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  1. he would come cheap and be able to mentor the young guys.... what do you think???
  2. I just got a green paSS also for the game.... good luck..
  3. Does anyone watch this show????? I hear it is an amazing behind the scenes look at MMA. I don't have direct TV so I don't get the audience channel.. if there is someone on the message board that wants to record onto disk the series for me let me know and I will work a payment with you... Thanks
  4. The whole J.I. Mod thing was politics... I was a mod for forever there. Sooth wanted certain people he thought could " control" or " quite down" certain groups of people so it wouldn't get crazy. But he also still wanted the "hits" .... I always looked at the forum thing like this, it is supposed to be fun. so have fun, be a wise ass. stir the pot... make conversations happen. just don't go over board... it was simple... it shouldn't be a serious thing... never was to me, still isn't... live and let live...
  5. I was in touch with Jumba tonight he is gonna park by Tailgate Joes so I will reach out to Joe about tailgate tomorrow and get parking pass for that lot. Yea I'm back and better then ever. Just older , a little greyer ans louder. Can't wait to see everyone. It's been a few years. Last home game I went to was butt fumble game. Last opening day was against Ravens.
  6. BP what's Shakin??????? Yea I have been super busy and just didn't make the forums a priority especially after all the silliness a few years ago..... I'm a live and let live kind of person. Anyhow I remembered my password and dropped by to say hello. Are you guys tailgating with Tailgate Joe????? I'm gonna be down with the little lady I figured I would meet up with you, MaX and some of the boys...
  7. What's up people?????? took a much needed internet forum vacation to attend to alot of personal business, but now i am back and better then ever...I am planning on attending opening day and i am also going to the away Dolfags game..hope everyone has been good, i just wanted to see how everything is going, where the rocking tailgate will be next Sunday,
  8. Please help a brother out. i have family coming in for the game and I need tickets....
  9. How the hell did we go from my tatoo , to talking about penis and then this other gay stuff.
  10. I am going to of course change it up wit the current helmet and some other details......I guess on my right arm.
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