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  1. All of this bullsh*t and the Pats and Steelers have been the two best teams in the AFC for damn near 20 years.
  2. Sunday Games Thread

    Hundley is so bad
  3. Sunday Games Thread

    Yeah we stink.
  4. Last dickhead QB to not suck in the pros?
  5. So Kurt Benkert for Virginia looks incredible. Is he a pro?
  6. QB or I’m done

    So the Virginia QB looks amazing- who is he?
  7. I have absolutely no proof or data to back this up, but just going off the eyes he still looks incredibly awkward throwing the ball. Kind of a frenetic presence in the pocket.
  8. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    The twitter gulag going after McDermott is Exhibit A of the defenses case of why Kapernick doesn’t have a job.
  9. Like a mid August show but year round. Oof.
  10. That was brutal. Hardaway and KP were awful. Lebron allowed to effing travel every time down the floor. WHere the hell was Kanter down the stretch?
  11. Whenever Lebron goes off script it's easy to see why he's hand handlers since he was 9.
  12. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    Bowles went into this job thinking he could skip the hard part of 1. finding a young QB and 2. developing young QB. You'd think this was Bowles' last job of his career after multiple stints of being a HC. The outright negligence to the QB position over the last 3 years has been insane.