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  1. Anderson got kicked out of Temple 3 times?? Pfft. It's over.
  2. Wait he was sober and already in cuffs when he mouthed off? Oof.
  3. It’d be effing nice if someone within the organization actually addressed anything. Has Bowles or Maccagnan ever said anything of significance? Just fired their OC again, best skill player on team arrested again. Where’s Todd? Still looking at the tape? Anyone want to talk specifics about what’s going on?
  4. So we still going to resign Sheldon? #BIGMAC
  5. This is aggressive. Thankfully he didnt hurt anyone, but if he's willing to change from this event- there's hope. It's also possible he's just an a$$hole.
  6. I think the Jets need to figure out if it's keeping it real immaturity or real personal issues. If he's just an immature ass it's never going to work out and should cut bait. If he's got some personal demons- hopefully they can work with him. He probably should stay out of Florida.
  7. I'd say at least therapy before getting cut. Hard to imagine being that angry with that much to lose. This is just stupid sh*t.
  8. I said guess. Why do you think he went undrafted?
  9. I'd guess everyone at Florham Park knew this guy was a ticking time bomb. Figured they get the most out of him while they could- granted he's a fairly one dimensional player but he was the only guy on the roster capable of scoring touchdowns further than 10 yards out. Immaturity can kill careers unfortunately.
  10. I have a hardon for winning. If he's going to have the ball that much(which he shouldnt) he's going to have to figure out how to pass or rebound better. The Knicks continue to do the same things over and over, efficiency is what wins. Porzingis over shooting to get ASG votes is why this franchise continues to rudder. And everyone's afraid to say anything, because like Melo- the star at MSG (regardless of record) can get you fired.
  11. Any interest in Jarvis Landry?

    we already have one athletically limited eccentric LSU player. That's probably enough.