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  1. Is that your rational? Are you really going with that?....
  2. Looks like he might be banned from the NFL.
  3. We will be 2-5, then Tebow will come in and save the season. 9-7 Wildcard.
  4. Look how much starting experience Sanchez has in comparison to Tebow, and yet they both looked equally as awful against the Giants. Tebow at least has some upside, Sanchez is now slowly regressing into obscurity with his lackluster play. His pick 6 is expected in years 1 and 2, but his developing years are now at a peak. If he's not getting it now, he's never getting it.
  5. Couples, Ellis, Laundry, and Scott looked good. We are going to have a top 3 NFL defense this year without a doubt.
  6. If Tebow couldn't throw a slant, he wouldn't be in the NFL. Be real dude, stop with your Sanchez love fest. There's no debating with the irrational. How did you like the Sanchez pick 6? Your not tired of it apparently.
  7. Tebow can throw slants and dump offs just like Sanchez can, only Tebow can also run when this terrible offensive line breaks down. I said that Sanchez is a better passer, but if you want to win games with this team, Tebow is a better option right now. If we had a good O-line, I would say keep starting Sanchez.
  8. I guess you didn't watch Tebow vs the best secondary in the league in the playoffs vs Pittsburg. By the way, Sanchez just threw his routine pick 6, you tired of that yet? He does it almost once a game.
  9. Dude Tebow can throw quick slants and dump offs just like Sanchez does, however Tebow would have ran for a few first downs on those broken plays. Tebow might not be a better passer, but he would move the offense and put us in a better position to win games. I'm already tired of watching Sanchez and it's only the preseason. I've seen this offense the past 3 years with Sanchez....nothings changed. He's a scared little boy, get that wussy out of there.
  10. Our D line looks leaps and bounds above what it was last year. If we have an above average D-line this year like it's looking, then we will have a top 3 defense in the NFL easily.
  11. I agree, he has a motor on him and was providing constant pressure. Looked better than Gholston ever did in just one preseason game. Also, Jay Richardson was looking almost as good as Couples, yet no one is mentioning him. I'm suprised.
  12. Cromartie is afraid to hit, so he certainly wont be a good reciever. He will be afraid to go over th middle, and if the ball is hung up, he's going to have what we used to call "allegator arms" and will lead to more interceptions. Terrible terrible idea.
  13. Here's a 10$ (virtual) ....keep the change. What did he say? Did Jimmy try to create controversy....or was it a "positive interview"?
  14. Lol.....he's like Skip Bayless...only in the Sanchez direction. Twisting numbers to make his baseless arguments.
  15. Anyone that can take off the green colored glasses for a minute knows that the Jets have been winning "despite" Sanchez.
  16. Lets end this Tebow/Sanchez discussion already. Sanchez is a much better thrower, yet Tebow would win us more games. Which would you rather have?
  17. Sit down and discuss how your not going to play 16 football GAMES for over 12 million dollars this year? Buh bye MEvis. The OWNER has the power, he OWNS the team therefore he HIRED you for 4 years at an agreed upon rate that you signed, now honor the contract you signed you selfish premadonna!!!
  18. Since Terrance Mathis......thats real sad.
  19. What I got out of that article is that Revis wants to retire a New York Jet.....but only if they can afford him, otherwise, any other team that will pay him is the team he wants to retire with. GTFOH you me first crybaby.
  20. Wow, a special animation for backups now?.....ok
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mIZwaNZHtbg
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