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  1. Doesn't Revis make more money in one play than I do in an entire year? Yea...I'm worried about his happiness.
  2. I can hardly believe it myself. Players getting extra money from teamates to try harder and do what they're supposed to do in the first place?!, lol. Maybe Sanchez wasen't protected in certain games because he didn't give up enough cash?? The NFL is becoming a joke.
  3. I love the old office episodes, that was hillarious!! Which season is that?
  4. Goodbye Revis, go play somewhere else bro, your act is getting old. I don't want you anymore and if this is true, I'm no longer a fan of his. We can miss the playoffs again this year without you just like we did AS A TEAM last year WITH you. ....it's never been about 1 player.
  5. That was pretty funny.....at least Marky Mark isn't going down without taking his shots.
  6. I can't see how any rational Jets fan can sit through that interview without cringing.
  7. Bitonti, threre's a reason why Owens is playing in the arena league. He's still a VERY good #2 on just about ANY current NFL team. I see you point, but there's a limit and I think Santonio is exceding that limit.
  8. He can't even fake it in the interview, it's just a complete a$$ and needs to go.
  9. This greedy "me first" attitude of his is starting to piss me off a bit. If he wants to hold out AGAIN and not uphold the contract he signed just let his a$$ go. I know he's the best at his position, but it's a team game and it takes a team effort. If he's only worried about his money and not about his team, then maybe he's part of the problem on this team. .......let the flaming being
  10. I don't, I was hoping for the best actually. Thanks for that news article, I stand corrected. Good for him.
  11. Of course I'm taking in to account his history of not taking his carear seriously. Did you forget the puking incident and him being in Rex's doghouse? My concerns are valid.
  12. "Sources told me S LaRon Landry and RB Joe McKnight weren't at Jets facility for start of offseason program 2day." -Manish Mehta Why not? McKnight shoulda been the FIRST one there IMHO. LT is washed up, Greene only tries when he feels like it, so now is his chance. Whats the deal with this guy? Am I wrong for wanting him to try harder? Should I even care?
  13. Exactly, no one will even offer up a third rounder for this fragile head case, yet Jets fans think he's awsome....only Jets fans.
  14. As a QB in the NFL, thats straight balls right there. I also like the pre snap reads, now only if he could loose that horrendous wind up throwing motion.....
  15. If you wanna root for my team for ANY reason, I welcome it. Go Jets!! Stop looking for ways to differentiate yoursleves from others based on what "type" of fan they are, just revel in your likeness instead of always looking for ways to disassociate yourselves based on petty differences. This goes for everything in life, not just being a Jets fan. Grow up already.
  16. If thought of a QB who would be a "Rex" kinda tough football player ....it would either be Tebow or Big Ben, he likes football players with heart, at least we can say Tebow has heart, leadership, toughness, many intangables ..... Tim Tebow's basically Chad Pennington without the frailness.
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