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  1. He kinda had that vibe after they drafted him. Even in the call from Douglas when the Jets selected him he was pretty unenthused. I remember one of the scout blurbs from McGin predraft said he didn’t have much fight in him.
  2. Football towns go beyond the NFL. Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio are football states.
  3. New York metro area has so many people it can be everything to everyone basically. Pittsburgh and Cleveland are football towns.
  4. Gase had David Fales as the backup two years ago and had to sign Falk when Darnold got hurt.
  5. I will be concerned if he continues to struggle in practice and if the Jets treat him with kid gloves in preseason games. He needs to play a lot on preseason, IMO. Let him get ready, take some hits and have a welcome to the NFL moment. The gap between BYU and the league is massive.
  6. Bectons rookie season was wildly overrated and he seemed pretty happy reading his own press clippings. Time to get his butt in gear.
  7. Looking forward to seeing some live hitting. Hard to take much away from shorts.
  8. I think 2 and 3 are probably true. Again we’ll have to see him tested under pressure first. If he starts contorting his body while the pocket gets messy you’re going to see the same things that happened to Darnold. He could get away with it at BYU as he was barely breathed on. He doesn’t have Mahomes, Staffords or Rodgers arm. This system is much better suited for him though anyways. He has experience lining up under center unlike Darnold. He knows how to carry out a fake. The line has some road grading road run blockers. I expect him to have success out of play action.
  9. Beside when he’s under pressure the off platform stuff isn’t going to work.
  10. Would like to see him square his shoulders with his feet and step into more throws. We will see soon enough.
  11. If off platform throws are his biggest strength then there’s going to be problems. He has to be able to play under duress from the pocket and that’s what he needs to be good at. He’s got the talent to do it, he just was never really pressured in college. The off balance bomb he threw at his pro day looked cool and all but would never happen during a game.
  12. Last Rookie QB to not start right away who was behind a clearly inferior player? The Chiefs were winning with Smith. Wilson has to be ready and if he’s not then Douglas messed up not bringing in someone else to start initially
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