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  1. Yeah I dont think I ever went back and checked after Week 17 when Zach didnt look like a pro QB. Either way, both of them were horrendous even for rookies.
  2. Which ones? Football Outsiders had him as the worst QB in the league.
  3. He took a sack seemingly every other time he dropped back. Basically how he looked against Northwestern was how he looked every game as a pro.
  4. I par most. I also have some gnarly add so I just fly through and submit whatever comes over my brain first. I have yet to lose though.
  5. Wilson stunk last season. Fields was worse. Both have a lot to prove.
  6. From what I know through a buddy who’s involved at Clemson is Watson basically turned into a total dickhead since he’s been in the league. He hired a Turtle without any of the endearing qualities to be his manager and has burned bridges at Clemson. Hell always be welcome back but he’s not well liked there anymore. As far as the case goes it didn’t surprise many that he thought he could just whip out his Johnson whenever he wanted. Just zero awareness of how anything works or what’s right/wrong. On the other hand when a pro athlete slides into your DM’s and you have a public profile he’s 100% trying to smash.
  7. Alec Baldwin literally killed someone and got off scot free. Two sets of rules here.
  8. You can show up to practice, work out with your personal trainer, take care of your personal life and GF and also play video games all at the same time. I’m not sure why he can’t. But hey it’s his career…
  9. I’m not worried at all. I know he’s not in the teams plans anyway. I’m just hoping Mitchell can play.
  10. The entire team is there. No one cares about his trainer if he doesnt work for the team. He's not Tom Brady. The organization still cant say what exactly the deal is. Rehab, pregnant gf, working out somewhere else, why he missed all of last season....all question marks compounded by him still being missing.
  11. Probably because the entire team, coaching staff etc is at the facility and the biggest question mark on the team who missed last season is still MIA. He's not an established player and the organization still cant give a straight answer on what his deal is. He's a distraction and extra luggage at this point.
  12. He’d be the Jets LT or RT I guess, considering Fant has worked out. But there’s nothing to me with his profile that says he can’t play Lt. He’s an athletic freak. Becton failed a drug test at the combine and has basically gone awol for over a year. It’s a miss and in retrospect Wirfs was the choice.
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