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  1. I am excited for the Super Bowl Village as I'm local. I will report back on my 40 and 3 cone time. I have also jumped on the Bucs bandwagon. So go Bucs.
  2. Jets have consistently ignored the edge rusher position for whatever reason.
  3. I mean Justin Herbert had the greatest rookie QB season ever so yeah that's going to count for more. Douglas' first class looked below average after year one...too many injuries and not enough production, especially considering this was a 2 win team, and the barrier for playing time wasnt overly tough.
  4. Belichick made a bad error with Cam, who was one of the worst passers the league has ever seen this year. Brady didnt play all that well today, but is now on a loaded roster. I wouldnt count on the Pats being totally dead. They'll improve at QB next season.
  5. Bowles got great games from Shaq Barrett and JPP. Getting Vea back in the middle was huge for Tampa.
  6. Yes, when you lower your shoulder to tackle your head will be lowered as well. If helmets can’t touch then eliminate helmets. Was a garbage call especially in such a big game. Let them play football and let them hit.
  7. GB taking their sweet ass time right before the pick killed them.

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