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  1. "I don't know if this is true but I'll just throw this rumor out there anyway." Tony Dungy is a holier than thou clown.
  2. Why random checks? If the "Integrity" of the game is so important why not go all out? Test the balls before the game and record the PSI. Test the balls at halftime and record the PSI. Test the balls after the game and record the PSI. Is that so hard NFL?
  3. Is the NFL admitting with these new "random" checks that they never cared about how much air was in a football or who handled footballs before or during a game? I don't see anything that mentions a calibrated air pressure gauge or the reason these will be random and not every game. https://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2015/07/26/footballs/GBfXQAzFzbqh8gCwUHADTO/story.html
  4. I applied but was denied. Had to settle for Florham Park Community College
  5. Gainzo

    no words

    I will never be able to un-see that image. Thanks CTM!
  6. I've been busy with work and life the last few months and am very happy to see that a Pats cheating thread is still going. Well done JN, well done. You guys are the best!
  7. I guess you never went to the dump named Sullivan Stadium. That place was a freaking zoo. Guys pissing through the chain link fence in the last row of the 300 section. People setting stuff on fire for no apparent reason. Keyshawn Johnson said that walking down the ramp from the locker room at the old Sullivan/Foxboro Stadium was the most intimidating thing. That was because the Stadium had chain link fences that separated the west side of the stadium from the north endzone. There was a small concrete ramp where the visiting team had to walk down. How did we all forget about AstroTurf?
  8. Tuck rule: Overturned a Vinny Testaverde "fumble" in Week 2 of the 2001 season in Foxboro Camera: Yep. The Pats were so sneaky they had the camera guy on the sideline Brady Low Hit Rule: Please see the Carson Palmer low hit in the 2006 playoffs to see when this rule was passed New eligibility rules: The other 31 teams were butt-hurt that that Patriots used a legal play.....3 times in a game Edelman: An NFL player has never taken a big hit and stayed in the game? New football handling rules: I haven't seen the report
  9. Yep. Like clockwork. The only time the Pats haven't won the AFCE since 2003 was when Brady's knee exploded in the 1st half of the 1st game in 2008. Even then the Pats lost the division on a tie-breaker with an 11-5 record. Damn you Brett Favre!
  10. Eagles or Steelers. Hope its the Steelers as the Pats own them.
  11. The pig has been ripe for the last 15 years. I guess 2016 is when the pig is actually slaughtered.
  12. Please beat BU on Friday, I'll be at the Garden hoping Lowell beats UVM.
  13. Kraft purchased the Patriots in 1994. Since he bought the team they have posted 2. Let me say that again....... 2 seasons when they lost more games than they won. 16 playoff appearances. 7 Super Bowl appearances. 10 AFC Championship Games. That is the Patriot Way.
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