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    Finding out the Jets won the SB three days after they won after returning from a combat mission.
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    Gave them up when Jets moved out of the Meadowlands
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    Nothing in particular...they break my heart almost every year.
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    Yes, but a certain group of people were trying to kill me.

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  1. We have no QB, no O-line, no pass rush, no dependable CB's and a defense that will be spent sooner rather than later being on the field all day...Eagles 38-3. We have never beat these guys and I see no reason with the team we're putting on the field to change that direction.
  2. Heard the USC athletic department called the Jets today. Wanted to know if they were interested in one of their QB's. They insisted that three is a charm. Seriously, I hope Darnold pans out because it's unfortunate he's down and out, but no more USC QB's. The list is long of USC QB's that are MIA in the pro football HOF.
  3. Well, I don't have another couple of decades...I'll be lucky if I have one decade. I've been a Jets fan since I was 16, when the Jets drafted Namath. Drafted out of college in '67 (I was carrying 10 credit hrs and needed 12 to get a college deferment) and I find myself in the "armpit" for the Jets greatest year. I return home in April of '69 and one of the things I am looking forward to is another Jets run...they had a good team going into the '69 season and I was at Shea when the Jets lost out to the Chiefs who went on to win the SB for the 69-70 season. Now, put all of the Jets history going forward from 1969 and you think even though the Jets lost that '69 playoff game, they will repeat. You would be lying if you didn't think we would have one or two more rings. I am 71 now...all the years of frustration from crappy ownership, GM's, HC's, players and MONEY, I am convinced I will not see a SB victory...it's just a franchise that can't tie its shoelaces the correct way. I will die a Jets fan, but I will not see a SB victory...good luck to you younger guys. I've been there, done that for 55 years...longer than probably most of you been breathing air. A freaking QB with mono for God's sake...it's so sad, it's laughable.
  4. Our very own paper airplanes, the midgets or the carp?
  5. Watching the past two games, the entire line to me looks very pedestrian...a bunch of JAGS. Decent stopping the run...getting to the QB? No push.
  6. Jet fans making fun of the midgets for leaving early...that's some funny sheet. At the rate this game is going, I see the planes taking off by half time...beats traffic anyway. Pathetic.
  7. You know, let him rest the season because if we start spiraling down the usual Jets below 500 season, the anti USC QB crowd will be out in mass if they haven't started lining up already.
  8. You just can't make this sh*& up! This team can't even get out of its own way...😒
  9. I had flown up with my son on Delta from Florida. We took in a Yankees game on Saturday and Jets game on Sunday. Of course all flights were cancelled on that Monday...I still have my flight return tix and never asked for a refund. After the attack, I got in our leased car, got on the NYS thruway and headed north for the day...I can't tell you how many first responder vehicles we had passed on the way. Just think, anyone born on 9/11, that day is now eligible to vote...a long time ago that we will never forget. Although the terrorists were traced back to Saudi Arabia, it's just too bad we couldn't pin the attack on a country...that country wouldn't exist today.
  10. That video has already been posted a few hours ago in the kicker thread...plus, those aren't NFL goal posts...at least three of those kicks would have been no good.
  11. This one had the Patsies written all over...only one coach out there could probably handle this headcase and that of course is old school Belicheat.
  12. No, he's not. But it's known through out the league that our pass rush and defensive backfield is our achilles heel...we'll find out soon enough tomorrow.

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