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  1. Chiefs sign Revis

    Ok he won an award on there NFL network. Hats off. He got hurt in 2012 and was a ghost in Tampa in 13.
  2. Chiefs sign Revis

    He was never voted defensive player of the year. He probably should have won in 09, but I️t was kind of a lifetime achievement for Woodson. Woodson also played forever and generated turnovers something Revis never did. And to say there isn’t a cat and mouse game with playing CB is silly. Revis excelled at doing one thing for an extremely short amount of time. The HOF guys all generated turnovers. Football is a game of possessions- sacking the QB and turning over the ball are by far the most valuable things you can do. He did neither. Woody getting bent over by a guy who never made big plays are why the Jets continue to be a laughing stock. Belichick got Revis for a year and then laughed at his contract demands. They’ve done fine since he’s left.
  3. The writer really cited a Twitter called awful white QB's.
  4. Chiefs sign Revis

    I, for one, think the CB should intercept the ball.
  5. Chiefs sign Revis

    What makes you think I care about the money? Revis has played his cards perfectly. He should teach tbh. Just leave it to the Jets to chase the dragon for a guy who never generated turnovers.
  6. Chiefs sign Revis

    Revis was absolutely manufactured hype off of one great season. The Island moniker came after 09 and stuck. He just never really did anything to garner its afterwards. But at least he stole Woodys money, that’s what matters.
  7. Chiefs sign Revis

    Quite literally the most overrated player of all time. One great season and a great marketing campaign. No big plays, no interceptions, no touchdowns, hurt all the time, and a lot of contract headaches.
  8. Chiefs sign Revis

    If Shawn Springs gets in I’ll get nervous.
  9. Chiefs sign Revis

    To play defensive tackle?
  10. It's amazing watching other NFL teams who have running backs go down and they have multiple young guys with some upside backing them up. Have the Jets ever had this?
  11. Adams has made more plays at LB than at safety this year.
  12. The frustrating thing is all of these positions were there for the taking in Rounds 1-3 of the last three drafts. Mac just took the wrong players. Smith, Hackenberg, Mauldin have all been useless.
  13. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I dont think so. Peterman was god awful and you basically saw that he cant play. They got it over with. Back to Tyrod. It'd be nice if the Jets did the same with Hackenberg.
  14. Adams’ inability to generate turnovers will hold him back from being an all pro type of player. It’s still hard to believe the Jets took a guy that high that never made big plays in college. He doesn’t make up for the lack of turnovers with coverage skills either, which at least Revis was able to do.
  15. http://turnonthejets.com/2017/11/new-york-jets-culture-celebrated-mediocrity/#more-39645 Anyone read this? Thought it summed everything up pretty well.
  16. Russell Wilson

    Could argue Vilma and Moss. John Abraham. Or the guy who ended up with the Lions recently. Other than that hardly anyone off the top.
  17. All of this bullsh*t and the Pats and Steelers have been the two best teams in the AFC for damn near 20 years.
  18. Sunday Games Thread

    Hundley is so bad
  19. Sunday Games Thread

    Yeah we stink.
  20. Last dickhead QB to not suck in the pros?
  21. Mayfield plays like Sanchez.
  22. So Kurt Benkert for Virginia looks incredible. Is he a pro?