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  1. If (BIG IF) Watson is on the trading block, does he have a say where he goes? If money is a big part of it, which it usually is, and he has a say where he wants to go, it will be the Dolphins in my opinion...NO STATE INCOME TAX. NFL should put that BS on the table because these states have a clear advantage.
  2. The 49er's have an unprecedented 40 FA's...how many do you think Saleh will try and pry to come and join him?
  3. Derrick Henry wants to know who Arthur Smith is?!
  4. Well, I've been a Jets fan for 57 years and I'll tell you what I don't want. I don't want a HC hired who previously has won a SB as a HC. None of these recycled winning SB coaches has ever won the ring with their second gig. That includes Lombardi, Parcels, Johnson, etc...so, if this was a post to hire Pederson, I don't want him and he is no where close to being in the same conversation at the three mentioned.
  5. Just keep the Johnson's away (especially Chris) from poking his nose in this other than to sign off on it...anyone that would say that Gase is an offensive genius just needs to be as far away from negotiations as possible. If Saleh gets on a plane without a contract, don't expect him back.
  6. I know nothing about this guy other than watching him on the sidelines and congratulating his defense as they come off the field. Now that most of the fan base has gotten themselves worked up into a frenzy on the possibility of getting this guy, it would be typical Jets to blow this. If you've been a fan of this team for decades like myself, you've seen this movie before. If this truly is the guy JD wants, hopefully our luck has changed and we land this guy.
  7. Really? What coaching and weapons did Watson have in Texas this year. You couldn't trade Darnold to the Texans straight up...come on, Darnold doesn't have it. He hasn't shown a hint of having it. You can't always blame everything else around you, sometimes you have to step into the light and light it up...he hasn't.
  8. Joe Douglas could have put this argument of Darnold staying or not to bed. All he had to say was, "Darnold is our QB today and our QB going forward". But he didn't say that. What's the mystery here? If Darnold is our QB next season I will be surprised. In three years I've yet to say this is our franchise QB, and I am glad we have him. You can make all the excuses you want for him...I've stated them myself. Coaching, schemes, not enough weapons, etc., you know the drill. BUT, AT LEAST ONCE SHOW ME SOMETHING TO MAKE ME THINK YOU'RE "IT"...time to move on people. Get what you can for him and let's start anew like we're doing with everything else. Let the GM, new HC pick their own "franchise" and then if it doesn't work out, it's on them.
  9. I don't have an answer to this quagmire we find ourselves in. This I do know, if we keep Darnold, this will be his third HC, third OC and third offensive scheme. What's he rated compared to the other 31 QB's in the league? Bad coaching has contributed to his progression, but come on, I haven't really seen anything to show me this guy has "it". Plus, when does his rookie contract end? I don't know...I've never wished the Jets to lose in my 56 years of being a fan of this team...except for yesterday.
  10. My guess would be the fish for three reasons. No state income tax, the weather and South Beach.
  11. Jets are giving up over 30 points a game making this an easy game for Murray to run and pass against. That means Flacco and the rest of the world beaters need to put up around 40 points. Unless we sign up some play makers between now and Saturday night, this won't be happening.
  12. Maybe we should go for a twofer and sign Gase to an extension along with Darnold...probably get a hometown discount because we all know these two guys are a hot commodity right now.
  13. I feel like I'm watching the movie, Draft Day...two first rounders, a third rounder and the throw in guy, McDougald.
  14. Getting too cute...trade back with the Patsies? It isn’t like we don’t need the BPA at this point in the draft.

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