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    Former Army Ranger, Company L, 75th Rgr Rgt, 101st A/B
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    Finding out the Jets won the SB three days after they won after returning from a combat mission.
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    Gave them up when Jets moved out of the Meadowlands
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    Nothing in particular...they break my heart almost every year.
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    Yes, but a certain group of people were trying to kill me.

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  1. Well, I've told the story before. My unit was doing a sweep of the A Shau Valley in December of 68 and early January of 69. Our KIA's were piling up like cord wood and at that time we (all units in Nam) were losing between 500 and 600 men a week. To be honest, the Jets weren't the number one thing on my mind, but I knew the Jets were having a good year in '68 and were going to the playoffs. Long story short, I returned to base camp around the 15th or 16th of January '69. You know, we didn't get news as it happened depending on where we were in those days. My hometown newspaper which was
  2. For decades, I would hope one day to see the Jets not only in a SB, but to actually win one. Now, at age 73 I wonder if I will see the Jets as a competitive team with the years I have left on this planet. My daughter who is 42 and my son who is 37 now have thoughts if they will see the Jets win a SB. Ownership, GM's coaches, players, etc., years of changes and we can't seem to nail what the problem(s) is/are. It's way above my grade to try and figure what the problems are because the people getting paid to figure it out all these years haven't.
  3. Yep...and that's Green Bean kneeling in front with the thumbs up wearing his Byrd jersey (90). That's my son kneeling front of me...that 17 year kid is now 37 and keeps reminding me that I made him a Jets fan...lol.
  4. Did I say everything is ok? Guess I missed that. I picked the Jets to win maybe 4-5 games before the regular season started. There are problems with this team as this is a first time for many players and coaches. Let's wait until the season ends before we start waving a white flag on Wilson...HOOAH!
  5. Enough of these Zack Wilson is a bust threads. The kid played in his fourth pro game...relax! He is surround by a bunch of rookies whether on the field or on the coaching lines. In my opinion, this year is a learning experience for this entire team. Lawrence isn't exactly putting up great numbers either with the Jags...how many games has he won? How did Darnold look yesterday...he reminded me of his time on the Jets with those stats. These kind of threads remind me of my time in the military. Always a Debby downer type in every outfit or mission...HATED IT!
  6. I've also been a Jets fan for 57 years...1964. However, I was 16 years old at the time. Like Savage, I was into the old AFL in those days...wide open football compared to the slow type offense of the NFL. I'm too invested in this team to change at my age now, but if someone had showed me the future after the Jets won the SB and we would be this bad going forward, I would have dumped the Jets back in '69. But, those MOFO's that control the future didn't let me know the future. So, here I am until I meet Savage once again...I am sure when we meet up he'll remind me of what a compiler Curtis
  7. John Savage and I met decades ago...when the internet first got started. We belonged to a forum called the Green House which is now long gone. John only had one jersey because he refused to invest in players that would be gone in a flash. So, he had a jersey made up with his name...SAVAGE and with typical John Savage humor, the number 69. We met several times over the years whether in Jersey or in Miami. He bled green through and through. I could tell you stories of John from his younger years that would blow you away...when he was in this twenties, he owned a night club in NYC and the t
  8. You knew what? You knew nothing. FRANCHISE HISTORY! He didn't mention AFL or NFL...Namath was chosen in the first round with the first pick...AFL or whatever you want to call it.
  9. Wrong...read it again. Nothing is mentioned about the AFL or NFL. He said that Wilson was the highest drafted QB chosen in franchise history and that is 100% wrong.
  10. Exactly, and you would think if you're a beat writer for the Jets you would know a little history.
  11. This is a paragraph from an article by Rich Cimini today...anyone see anything wrong with it? New coach Robert Saleh hasn't revealed his plan for Wilson, but the organization's hope is that he will be ready to start by Week 1. After years of inconsistency at the position, the Jets are confident that Wilson -- the highest-drafted quarterback in franchise history -- can be a long-term fix. So, the key here is not AFL, NFL, CFL or ******* any other FL...he said the highest drafted quarterback in franchise history and that is Joe Namath...PERIOD!
  12. I read it on ESPN earlier...it's a good read. Especially if you're wondering how the Jets and the interest in Wilson snowballed.
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