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  1. I watched a documentary last night named "Untold Crime & Penalties" on Netflix. It involves the mob (trash hauling of course), a man creating a hockey team, naming his 17 year old son the GM and the crazies that are hockey fans. For those of you with Netflix I highly recommend watching. The weird thing is I had no memory of the story and it was a huge thing nationally.
  2. Ty Law was out of shape when he went to the Jets but still had a bunch of INTs. Interceptions are great but don't really matter when it comes to judging a DB. Revis>Diggs by a country mile. Of course Ty Law is better than both of them as he is on the HOF.
  3. The white guy that was on the Pats in preseason? HAHA
  4. I want to thank Maxman for not closing this thread. Fourteen years!
  5. Yep. Wes Welker>Julian Edelman>Wayne Chrebet
  6. This thread will never die @Warfish
  7. 903 catches, 9924 yards, 50 TDs Best thread ever!
  8. Jets suck. Missed all of you idiots.
  9. Since I'm back posting this thread can never die. Faba, GOB, Sperm: Go F yourselves!
  10. Gainzo

    RIP Savage69

    Was just going to say the same thing. So many old timers in this thread.
  11. Gainzo

    RIP Savage69

    I haven't been here in ages but will always remember him and his avatar. Now you need to tell us who complained about his avatar haha
  12. Gainzo

    RIP Savage69

    That's the way he rolled lol
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