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  1. my son and his g/f want to go to times square tonite do any of you no any good attractions/ fun things for two 17 year old kids to do around there
  2. ye thats a brain teaser alls i no is that my father woulda kicked me outta the house for either of them...
  3. hey man .... no hard feelings ...lost the job today . and my gold fish died... its done with
  4. dont want problems....especially cyber ones .....i was jus tryin to say every1 isnt only talkin bout football
  5. ...i was tryin to make a point, never said takin a shot at ya ...jus tryin to make a point
  6. comment was directed towards manly max ...not u big guy .......im a big fan of biscuits n gravy ...i was tryin to make a point, not take a shot at u
  7. Green Gal watta u say me n u go have a couple tequillas saturday night
  8. Espn's Jet forum A.K.A i no nothing about football forum
  9. saturday night my cousin took 35 shots of tequilla stumbled outside and got hit by a cop car .......the cop got outta the car to see if he was ok...n he yakked all over the cops pants...he got locked up for public drunkeness..n lost his job..tequilla is the devil in cognito...tryin to fool you by goin by a spanish name
  10. i get a severe case of nausea watchin his cottage cheese ass run down the field
  11. Yea this years draft has no real bright spots at TE
  12. I,ve seen crack heads outside my apartment that are better then Becht .....but the real question is ....is he worse then , Marsha Brady i mean Kyle Brady

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