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  1. Some of you are delusional.  Ed Reed was playing over the top on almost every play for deep help and yet Milner still gave up alot of short stuff because he wasn't looking at the ball whatsoever....  Milner can never play man to man successfully with his technique, it has to be disguised and not obvious or else QB's are throwing his way almost every time, even Campbell knows this and he's not very good..  Don't be fooled so easily, look how the Dolphins passing game was shut down this week, now look at how they torch Milner for over 100 next week....although I still think Jets will win this game. 

  2. The Young Turks on youtube (independent media) did a story on this Breast cancer thing the NFL is doing and they found out that only a VERY SMALL portion of the money you donate actually goes to breast cancer research.  You would be better served taking that 100$, go to a supermarket and buy 100$ worth of pre packaged sandwiches, then go to a place you know has alot of homeless people and hand them out.  This way your seeing immediate results and it helps your "well being" and growth as a human being because your actually present to see the smiles and gratitude. 

  3. this team hasn't played well in at least 3 years


    time to find us an offensive minded head coach who can adapt to the modern nfl game

    Morningwig does this already and I think he's pretty good at it, and we have a defensive coordinator for our defense.  Rex is just there for ....umm, I'm not really sure actually, but I'm pretty sure he wont be next year. 

  4. Come on, he's 22 guys as another poster said, so at 22 your not supposed to be able to catch the football just yet or understand the playbook, it's just too early in his life for such expectations...  When he's 25ish, then he'll know how to catch better and remember the playbook...ok, maybe 26 for the playbook.

  5. We have 4 wide receivers who would have to battle to make #3WR on any other NFL roster, and we have no running game whatsoever.  Gino looked great for a rookie, I like what I saw.  He made throws that Sanchez never makes, impressive poise and confidence in a rookie, I like.  It's amazing we won today, but this was mostly because our D-line was playing very well keeping us in the game, and Gino's will to win.  We won't win many games and Gino will have a very rough season if we don't get a running game going. 

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  6. Simms was the best QB last week, and he was the best QB this week.  I can only judge him on who he's went up against to this point, lets see what happens if he gets to play against 1st stringers...... IF we get that opportunity.  I like what I see from him.  He's got a rocket arm (best on the team), he has passion, looks like a leader, and just looks poised out there.  I saw the same in Russle Wilson last year in the pre season, and I turned out to be right. 

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  7. Get in there already Santonio!!!





    • _Rosenthal1-65x90.jpg
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    • By Gregg Rosenthal
    • Around The League Editor
    • Published: Aug. 22, 2013 at 11:49 a.m.
    • Updated: Aug. 22, 2013 at 01:47 p.m.



         Santonio Holmes has been medically cleared by a foot specialist to begin football activities, according to a report by the New York Post. But Holmes refuses to practice.

    Brian Costello reported that many people around the New York Jets believe Holmes is just trying to avoid training camp and is healthier than he's letting on. Holmes said Wednesday he can't run routes and still feels pain in his foot every morning.


    "I can't pinpoint a day when it will feel better because every day has been the same up until this point," Holmes said. "I feel good some days. I don't the others. This pain won't go away."

    The Jets have publicly said that Holmes has not been medically cleared. The team is likely to double down on that approach after Costello's report in order to minimize the drama around Holmes. But there's a real concern within the team, according to Costello, that this is only the beginning.

    "There is a theory around the Jets that Holmes will suddenly pronounce himself ready to play when the regular season arrives in two weeks and training camp is through," Costello wrote. "Holmes also missed most of last year's training camp with what was listed as 'general body soreness' and then a rib injury.

    "Others inside the Jets think Holmes could wait to see how the team starts the season before deciding when to play. If the team is losing, he may wait a while. If things are going well, he will join the party."


    This is what happens when teams just can't bear to cut ties with talented players who have clearly soured well past their expiration date with the team. We've seen this standoff coming for a while with sources "close to Holmes" telling reporters he should miss the first month of the season, while the Jets have expressed hope he'd be ready for Week 1. Holmes publicly wasn't even sure if he'd play this season.

    Holmes has been the source of a lot of the off-field headaches during the Rex Ryan era. By keeping him around another year, the team invited these kind of stories.

  8. id go with a cyber tower. btw there are options for HD streaming for example xbox 360, playstation 3, or even cheaper like roku or the google chromecast. 



    I already have a tower, but its so primitive that when I try to play back HD movies and video's I've downloaded it stutters.  Motherboard can't handle HD video card. I have a PS3, but I don't think I can download movies onto the PS3 hard drive and then play them or else my problem would be solved. 

  9. I'm wanting to purchase a new HD tower so I can stream HD video to my HDTV.  Can someone please let me know which one of these 3 CPU's are best for what I want? 








    Also, if you have a better option than those I posted above for around the same price, please let me know.  No, I don't want to build it myself, I'll pay the extra 100$ I would have saved for it being assembled.  Thanks. 

  10. Geno has potential but he just isn't ready.  Sanchez threw the terrible pick 6 but rebounded the rest of the game.  You are graded on everything so the pick 6 is part of it.  But that last drive and the TD pass to Cumberland was on the money.


    Morhinweg has a real system, the receivers are open finally.  They have to go with a veteran to start so Mark will get one last shot.


    Speaking of which the Tampa game is so damn important for him.  His career is basically riding on it.  But you heard it here first, Mark Sanchez will be the starter when the season opens...

    Cumberland was WIDE open....it was a blown coverage.  Glen Foley would have completed that pass.  Stop making excuses for Sanchez, he almost threw 3 pick 6's if you go back and watch it.  Same guy the past 2 years is the same guy your seeing this year.  You want that again?  I certainly don't.  We need to bring a veteran QB in to compete for and ultimately win the starting job.  Maybe give Jamarcus Russle another chance?

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  11. We're boo'ing Sanchez because of his last 32 games and because he's the buttfumble guy, NOT because he's still throwing rookie-type  INT's in a green & white scrimmage game.  Cromartie doesn't want us there because we are expressing our displeasure as fans who support the team?  Ok, then simply just don't go to any games that Sanchez is the starter just like Cro said.........I bet Sanchez is benched shortly after. 

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