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  1. I figure a guy playing in his 5th year who hasn't been beaten up to shreds and the one time his missed time was for a thumb injury causing numbness someone who can throw in the 66% completion range with a QBR in the 90's, we find a guy like that and we grab him as fast as we can and sign him to a 5 year contract. Oh wait, we HAVE that guy already ON THE TEAM...already... his name is Mike White he's as good as Jimmy Garapolo-already.
  2. I have YouTube TV and they have had a preview of HBO and Cinemax until tomorrow. Have you guys seen the movie Mojave? With Oscar Isaac and the kid from Friday Night Lights who play FB and is Tim McGraw's son, Garrett Hedlund?Marky Mark is also in it. I recommend it
  3. I wonder if this is just a case of "lip service" to the idea that they're just waiting for Zach to extract his head outta hisazz or are they really thinking about giving him some starts this season?
  4. Hopefully in another part of the country, that'll show me that this team is finally starting "to get it"
  5. I swear though this is the Tim Tebow effect of the NFL Guys who are fans of their idols instead of the team they play for. I was really happy when they were gone as soon as Tebow was, hopefully this crew will be gone just as fast
  6. Excuse me while I go sulk on the other side of the bench because somebody who I have never read or noticed before just called me a bad name-I am very upset...ab.b..b..out... this in fact....I...am....cryi-n-gggg you MEANIE!
  7. I gotta be honest Tom, a few short weeks ago I was posting threads that said Zach Wilson is UNFIT to be a starting QB in the NFL. I still believe that to be the case, and I would be just as happy as I was when Geno Smith was Jettisoned from NJ, if they decide to send Zack out to Las Vegas to play for the Raiders or something, I hope I never have to see him play QB for the New York Jets EVER. AGAIN.
  8. I'm thinking of changing my screenname from SoFlaJets to The Pigskin Expert-I'll answer your question afterwards- I think it'll add a little more weight to the argument. Give it a little more legitimacy-stand by
  9. If he did I'd be happy as hell Sal, I certainly wouldn't be posting stupid Sh!te about some coin hoping that he would lose. But I have to be honest I had reached a point with Zach Wilson's performance, or lack there of, on the football field where I could see he was hurting the team. Players were clearly disgusted being forced to run around all game (again) and never even seeing a ball close to them. For me it had devolved to the point where I said the only way to get him off the field, was for him had to get hurt. Not my shining moment in sports fandom. But for this lifelongJets fan, that's what it had spiraled down to. I'm glad it didn't happen and to my brethren here, I apologize for being a JERK.
  10. He's lucky he was playing for the Jets and NOT New England because he would have NEVER been given the starting job sight unseen going into 2022 TC. Belichick has been know to cut very high draft picks if they -well if they play the way Wilson has played. At this point the only way he'd even BE a Patriot would be after he was cut by the Jets and then both Pats QBs were hurt and Wilson was a FA
  11. What the F are you guys TALKING about? Since when is JN a place where we kick guys when they're down? We've been building the BEST Jets board on the planet here ( thanks to Maxman and family) since the Soothsayer kicked the core of the best posters off of his JetsInsider site back in late 2004. Then Brenda started sending PMs out to certain Jets fans to join up here and we've been calling em like we see em since. I don't know maybe since JI shut down and all of you guys had nowhere else to go, maybe THAT'S the kind of fandom that has all this "bad karma" for being so mean. I swear yesterday all half of you guys were talking about was how "The Coin doesn't lie" "The curse of the coin" It wasn't too hard to see right through how all of you Zach Wilson fans were really hoping that Mike White would fail. Guess what, he may still but I don't think that if he does get hurt that Zach Wilson will be sprinting into the LR to put his pads on, it'll be Joe Flacco's team again. The Jets PLAYERS don't like Zach Wilson. When guys are asking to be traded rather than having to PLAY with a guy-something is wrong
  12. I know you're mister football guy and all but personally I prefer to go by what a guy who actually PLAYED the game as a pro, at a very high level and take his words and his judgement over some guy who is pretending to be an expert-no offense, mind you but here's what Richard Sherman has to say about Mike White and Zach Wilson: slide over to about 7:55
  13. I saw a couple of plays that were 5 times worse than the Def PI call on Sauce and that second one to Davis was an unbelievably bad non call. the guys was ON HIS BACK pulling Davis' arms apart making it impossible for him catch it unless his belly button grew hands
  14. Ahhh that was nice thanks M-13
  15. What are you basing your analysis of White on Mister Football Guy? Wait, let me take a wild guess and answer my own question. The Bills game last year when the Jets we nothing like that team, first of all this Jets team doesn't look to me like the kind of a squad that is going to be down by 3 TDs and more after each pick. It was a case of a kid trying to do too much. He talked about that and how he has learned from those mistakes. Again, the Patriots blowout the Jets defense THIS Jets defense isn't going to allow Mac Jones to score 54 points on them and if they do luck out and make it into the playoffs the Jets WILL get their revenge. Besides who frigging cares about any comparisons between White and the Bengals QB.
  16. His not dressing is because the #'s 3 and 4 aren't suiting up BTW they will be talking Jets next on Get Up!
  17. That was the thing that stood out in my mind too when someone asked "what happened to this guy?" that was The Fonz jumping over the shark on Happy Days (in case you youngsters ever wondered where that expression comes from)
  18. EXACTLY Undertow Belichik never cared where a guy was picked if he wasn't perfoming that guy was cut
  19. I've been saying for a long time that my vision is Mike White leading this team TO the Super Bowl THIS YEAR! But I was depressed because I couldn't see how it could ever happen, with the way that Wilson was being coddled and then Saleh shocked me and my dream is on again. The Jets in the Super bowl this year
  20. How can a person even look more disinterested than Wilson does here? It's like if it's not about me then I don't even care-we heard about how he was , now we get to see for ourselves, this is almost as bad as his "no" answer last week
  21. Yea the Zach-a-holics on Twitter are all using the "The Bears D sucks" excuse, just as they used the "well what a bout the Buffalo game?" last week- pathetic
  22. Nothing like being a "team guy" Huh Zachoids?
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