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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlWp1-w8lCk#
  2. Exactly, Tebow is just as bad a passer, but can actually FEEL the pressure and also run the ball much more effectively. I can't stand Sanchez anymore and wont watch another game until he's gone. I'm wasting my time, Jets are never going anywhere with Sanchez....not now, not ever.
  3. The pass was high and behind him, it was partially if not mostly Sanchez's fault. Also, Cromartie was separating by at least 3 to 4 feet and Sanchez threw up a floating duck that fluttered out of bounds "Pennington" style.... those tipped passes that resulted in INT"s were because Sanchez stares down his receivers and is too short to play QB. The fumbles were because he has no pocket presence......why not start Tebow, we've nothing to loose anymore. We already know Sanchez isn't taking us to any Superbowl ever, so there's no excuse anymore.
  4. Sanchez is too small to play in the NFL....how much more obvious does it have to get?
  5. If your not going to put in the backup QB that most wanna see even in a 34-0 blowout during garbage time....then I don't blame the fans. Your not giving us what we want, so we will act accordingly. If the Jets are getting blown out and Sanchez comes out to start the second half tonight, I'm turning off the game....why should I watch?
  6. I agree, total bitch move. Rex wants to be tough and go for the jugular....well, thats not what I saw.
  7. You turned it off at 4:20, you live in Denver Colorado? Wobbles?....oh, I get it. Good one.
  8. Scott was out of position to begin with, missed his hole, then missed that tackle by going for the strip after chasing him down.
  9. I'm just saying, I want some realism and with Revis getting burned every down for over 400 yards passing its hardly real. I just want realism from a madden game....been waiting since 92.
  10. This game is extremely unrealistic. Someone just put up almost 70 points on my Jets defense. Revis got burned deep every down by Randy Moss. This game is a joke.
  11. "backside pressure is better than frontside pressure because he can't see it coming"......alright dude, please stop it.
  12. Russle Wilson is going to put up great numbers. He's going to be a star, mark my words.
  13. If Chris Rainey happenes to be cut, we should pick him up immediately. This kid is the real deal. Or trade for him possibly.
  14. I wish the Jets would have picked up QB Russell Wilson in the 3rd round. Kid's gonna be a star.
  15. This will be the game where Tebow breaks out and shows he can move the offense better than Sanchez. Tebow will separate himself this week.
  16. Dam it, I put 200 on the Packers and Eagles to win the Superbowl this year. ....De...ne ne na na GO PACK GO!
  17. You would think that all this Tebow talk would motivate this USC kid to try much harder, yet he's folding like a house of cards with his lackluster performances. At least Tebow looks like he's trying and yells at his recievers when they don't come back to his underthrown balls..
  18. Sanchez is more talented as a QB, but if Tebow continues to move the offense slightly better than Sanchez (no matter HOW he does it), then I would rather have Tebow in there.
  19. In all seriousnesss, if anyone wants a link to the game, PM me and I'll reply with the link.
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