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  1. he would come cheap and be able to mentor the young guys.... what do you think???
  2. I just got a green paSS also for the game.... good luck..
  3. Does anyone watch this show????? I hear it is an amazing behind the scenes look at MMA. I don't have direct TV so I don't get the audience channel.. if there is someone on the message board that wants to record onto disk the series for me let me know and I will work a payment with you... Thanks
  4. The whole J.I. Mod thing was politics... I was a mod for forever there. Sooth wanted certain people he thought could " control" or " quite down" certain groups of people so it wouldn't get crazy. But he also still wanted the "hits" .... I always looked at the forum thing like this, it is supposed to be fun. so have fun, be a wise ass. stir the pot... make conversations happen. just don't go over board... it was simple... it shouldn't be a serious thing... never was to me, still isn't... live and let live...
  5. I was in touch with Jumba tonight he is gonna park by Tailgate Joes so I will reach out to Joe about tailgate tomorrow and get parking pass for that lot. Yea I'm back and better then ever. Just older , a little greyer ans louder. Can't wait to see everyone. It's been a few years. Last home game I went to was butt fumble game. Last opening day was against Ravens.
  6. BP what's Shakin??????? Yea I have been super busy and just didn't make the forums a priority especially after all the silliness a few years ago..... I'm a live and let live kind of person. Anyhow I remembered my password and dropped by to say hello. Are you guys tailgating with Tailgate Joe????? I'm gonna be down with the little lady I figured I would meet up with you, MaX and some of the boys...
  7. What's up people?????? took a much needed internet forum vacation to attend to alot of personal business, but now i am back and better then ever...I am planning on attending opening day and i am also going to the away Dolfags game..hope everyone has been good, i just wanted to see how everything is going, where the rocking tailgate will be next Sunday,
  8. Please help a brother out. i have family coming in for the game and I need tickets....
  9. How the hell did we go from my tatoo , to talking about penis and then this other gay stuff.
  10. I am going to of course change it up wit the current helmet and some other details......I guess on my right arm.
  11. No it wasnt that Greatful dead one, i found that this was a large skull tattoo wearing a helmet i could swear it was from one of the SD games...Its pissing me off, i have tried alot of the tat sites and Message boards....
  12. I need some help fellow Jets fans, I saw a NYJ skull tattoo on one of the sites a few years back and I was hoping to find a picture of it. It was a menacing skull with a jets helmet on, can anyone help a brother out????? i have googled it, scanned J.I. and J.N. i must just not be looking in the right place...Thanks
  13. Lets sign Revis and get going..

  14. And dont ssay the Bunny raunches because i already tried that and she said NO!!!!!!
  15. Hey!!! I am heading to Vegas Aug 18th- 26th for a national pool tourny. i have never been to Vegas so besides the strip, the grand canyon, hoover damn what other Restrnts,sites, should i take the Mrs........
  16. WOW JM67 so you can actually pick what your favorite kind of coffee is....but you haven't picked your football team.... hmmmmmm JETS or Seahags.....JETS or SEAHAGS....
  17. I totally agree. I started a petition to have hisnumber retired years back on another messagboard and just could not believe that the team, the league do not give this great player the respect that he should get.
  18. My shoulder is 100%.. Rehab sucked but we r good now....

  19. hey sexy long time no hear!!!!

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