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  1. Matt39

    Darnold’s best game?

    Indy. And in retrospect that was a pretty good defense.
  2. Matt39

    Bell or draft?

    Or any other back in the league...
  3. It’s tough to go against New England, but they’re just not very good this year. I don’t see Belichick outscheming the Chargers, Chiefs, Steelers etc for 3 games in a row. Don’t see Brady finding the fountain of youth either.
  4. If there was ever a time for ownership to spend on a real HC/GM/Pres this would be the time. Clear house. Brady actually looks like he’s decling. Gronk’s done. Maccagnan got 4 years and the roster is still at 4-12, 5-11.
  5. Matt39

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    Would take Humphries over either
  6. Matt39

    Bell or draft?

    Marlon Mack/Hines in year 2 and 3 on a rookie deal is preferable to Leveon Bell's max contract mandated with 20+ carries per, imo.
  7. Matt39

    Bell or draft?

    Beefing up the oline would be the fastest way to improve the offense (assuming Darnold progresses)
  8. Matt39

    Bell or draft?

    Bell coming off a missed season, always at risk for a suspension and a massive contract would be absurd. There is zero reason to pay him. Draft a running back in rounds 2-4. Take two backs there if you want to. Teams take backs in the middle rounds every year, the Jets refsuing to invest into the position isn’t a good reason to overspend for a guy coming off the couch. I don’t even think Shepherd played on Saturday.
  9. Matt39

    Bell or draft?

    Samuels played tight end in college and stepped right in. Jets have two 3rd rounders this year, how about taking a back there.
  10. Cardinals are cleaning house too. New regime and the first pick or second pick good chance they go QB. Rosen just isn’t even competitive.
  11. Matt39

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    Hot take. The Scott Hanson NFL Redzone broadcast is overrated.
  12. Matt39

    Sunday NFL Games thread.

    Rosen is horrifically bad
  13. Matt39

    Folks: We Have a Franchise QB.

    Darnold at the very least probably won’t suck, which is more we can say about a drafted QB here in a long time. I get to watch the Bucs a lot and Sam and Jameis have pretty similar games.
  14. http://www.tzr.io/yarn-clip/e6827f70-11f4-438f-b794-3268baf84c60
  15. Matt39

    Bell or draft?

    Draft. Signing Bell would be Revis part 2.

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