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  1. Matt39

    Stick and Pick

    I don’t know tbh. I think Allen and Williams are both better than Adams though. Winovich plays hard and has a great 3 cone. Bush is going to be a good player too. Its going to be hard to be angry at whoever the Jets pick there. You were 100% right to be furious with the Adams pick with who was on the board, which won’t be the case this year unless they take someone monumentally dumb like a tackle to overcompensate for not taking oline.
  2. Matt39

    Stick and Pick

    Take Chase third. Who cares. He’s going top 30. sh*t I’d probably take Bush and Winovich before Williams or Allen at 3.
  3. Matt39

    When will Neon Moron go away?

    Deion and Rickey Henderson in the same clubhouse, imagine that. When Rickey left the Yankees for Oakland part two, no athlete on earth got it worse than Rickey in the Stadium. He loved it too. This is pre sterilized Yankee Stadium. Fun times.
  4. The Knicks can hide because of their real estate. The Jets literally share a stadium with one of the more iconic NFL franchises and think new uniforms and an owner muttering nonsensical phrases will compensate for not being in the playoffs in nearly a decade. They need to start winning.
  5. Weekly segment https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=scott+zolak+belichick
  6. It is truly astonishing with the lack of access that the beat team just obeys. I guess at the end of the day it makes their job easier. Maccagnan has never established any sort of process with the public as it relates to talent evaluation. Belichick give 50x the access the Jets do. Why change though? Just distract the fanbase with shiny new uniforms and a hip new owner. The Jets and Knicks are practically identical franchises.
  7. Matt39

    Matt Miller - QW is the top rated player in the draft

    "We liked *insert future Hall of Famer here* quite a bit, but Quinnen was the top rated player on our board and we felt he was the best fit for the Jets."
  8. This is directly related to Scott jumping into the stands after winning the divisional round in 2010. Since then, the Jets have won zero playoff games and the Patriots have been to 5 Super Bowls.
  9. That and the young beat guys are more interested in thinking they’re buddies with the players than actually asking difficult questions.
  10. Teams just pull access now if you’re even the slight bit critical
  11. Could have something to do with treating a Divisional win like winning Super Bowl.
  12. Matt39

    All Jets fans do is complain

    With the amount of information that’s out there as it relates to the draft, it should bother every fan how bad the Jets have consistently been at it.
  13. Matt39

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    Yeah that's my bad a bit. I didnt realize/forgot how unproductive he was at Ole Miss considering the hype. Plus his combine was phenomenal.
  14. Matt39

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    Assuming the questions regarding Oliver are stemming from the interviews(speculating), as everything else checks out. Nkemdiche, who's been a bust, same deal.
  15. Matt39

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    Maccagnan is on the record of saying he looks at mock drafts as a method of preparation. Oliver for reasons unknown is currently behind Allen, Bosa, and Williams in most mocks. I think Oliver should be the pick (assuming the BS at Houston is settled), but it seems unlikely with how the current mock drafts have shaken out. Maccagnan doesn't have a history of "reaching" in the top 6. If you're betting, it's either Williams or Allen. Most likely Allen with the Jets recently paying Anderson.

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