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  1. Ok, I'd like to see a trade because we need someone that can get hits and not home runs...we have enough of those guys. What would it take to trade for KC's Benintendi? I'm done with Gallo.
  2. They're just jealous because Jimmy G probably gets more quail than they do.
  3. First 9 games and then we will talk. All this positive or negative thinking about the record of this team is click bait.
  4. Everyone is pulling for Becton and if you're not, you should be as a Jets fan. The problem I have is the reluctance to say what his weight is. I would think, and this is my own opinion, if he was at an ideal weight, they would say so. They would want to shout it from the roof tops, but even Becton himself wouldn't disclose his weight. And I think this is important because this was/is a major issue...must be top secret stuff.
  5. It seems like a lot of fans want to blame the medical staff...me personally, I think Becton is milking it. We have an LB/edge rusher that had two knees operated on previously and also a ruptured achilles with us. Does anyone know if Lawson will participating in the OTA's?
  6. The only way to shut this guy up is on the field...knock the living snot out of him.
  7. LOL...no it hasn't! Good for him and not the Yankees piggy bank.
  8. Who cares...who was the first Met MVP? He hasn't been born yet...lol
  9. Another poster who probably never saw Joe play in person...do yourself a favor and check out Joe's O lines through the years...a HOF OT a couple of good linemen and the rest jags. You'll never hear Joe complain about his O line over the years, but his injuries tell a different story...plus, it's a different game now. Enough with judging his stats alone...he was more than stats.
  10. I saw that yesterday and I'm thinking to myself either they are way off or most of us Jet fans are. I mean, I'm not picking the Jets to go to the playoffs this year, but picking first in the daft? If that happens, there's going to be a lot of pissed off Jet fans and we're going to be head hunting for sure.
  11. 5-5 and you'll be happy? You must be aware then that they're on top of the worst division arguably in baseball. Now, if they come back with a record of 7-3 or better, you may have something. Dodgers have lost 3 in a row.
  12. Come on, you can't be serious. No one expected the Rangers to have the season they've had thus far...very young team playing like they've been to this dance. I don't know how far they'll get, but I'm enjoying it...kind of like if the Jets make the leap this season.
  13. I doubt we see a uniform change anytime soon...too expensive and no matter what the uniform looks like, you're just not going to please everyone.
  14. I just wish these guys would just play the game and leave their political views (no matter the topic) out of the work place.
  15. RIP Ray...personally for me, I liked him in the movie Article 99...he played a doc in a VA hospital.
  16. Most definitely...Chapman is done. His fastball is very flat and in today's game of pitchers throwing in the high 90's, he is just a shadow of the pitcher he was when his fastball was hitting 103 on the gun constantly.
  17. Yeah, I'll give you some thoughts...Anderson better be prepared today for the Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie thunder he brought on himself every time he comes to the plate...by the way, Anderson couldn't hold Robinson's jock. He obviously has thin skin...something Robinson didn't have.
  18. If we're going to get specific, Washington DC is not a state the last time I checked.
  19. I'm not agreeing with changing the name...BUT, aren't the Jets and Giants the only two teams that play their games out of state?
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