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  1. Why? We are paying Pennington $3M this year to play for the Phish.
  2. Those numbers aren't accurate. We are actually $14M over the cap. Once Favre is cut, there are $34M in roster bonuses due that can be converted to Signing bonus to get us well under the cap even before we cut players like Barrett.
  3. Hotseat? Mangini loses to Hermie and the Chiefs on Sunday and he should be fired on the spot when the final gun sounds.
  4. It this case it should be called a Partial Seat License since you have to share it with a Giant fan. Most other stadium PSLs give you first crack at tickets to other events, like concerts etc. Jet PSL is just for 10 days, 2 preseason and 8 regular season games, plus playoffs if we ever made it.
  5. Actually it's not until tommorrow.
  6. How can you compare him to Weiss? Yi started 49 games last year as a 19/20 year old. Did Weiss ever play a game for the Knicks? If these young guys the Nets have develop as expected we should be one of the better teams in 3 years even if we don't get Lebron.
  7. Devon Thomas who Washington drafted in the 2nd Round will be the next TO.
  8. They should have kept the pick and selected Beau Bell an ILB they liked to play next to Harris.
  9. Great player? Give me a break.
  10. I don't want Hardy. Devon Thomas is the pick if he's stil there. Would also take McFadden or either Long if they were there at #6 over Gholston.
  11. Why would they cut him if they just guarenteed his salary for two years? Bad precedent by the Jets. Now everyone will want guarenteed contracts.
  12. So he only threw passes less than 5 yards?
  13. Hardy isn't the best WR in the draft and even so he probably doesn't last to our pick in Round 2. Devon Thomas will be the best WR, I hope we can trade up from second round to get him.
  14. Thomas will be another TO without the mental problems.
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