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  1. Bruins tonight

    1. faba


      Bruins win two games in Montreal?

    2. Gainzo


      I doubt it but am still holding out hope!

  2. LBS is a sellout. He has always loved the Pats.

    1. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      I became a Pats fan after Nacho couldnt get the god damned ball hiked before the 2 min warning. I hate dumb teams! GO PATS! WOO!

    2. Lil Bit Special

      Lil Bit Special

      Cant wait to be sitting in a snow storm sunday night watching my Pats kick some fudge-packing a$$! WOO!

  3. Check your PM bitch!

  4. You need a friend lol.

  5. Gainzo

    Thanks DLJ. Its good to be back!

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