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  1. Rob Rang has Mayfield going one overall now.
  2. Anyone else like all 4?

    Don't really love any of the 4.
  3. Our backs all suck and we dont think the position is important so that's not happening.
  4. Darnold led with 59 points, and was followed by Rosen with 55, Allen with 43, Mayfield with 35, Louisville’s Lamar Jackson with nine, Oklahoma State’s Mason Rudolph with eight and Washington State’s Luke Falk with one. Two of the 14 declined to answer which of the six leading players had the best chance to bust. The 12-vote results showed five bust votes for Allen, four for Jackson and three for Mayfield. “I think all of the quarterbacks are overhyped and overrated,” said one of the pessimists in the profession. “Allen’s inconsistent accuracy, Darnold’s turnovers, Mayfield’s height and demeanor, Rosen’s know-it-all attitude and Jackson’s ability to learn are all negative factors. 4. JOSH ALLEN, Wyoming (6-5, 234, 4.77, 1): Led all QBs in a stunning six categories: the 40, Wonderlic (37), vertical jump (33 ½), broad jump (9-11), arm length (33 ¼) and hand size (10 1/8). “Looks like Carson Wentz on the hoof … or Troy Aikman,” one scout said. “He is the biggest and best physical specimen of all of them. He’s just not as far along.” One scout drew four parallels between Allen and Aaron Rodgers: both hailed from small California towns (Firebaugh for Allen), both grew late and weren’t recruited out of high school, both spent one year in junior college and both landed scholarships when colleges coaches noticed them by accident while recruiting other players. Missed most of 2015 with a broken collarbone and two games in ’17 with right shoulder damage. Completed merely 56.3% of 649 passes for a rating of 90.6. “The wonder boy,” said another scout. “There’s been nobody that’s been good with his poor stats, his lack of dominance, the low percentage and the lack of winning. I just don’t think he has a good feel for the game. That’s his problem. And this guy is not in the SEC or the Big Ten. This guy played in a terrible level of competition (Mountain West). Even the good players from small schools (Eastern Illinois) like Jimmy Garoppolo, those guys dominated. When you start making excuses for a guy, it’s over with. You should stop right there. You do it or you don’t.” One of his coaches said he can throw a ball 89, 90 yards. “I’m not saying his arm is Terry Bradshaw’s but it’s as good an arm as you’d want,” another scout said. “Those kids at Wyoming couldn’t hang on (to his passes). Ten years from now you’ll think this kid was the best kid in the class. I think he’ll have a long and storied career.” Another scout compared Allen’s accuracy issues to Jake Locker, who hit 54% at the University of Washington before the Titans drafted him with the eighth pick in 2011. That scout also compared Allen to Tim Couch (6-4, 224, 4.89). Several times, another scout brought up Blake Bortles (6-5, 230, 4.91) as the best comparison. “Can throw through a wall,” one scout said of Allen. “Man, does he have some accuracy issues that I cannot see getting better. He’s got a big arm but there have been a lot of quarterbacks like that that have failed.”
  5. It doesn't, but he does fit the profile of a previous Qb Maccagnan fell in love with. If the private workout was in fact with the Jets, my gut says he's the pick.
  6. Would be the ultimate hedge by these dopes.
  7. Decent info here: 2. JOSH ROSEN, UCLA (6-4, 221, 4.91, 1): Widely regarded as the best pure passer in the draft. “Rosen is as classic a passer as you could have,” one scout said. “His mechanics are impeccable. He’s got arm strength. He reads the field. Whether he’s the leader or not is the question.” Completed 60.9% of 1,170 passes for a rating of 93.6. “He looks the part when he throws the ball but lacks the rest of the assets you need to be a winning quarterback up here,” another scout said. “Off the field he doesn’t have the profile you want for someone leading your team. If everything’s clean and he can just sit back and throw it, he looks good. If it’s not, he’s not very effective. In the NFL, things aren’t clean. Against pressure he’s not very good. He’s been hurt. Those are big concerns.” Missed half the ’16 season because of a right shoulder injury that required surgery. Missed two games last year with two separate concussions. “He’s the best pure passer I’ve seen since Drew Brees,” another scout said. “Only thing that worries me is his body. He’s slightly built and he gets hurt. He also has not improved since his freshman year. When he was a freshman the guy was fantastic.” Comes from an academic family in Manhattan Beach, Calif. His father is an orthopedic surgeon and his mother is an heiress of a publishing house. Wonderlic of 29. “He’s a thinker, an intellectual,” another scout said. “He’s inquisitive. Very bright kid. Personable. More on the quiet side when it comes to his leadership.” According to one scout, one of Rosen’s former coaches at UCLA told him Rosen was three things: smart, talented and spoiled. “Football’s not his life,” the scout said. “He doesn’t go around with the guys. If Rosen’s mentally into the game and dedicated he certainly has the mechanics and accuracy.” The Bruins went 17-13 with Rosen as the starter. He might have become a pro tennis player, too. Two scouts compared his abrasive attitude to Aaron Rodgers coming out of Cal. “He’s a smart ass,” said one. “He’s probably smarter than the quarterback coach. You have to challenge him intellectually. He’s worldly. He’s got a lot of things he wants to do in life.” 3. BAKER MAYFIELD, Oklahoma (6-0 ½, 215, 4.84, 1): Fifth-year senior walked on at Texas Tech, started seven games and departed with Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes on the roster to walk on at Oklahoma. First walk-on to win Heisman Trophy (2017). First player since Georgia RB Herschel Walker to finish among the top four in Heisman voting three times. “In my heart of hearts I think Mayfield has a great chance,” said one scout. “I like him the best but he’s got that short thing going. If he were two inches taller he’d clearly be the best one.” The most efficient passer in NCAA history, he finished with an outrageous passer rating of 131.1 and completion mark of 69.8% for his 40 games at Oklahoma. “Quick delivery, accurate, big arm,” said a second scout. “But he is best late in the down. You’ll have to tailor your offense to his strengths. He’s little, and looks to bail too early. Really good at making plays outside the pocket. He benefits from a lot of one-read throws in their system so it’ll be an adjustment to play in a pro-style offense.” Has been arrested and suspended for various offenses. Often compared to Johnny Manziel (5-11 ½, 207, 4.65), who had a Wonderlic of 32 but flopped as a first-round pick in Cleveland. “Same antics, same background,” a third scout said. “He’s got a stronger arm than Manziel but can’t run as fast. I see too much Manziel. Most of his game is outside the pocket and those guys get hurt. When he runs he doesn’t slide.” Having interviewed Mayfield, another scout said: “He’s not half-cocked. He’s humble. I think he’s an outstanding competitor.” Cried as he gave his Heisman acceptance speech, calling himself a chubby, non-athletic kid growing up in Austin, Texas. “He’s a cocky little (bleep),” another scout said. “I think it will get him in trouble a little bit. He’s a little bit too full of himself. Now he is a hard worker and he loves football. I’m playing the percentages. Not many of those 6-foot quarterbacks work. Joe Theismann. Doug Flutie. Michael Vick. Russell Wilson. Drew Brees. That’s it.” Wonderlic of 25. Added one scout: “Guys have his back. He’s a little bit obnoxious but he’s very high energy. If he’s on the other team you (bleep) hate him. If he’s on your team you love him.”
  8. Darnold and Barkley both benefited a ton from their Rose Bowl performances. A lot of people who don’t watch college football are using that game as a frame of reference.
  9. Mangini selected 3 ring of honor players, people forget that.
  10. Francesa was on with Simmons the other day and is still predicting Giants won’t take a QB unless Darnolds there. The Mayfield stuff sounds legit for the Jets. Rosen just feels like the guy that’s going to drop.
  11. There’s nothing I’ve seen from Rosen that resembles Peyton or Rodgers. That’s an insane comparison. He took 26 sacks last year and was hurt all the time.