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  1. ...but I thought players LOVED playing for Rex? They love playing for him so much that all the Jets players are running to AFC East rivals for 1 year deals...lol
  2. When I call in, I want the blue oyster bar music from the police academy movies to be my entrance music.....thanks bro. Make sure you have a 10 second delay and another man on the bleep button.
  3. Whats the call in number? ....I have so many questions
  4. Just moved here....curious to know who's lurking from these boards.
  5. 80% of the material on this forum could be googled, however I choose to post it and ask it here to get a discussion going....ya know, because its a....forum?
  6. Thank GOD~~!! Now bring in Joseph William Namath!!!
  7. Kansas City and Jacksonville are really the only teams worse than us.
  8. So your going to shape chucky's thoughts and speech and limit him in his craft? ....yea lol
  9. He's too short. Tebow coming in hurts his "rythem". It's the offensive line's fault. Sporano is a new offensive coordinator.
  10. I don't know about the fireworks, but when the Jets had the ball on the opponents 30 with 30 seconds left, ran ONE play which was a 5 yard dump off in the middle of the field with no timeouts left just to kick a FG in a 5 touchdown deficit, thats the moment I turned off my TV and realized no one on that organization cares about winning, so I'm done for the year.....unless Tebow starts of course.
  11. Thats kinda messed up man, what did Tebow do to deserve this? Tebow hasn't talked any crap about anyone, ever. This is bush league. I've never been more disappointed in a Jets team since I became a fan decades ago. At least terrible Jets teams in the past didn't fling THIS much mud at each other. How embarrassing.
  12. When is Tim muhfckin Tebow going to show us how to win games again?
  13. Yea I feel the same way. I been watching the Jets and almost never miss a game, but this week I didn't care to watch once I heard Sanchez was still the QB. Turns out I didn't miss much as the offense didn't score a single point. Until I hear that Sanchez isn't starting anymore, I refuse to watch. No one's going to show up for the games either, the stadium will be half empty. I hope Woody makes Rex put in Tebow....or else his pocket will start to feel it. I've already given up on the season, time to watch the Knicks.
  14. Yes, I'm tired of it. I wish he would have just quit at halftime like Cutler..
  15. What medicinal value does cigarettes have besides killing off 800,000 citizens in our country each and every year (5 million/yr worldwide)? Terrorists could use biological warfare and not kill off that many of us, but feed us the poison slowly and call it a "business", then everything's ok. By the way, mary jane's never killed one person in the history of it's existence and actually has medicinal value.
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