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  1. Decent day. Had no business being the 3rd overall pick though.
  2. Adams seems a bit too caught up in the IG stuff, but he's a team guy... and his celebrating, while annoying at times isnt even that bad. Did you see Diggs today? He was just being a jerk. Adams isnt taunting.
  3. The all-whites should be the home uniform like they did in the 80's.
  4. Darnold was great other than the one pass. Amazing how bad Falk was.
  5. Dallas playing with the Todd Bowles sense of urgency here.
  6. Maybe Darnold will show us something today. Would be nice.
  7. So is Miami tanking or no. Rosen got benched?
  8. Browns need to get rid of Odell. Baker is locked on to him and he’s just not catching the ball.
  9. Float Bell to the Chiefs for their first. Beat the Patriots that way.
  10. Matt39

    2019 Yankees

    @Barton @TaborJet @Maxman@Lil Bit Special @Bugg @ing the Old school JN Yankees posters. Go Yanks.

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