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  1. WTF Henry has the game of his life, and they talk about the loser...
  2. We need a route runner for Darnold. He is elite.
  3. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1210558856021057542
  4. That gives kinda sour taste in the whole game. They head to the playoffs and we head to no where.
  5. There's no reason they play their starters in this game, especially Allen who runs frequently and is thus likely to get injured. Makes it harder to watch and enjoy.
  6. Excuses for Brady all night long. He blames all his problems on his teammates. He has Julien Edelman a HOF receiver, But never mind we’ll say that behind Edelman he has nobody. What a joke.
  7. THIS. We gave up the 3rd overall to get him, which is equivalent to three 1st rounders of the BOYS
  8. Yes i said it. ((although im puking))
  9. Its sad to see it gone just like that. if a team is up by two scores, the game is pretty much over/
  10. its a hypothetical question, but it seems like Tom is done in NE. would you sign him?
  11. no one on any NFL game broadcast is mentioning Ghosts, JETS and league are burying the story, that's a nice positive.
  12. if Dak gets the ball to Witten we are 0-6

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