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  1. And it's never addressed by either side. Once it starts impacting your own children it's amazing how the wokest become unwoke.
  2. Those departments are also massive. I think most rationale folks would agree the police are necessary for a functioning society so when you hear people actually pushing to eliminate them you wonder where the heck you should fall. These issues are complex and when specific examples are cited they are mostly shot down. This specific cop based on his history and no business being in the field and the question we should be asking is why that was allowed in the first place.
  3. To follow up on this the Minneapolis cop had 19 prior infractions! What other profession allows this? Maybe 1 or 2 without getting fired. Public sector unions allow this, which is why nothing ever changes. Do what I say not what I do. Real talk. All of the high level no specifics social media posting does nothing. No one is really willing to have a real conversation. NIMBY is real.
  4. Address specific policies, school district lines etc. The Northeast especially. Access to the same education, especially in some pretty woke areas I think is what frustrates people who feel they’re getting lectured by people who don’t follow through on what they preach.
  5. Both the athletes and owners not enjoying playing sports is becoming a thing. This is across all pro sports. Gut says there's going to be major push back from the players about playing this season. There was an NBA victory lap regarding their season apparently starting in 2 months, but the players have yet to sign off on that either.
  6. Do the players actually want to get back on the field is the question. MLB is looking toast. I dont buy the NBA comeback...NFL players will fight going to camp. It's going to be sticky.
  7. I think we are seeing this from a lot of pro athletes. They've gotten a taste of doing what they want at all times. No practices, responsibilities etc...most have enough money. MLB is dead, the 2020 NBA season is scheduled to start in 2040...and the NFL is already cancelling mini-camps etc. I don't see the NFL season happening if the MLB and NBA dont go through, the players wont want to play/be the first league to re-open.
  8. god given talent and not much else.
  9. Depends if the players want to play or not, which judging by other leagues seems to be a hard no. There is a CBA in place currently, so this would be a strike if they sit. It's going to get interesting.

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