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  1. He’s a California kid. You can’t put him in New Jersey and expect him to work. This is Sanchez all over. Lamar is Florida. Tough as nails and bleeds football. Darnold is Wooterson.
  2. Do the San Francisco Giants ever get together with the New York Giants?
  3. My opinion. Ownership is all in on Darnold. If Gase isnt they'll find someone who is.
  4. After the Dolphins game Darnold sits at 30th in DVOA and 31st in DYAR.
  5. Be interesting to see if Gase or anyone else takes ownership of this (as we know he didnt want Bell) or if Gase does his "I dont know anything" bit. Bell obviously isnt playing Thursday.
  6. Esiason was hinting on WFAN the other day that he’s been a pain in the neck, missing meetings etc. One thing I give this regime credit for was they were able to keep Polite’s absences under wraps so it’s possible they’re just good at closing leaks. The Bell stuff was Boomer kinda just floating it out there without actually saying it so who knows. He’s definitely not back though.

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