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  1. 55 minutes ago, ghost_in_pads02 said:

    Where was this guy ever link to the Pats? I heard Love, I heard Hurts even Tagovailoa had he dropped..but never heard anyone talk about the pats might be interested in him..again I am sure if they were that interested they would of went for him..their first draft pick (which they traded down to get) was a D2 safety.


  2. I watch a lot of UF football and I loved this guy when I thought he was a 6th rounder.  Now, that there are rumors that he is moving up into second and third round consideration, I am not so sure.  His father is Shawn Jefferson, the Jets wide receivers coach, so he is presumably well schooled.  He has good hands, decent speed, good size and he is a good route runner.  We will have to see at the combine, but I doubt that he runs much faster than 4.5 in the 40, which is still very good for a 6' 2" receiver.  This is a very deep draft for receivers, so I still think there is a chance that he is on the board entering the 5th round.  He is good value there, but I think there are guys with better deep speed available before that.

  3. I get it and it really isn't hard to understand why Houston gets a relative pass here.  This is no different than if a guy who is known as a stylish dresser buys a bright purple shirt versus another guy who dresses like a slob doing the same thing.  The slob is always going to get ripped for his bold move versus the guy with the proven track record.

  4. Most Knick fans are not very good at math.  The way the odds were stacked, we were very fortunate to get a top 3 pick in a three person draft.  14% chance of the number 1 pick is basically a 1 in 8 chance or the same chance as a starting pitcher getting a hit in a big spot in a national league baseball game.

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