, he wasn't. And Yoko besides the few times she went into her screeching jams (screwdriver>-----> in ear please) was no distraction at all. I am just starting part 3 thi
  3. I'm sitting at 3 kids with 13 grandkids with another one on the way
  4. That's all I'm asking for for next season, let there be a QB competition at camp, don't simply anoint the kid as starting QB when right now there are5 QB's on the Jets radar Wilson, Flacco, Josh Johnson, White and Morgan and as of right now every one of those guys have outplayed Wilson except James Morgan who hasn't played
  5. I will bet you a thousand dollars at 2-1 odds that Zach Wilson doesn't play 17 games next season
  6. I agree man, don't just anoint a starter before training camp even begins like they did this year
  7. It's so hard to even respond to most of these threads without falling into a slush pit of negativity that watching what has happened to this team over the past 150 games has done to this lifetime fan.
  8. What the eff happened to that player we all watched in those pre-season games making all the throws, amazing talent then to watch what he has become a few short weeks later is startlingly (<---is this a word?) different
  9. I just finished watching Part 1 and I swear all I keep thinking about is the dates on that calendar and how they line up exactly with the Jets run up to the Super Bowl. The day that Paul starts writing Get Back Joe Namath was at a dinner in Miami and responds from a heckler who yells out "The Colts are gonna kick your ass" At the end of Part 1 we see John, Paul, and Ringo huddling up and coming to the decision that they were going to try and talk George into coming back into the band, and how on that Sunday January 12th they show George's estate and write about that meeting that "It didn't go
  10. "joy" is not the word I would use TT2, It beats that feeling of depressed hopelessness I usually get after a Jets game since Geno Smith was the QB
  11. No, The Texans lost, but I like the way THIS feels rather than the way we have gotten way too used to over the past decade.
  12. Is it any wonder this team is floundering at the bottom of the stink barrel?
  13. Zach Wilson hasn't shown me anything in this rookie season, I can't even point to a single pass that he's thrown all year that made me think that he has a chance to be anything better than what Sam Darnold has become, except even Darnold could stand back in the pocket and haul off a bomb here and there. I've seen 3 other Jets QB's out play Wilson, and looking at the 2022 draft class there isn't a single QB listed in the top 15 picks. I'm telling you Joe Flacco should be the Jets QB in 2022, let Wilson sit and watch and hopefully LEARN. If not Flacco then Josh Johnson plays with more heart
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