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  1. Our second round pick should be in the middle of the wide receiver run in this draft. Go offensive line in the first round.
  2. People can just wait and pick him or a comparable Jet defensive lineman off waivers on Monday.
  3. I get it and it really isn't hard to understand why Houston gets a relative pass here. This is no different than if a guy who is known as a stylish dresser buys a bright purple shirt versus another guy who dresses like a slob doing the same thing. The slob is always going to get ripped for his bold move versus the guy with the proven track record.
  4. TE might be the toughest position to make on the Bucs.
  5. Edwards had no competition last year. Edwards is a good punter, but I like having another guy in camp to push him.
  6. Most Knick fans are not very good at math. The way the odds were stacked, we were very fortunate to get a top 3 pick in a three person draft. 14% chance of the number 1 pick is basically a 1 in 8 chance or the same chance as a starting pitcher getting a hit in a big spot in a national league baseball game.
  7. My amateur guess is the we receive 2 2nd's, a 3rd and a 5th for moving down from 3 to 15 with one of the 2nd's being next year and maybe the 3rd being next year. That would restore our presence in rounds 2 and 5 this year. On the draft value chart it is pretty close to a wash which in the case of a big QB move like that, would be viewed as taking less.
  8. Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino was my favorite. It typified what the next 35 years would be like.
  9. This should help his bargaining position.
  10. Tough to hate a guy that never played. Maybe it was the fact that they gave up a 5th rounder to get him for one year. That would chap me.
  11. This time last year, I was saying the same thing as the original poster, but with the names reversed. Myers had a great season, but if you look at his career numbers, it was kind of unexpected. I am cool with bringing Catanzaro back. He was real solid for us. Maybe Myers has turned a corner in his career. He certainly has a great leg, but I question paying him that kind of salary based on his entire career, to date.
  12. He is a strong legged kicker who actually has a chance to make his extra points. Myers has a howitzer for a leg, but Catanzaro is a reasonable facsimile. This is a good move.
  13. I think you will be about $5 million shy with that guess
  14. That's not a fair assessment, the guy was traded in order to get a pretty nice haul because he was heading into free agency. Tate is very productive over the middle and is the best free agent wide receiver on the market.

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