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    Finding out the Jets won the SB three days after they won after returning from a combat mission.
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    Gave them up when Jets moved out of the Meadowlands
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    Nothing in particular...they break my heart almost every year.
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    Yes, but a certain group of people were trying to kill me.

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  1. It's a strange look, probably. But like I mentioned also in my post, I'm in middle of dolphin country and I don't recall one comment with his eyes from the media or their fans...maybe they're more sophisticated then us Jet fans? That last part was meant to be a joke.
  2. Let me also add this. His hire was almost 6 months ago...it's not like I don't have a sense of humor because I found it somewhat funny for a few days. But, I would hope that we move on from someone's physical part made into a negative and move on...but again, have at it, it's the quiet part of the Jets program.
  3. WE? I grew up years ago and did this kind of stuff maybe when I was in grade school...but hey, knock yourself out.
  4. I don't know what it is with some of the fans with the fixation on his eyes...I live in South Florida. In fact, maybe 15 minutes from the toilet bowl the fins play in. NOT ONCE did the media or fans make mention about his eyes...his coaching? All the time, but never about his eyes. If his eyes are the least of our worries, we have a winner as in W's on game day.
  5. By the way, I wrote Joe Douglas yesterday. If he answers me, I will post it...I doubt he answers it though. Not out of disrespect, but the guy has a lot on his plate. He has to work on my omen...lol.
  6. Those were good times, even though the Jets crapped the bed. He's 35 now, can you believe it?! He was still in high school when we all last met. Hey, he reminded me of the HOT freaking wings you made...lol.
  7. I don't post much at all anymore, but I do read the posts and let you younger guys hammer it out. I've been a Jets fan since '64...a junior in high school when the Jets picked Namath. Before that, not much of a fan of any particular team. Fast forward to 1968, the Jets best team by far. I'm in a little place called Vietnam. Found out the Jets won the SB about 3 days after...communication wasn't like it is today. They hire this Joe Douglas guy and to be honest, I didn't know much about him like most of you...just what I read after I knew the Jets were eyeing him. I watched his presser the other day and afterwards, he brought his family on stage. BAM...there it was! Like a beacon in the dark that made my eyes almost as big as our HC. Joe's dad standing in the back wearing a cap...it said VIETNAM VETERAN. Like I said, it doesn't mean anything to you guys, but to me, this is an omen or it could be nothing. Let's hope this is an omen, because I'm in the winter of my life and not many seasons left.
  8. Jets kept the uniforms under lock and key for how long? Then 24 hours before they were to be introduced to the world...BAM! I smell FAKE NEWS.
  9. GREENBEAN...old buddy...don't apologize. You were 100% correct. The Yanks first used the interlocking NY back in 1905...they abandoned it for a few years and brought it back. The NY baseball Giants didn't use it until 1908. So, the Mets actually stole the pinstripes and the interlocking NY from the team with 27 WS championships...lol
  10. If none of these leaks are the actual uniform, I find it amazing how its been kept a secret. Think about the all the workers involved making these super secret uniforms (lol)...and all the outlets that will be selling them. It's almost unreal to accomplish it.
  11. I don't post much...at least not like I did years ago. But, I try to read almost everyday. I'm not really that familiar with this SAR guy, but here he is listing all the money he has spent on the Jets. Is that how a fan is measured? By the amount of money they spend? I've been a fan of the Jets since I was 16 and that was 1964...some people here know where I was when the Jets won the SB (not going there) and I admit, I don't fly up for the games anymore...I do have the NFL ticket though. I guess if you don't spend thousands of bucks on the green and white, you're not much of a fan...thanks for pointing that out.
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