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  1. Maybe. But guys milking injuries while getting guaranteed millions is a thing. JD's draft analysis like Maccagnan's may not have been comprehensive enough in terms of finding guys who love football.
  2. to be fair, this latest draft class looks to be a total disaster
  3. Really depends on the severity. An ankle is one of the injuries that’s fairly easy to come back from, especially in today’s world. Perriman is a scrub anyways, but not surprising he’s mailing it in. The whole team is.
  4. Perriman is making 8 mill this year. Last year with the Bucs was he show me contract and the Jets paid him. He never played on his rookie deal either. The Jets don’t qualify this stuff in the draft process or FA. He twisted his ankle but can’t play? GTFOH
  5. Herndon plays like he's stoned. He's not a good player.
  6. I mean you'd hope. But Mosley sure as hell didnt. This has been a major issue related to the Jets roster construction. Between the draft and FA- there's a massive hole in how they evaluate the prospects/FA desire to compete it seems. The entire draft class not playing isnt just some massive coincidence.
  7. I'm sure the Johnson's are following the red dot and see the Lamar Jackson stuff as the new shiny thing.
  8. More than likely doesnt like football, got paid and will wash out of the league shortly.
  9. Bringing in players who actually play would be a start.
  10. I think we need to work off the assumption that Douglas is probably still finding his way and could be a bit overwhelmed. He has to prove himself. Things working against him : The Jets hired him He was recommended by Gase They have the same agent.
  11. Fun ride for the Bolts- finally got it done.
  12. I mean if you can play you play. Compete. Not really controversial. Half the roster being hurt deserves to be questioned at all angles.
  13. It's football. You play hurt if you can go.

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