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  1. Replacing Ammendola was not the issue. It was giving the job to another guy who has never kicked in the league. We had Eddy Piniero in this week, they should have signed him.,
  2. What about practicing both disciplines each week?
  3. That icing will make your poop black for a week, bro.
  4. With him joining Robbie and Carolina, it makes it easier because my ex-Jet rooting is consolidated to one team.
  5. Kyle Pitts is the guy to watch in that game.
  6. QB is the most important position on the field. Maybe our whole practice squad should be QB's until we develop a top 10 QB on our regular roster.
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/patriots-showing-interest-in-florida-international-quarterback-james-morgan-per-report/
  8. Patience. The fact that you list three guys available at wide receiver means someone will probably fall. We still have two OT's that will be going soon and a run on RB's is about to start plus the CB market is starting to jump. There are other wide receivers of note besides those three, as well. Shenault, Claypool, Hamler are all going to be impact players, too.
  9. So, if we offered 4 yrs $40 million and Robby and his agent wanted a shorter deal, we said no? That makes zero sense. I call BS, a second time on this report.
  10. I question this report. A 4 yr $40 million offer seems to be very against the grain from what we have seen from Douglas...especially after the first day or two of signings. Unless there was no guaranteed money, my guess is that we offered a one year deal and lost out to a two year deal, so Robby could save face.
  11. The dude did not light up the numbers even though he was in the best offense in football. He also had more than his share of drops and was a discipline issue in college.
  12. I watch a lot of UF football and I loved this guy when I thought he was a 6th rounder. Now, that there are rumors that he is moving up into second and third round consideration, I am not so sure. His father is Shawn Jefferson, the Jets wide receivers coach, so he is presumably well schooled. He has good hands, decent speed, good size and he is a good route runner. We will have to see at the combine, but I doubt that he runs much faster than 4.5 in the 40, which is still very good for a 6' 2" receiver. This is a very deep draft for receivers, so I still think there is a chance that he is on the board entering the 5th round. He is good value there, but I think there are guys with better deep speed available before that.
  13. Our second round pick should be in the middle of the wide receiver run in this draft. Go offensive line in the first round.
  14. People can just wait and pick him or a comparable Jet defensive lineman off waivers on Monday.
  15. I get it and it really isn't hard to understand why Houston gets a relative pass here. This is no different than if a guy who is known as a stylish dresser buys a bright purple shirt versus another guy who dresses like a slob doing the same thing. The slob is always going to get ripped for his bold move versus the guy with the proven track record.
  16. TE might be the toughest position to make on the Bucs.
  17. Edwards had no competition last year. Edwards is a good punter, but I like having another guy in camp to push him.
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