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  1. Nice job on trading Garrapolo Bob.
  2. Brilliant campaign tbh. Did they buy a single ad?
  3. Matt39

    Lebron is decent

    I won’t hold you to it. We all lose anyways with this team.
  4. Matt39

    Lebron is decent

    Still think he’s first ballot?
  5. Matt39

    Lebron is decent

    This guy lol
  6. Which is exactly why Belichick was right about Jimmy G
  7. Should have kept Jimmy. Belichicks more important than a 40 year old Brady and Kraft combined.
  8. The one thing Jamal Adams leads the league in
  9. Matt39

    NBA Finals

    Yeah. It's not a good watch. The games dont feel competitive and they've essentially taken all contact out of the sport resulting in glorified 3 point shooting contests. The Warriors have 3 of the best shooters of all time on the same roster- what fun is that? Does anyone even care if the Warriors win? Lebron gets more credit in losses now anyways it seems. It's a win-win for him and Golden State. I hate it. Lebron winning Finals MVP in a loss is going to eventually happen.
  10. Matt39

    NBA Finals

    Warriors win. Lebron wins MVP. Everyone wins. NBA 2018 in a nutshell.
  11. Matt39

    Lebron is decent

    Always gets glossed over. Jordan played like ass during this series. Everyone has selective memories. https://www.basketball-reference.com/playoffs/1995-nba-eastern-conference-semifinals-bulls-vs-magic.html