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    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    I was wrong...I listened again.

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    Don't get your panties in a wad...I listened to it again and I was wrong. Oh, I am NOT a negative thinking fan because I misinterpreted with what I "thought" I heard.

    Anyone catch the Michael Kay show today?

    Yes, he did say that as well, but he also said what I posted. Listen, I just want this new HC to get his first choices...not second and third candidates. Not a good look.
  4. They had Gase on. If you did, did you catch that BIG NEGATIVE NUGGET Gase blurted out when asked about possible assistant coaches coming in for interviews? I'm paraphrasing here, but he basically said was, "trying to convince possible candidates to come here for an interview". Not good if we have that reputation. Perhaps that's the reason we haven't signed Williams yet and is rumored to be looking at the Redskins. I WAS WRONG FELLAS...RELAX!
  5. Leave it to Jet fans to work themselves up into a lather over his eyes...he's had a few other NFL gigs and it's about his "eyes" here...give it a rest people and let's hope we got ourselves a winning coach here. Something that has gotten lost with the "eyes".

    Gregg Williams close to signing as DC

    I've seen this guy behind the scenes when the Browns were on Hard Knocks and he's a dick...having said that, I would love this hire. I don't know if any of you have been in the military, but the DI's I learned the most from were "dicks"...guys that get in your face, that will embarrass you in front of everyone else...perfect. You learn from guys like this. When I had jungle training back in the day, the DI's were constantly in your face day and night...HIRE THE DICK!
  7. Every HC hired by the Jets since and including Herm Edwards has had a good first year. Just putting it out there if Gase should have a winning record his first year.

    Poll: Are you happy about hiring Adam Gase?

    I'm holding back and waiting to see who he hires as his assistants.

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Pffffff...that’s all I have on this. Living in South Florida, I do know players were going to mutiny if he was retained...like all hires of Jet HC’s, I’ll take a wait and see attitude...especially the hiring of assistants.


    I know he said he would stay with the Ravens, but is it possible the Jets are trying to pry him away? I think we're down to three teams now that haven't hired a HC...us, fins and bengals. Hope the Jets know what the F they're doing.
  11. You know how it goes...we've been Jet fans way too long. Once that boat leaves the dock, people start jumping on board. It's the "hot" name right now.

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    You may not understand it, but I didn't make up the stat...sports media is full of this stat and sometimes full of s%$#. How come we haven't found a franchise QB since Namath, yet other teams have found multiple franchise QB's? I could never understand that stat.

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    So far...give me a holler when Chuckie wins it.

    Today's the day.. Mike McCarthy

    Just keep in mind that no SB winning HC has ever won a SB with another team. Yeah, yeah, yeah...there's always a first time, law of averages, etc...yada yada yada. The New York Jets aren't exactly trailblazers when it comes to setting the bar. We're on a lot of highlight reels...but of the negative nature.

    Our most important pick...

    LOL...it's going pretty good. I don't post much at all...I leave it up to the younger fans. They'll learn sooner or later that there is no winning debates. I read the board at least a few times a week and it reminds me of the times we all would get into debates that went nowhere...nothing has changed, except older now. Watch the debates and arguments when the new uniforms are introduced. It should be epic. How's it going with you?

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