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  1. Yeah I dont believe that for a second.
  2. Matt39

    Calvin Johnson

    Unless he runs a 6.7 3 cone with a 45 inch vertical...no.
  3. Matt39

    Classic Clips

    Big Jets signing Neil Odonnell gets hurt in warmups
  4. Matt39

    Classic Clips

    Bob Page 😂ripping the Jets
  5. Matt39

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Collusion isn’t really provable or unprovable. It’s a vague term in itself. I think the NFL wanted this over and Kap at the end of the day wanted to get paid.
  6. Matt39

    Kap and NFL Settle

    Guy got benched for Gabbert and took the league to the cleaners. God bless America
  7. Heath Miller would have been the best tight end in the history of the franchise. But continue.
  8. Heath Miller an 11 year starter for Pittsburgh was actually not very good and the Doug Jolley trade was actually good.
  9. Pretty much. No coach is going to be able to handle that. If he's not getting the ball he's melting down. His efficiency numbers have steadily decreased too.
  10. They produce in games they can get open in. If defenses want to take away a WR, most of the time they can. Aside from Hill(who even New England took away) these guys can be neutralized. Beckham especially. Brown got pissed because teams were doubling him and Ben just started going to Schuster. Beckham on the other hand is always hurt and doesnt seem all that into football anyways. It really starts with the coaching. Tomlin is a cupcake and gets walked on. The Giants have kissed Beckham's ass since the beginning, creating these types of situations.
  11. Belichick is a glorified DC and actually the Jolley trade and Mike Nugent pick was good. Dear god man.
  12. The bad: Odonnell Revis
  13. Darnold having to throw to Odell/Brown when they arent open to get them their targets would be a disaster. Defenses end up doubling these guys, QB ends up throwing to the guy who's open, Brown/Beckham melt down because they want the ball when they arent open. It's why the Patriots shy away from guys who demand the ball. Brady isnt throwing to anyone who's double covered.
  14. Because hes always hurt and a giant pain in the neck.
  15. Amazing how many talented backs this team has passed on to draft scrubs. The position had been totally ignored.

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