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    Former Army Ranger, Company L, 75th Rgr Rgt, 101st A/B
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    The Sunshine State
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    Retail and Wholesale business owner

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    Finding out the Jets won the SB three days after they won after returning from a combat mission.
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    Gave them up when Jets moved out of the Meadowlands
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    Nothing in particular...they break my heart almost every year.
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    Yes, but a certain group of people were trying to kill me.

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  1. Two things this Jet organization have in common. They can't seem to find the drawing board putting a winning team on the field and designing a uniform that would please the majority. They suck at both.
  2. Have to be honest, never heard of him.
  3. Number one, I'm not a NY resident...second, I'm referring to the regular season...so, shove your math you know where.
  4. KC in their house...Mahomes has never lost a playoff game there and Bills are 2-4 against playoff teams this year.
  5. sh*t, I don't know about this. Yeah, this guy is a roach coach dream customer, but doesn't the organization monitor this guy's weight? I mean, with that much invested in him, I would have demanded he have weigh in's weekly. This just sounds so bad on so many fronts.
  6. Whatever happened to Brenda?
  7. But but but, I thought this kind of player is obsolete? Listen, I'm OLD, quit playing games with me.
  8. Absolutely not! This team cannot take chances playing spin the bottle with players who have had major injuries and these are considered major injuries. To be honest, I thought the Jets took a chance with Carl Lawson when we signed him.
  9. Hell, why not go for it. Personally, I wanted him...the guy is a physical freak. When is the last time we had a WR get separation like he does? Sign the freak!
  10. On the passing of his number 1 target, Maynard? I've looked all over and can't find anything...anyone have it?
  11. When you live in the middle of the fish tank down here in SFL, it's very easy to consider them the chum of the AFC East...plus, thousands of us Jet fans down here.
  12. Thank you...the part that really gets me and I've said it before on here. I came home in Apr/69. I was expecting big things out of the Jets. At least a couple of more SB'S. But it just wasn't to be...I mean I was even at the playoff game between the Jets/Chiefs and a chance to go back to back SB's and you know what I noticed at first? How much bigger the Chiefs were compared to the Jets. Anyway, back in those days, you got tickets right there on playoff game day. We froze our asses off and it was good-bye to Shea because I moved to FL later in the year.
  13. On this day, in 1969, I was in the A Shau Valley prepping Hill 937 for what would eventually have a nickname 4 months later...Hamburger Hill. I left that armpit a month before the big push...anyway, I had returned to base camp around January 15th and got the news the Jets won. It was a highlight in my biggest low light of life if that makes sense...anyway, that 20 year old is now 73...an old fart stuck in his pre PC ways...lol.
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