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  1. Quincy enunwa out for season with neck injury

    From Bowles' description, it sounds like Enunwa threw himself to the ground after dropping a pass and then hurt his neck when he hit the ground. Is that what other people are getting out of this? It probably means the injury was inevitable anyway, but certainly a weird way to go out.
  2. There is nothing to be gained from being the 10th worst team in football.
  3. Trade him to the Pats and it will happen nearly every February.
  4. Trade him to the Pats and it will happen nearly every February.
  5. Trade him to the Pats and it will happen nearly every February.
  6. Bob Stoops

    So, you rate performance based on salary? I am not saying he isn't better than not having him, hence paying to retain him, but he is far from a difference maker coach. Not someone I would ever consider bringing up to the NFL. 90% of his wins are based on talent differential alone.
  7. Bob Stoops

    One problem with this thread.....Bob Stoops is not a superstar college coach. And this is coming from an OU fan. The guy was the defensive coordinator at UF before taking over OU 18 years ago and their defense has been awful for about 10 years. OU has become an offensive sensation by using those gimmick spread offenses, but I would attribute very little of that success to Bob Stoops other than hiring good people to run his offense.
  8. No surpise to me, they have kicked the tires on a few different inside linebackers this offseason.
  9. Ardarius Stewart reminds me of Laverneous Coles. Tough, productive and a hard to spell first name.
  10. So the guy plays at Oregon for Chip Kelly as a DT, then joins Kelly in the pros so that he can convert him to the OL? If I was him, I would be like "gee thanks for sitting on this idea for four years. Maybe I could have been drafted."
  11. If we had drafted one of these marginal QB prospects from this draft, my enthusiasm would be at a zero. At least we look like we have some sort of plan by supporting the development of Hackenburg and Petty by bringing in McCown and not drafting anyone else. It may not work, but at least it is a coherent plan.
  12. Chad Hansen WR - 4th round

    Big hands = fewer drops
  13. You left Leamon off the list who I think has a good chance of making the practice squad.
  14. 2nd Round

    A falling Tim Williams in the second and fix the secondary that way.
  15. In the NFL, guys on the trading block frequently end up getting released at some point.....especially when they are due to earn $8.1 million in the upcoming season. I can't imagine anyone going too crazy with any type of compensation in a deal for him. If that is the case, I would expect we will keep him.