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  1. In Bruges was on tonight. It doesn’t get much better.
  2. I thought The Gentlemen was going to be like Snatch. Not really but a decent movie nonetheless.
  3. NFL may just write that stipend off as no one really important ended up opting out.
  4. By opting out, he no longer has to risk going to a controlled facility, with world class physicians and unlimited resources.
  5. You know if they knew Mosley didnt want to play anymore that money could have been used to bring back Anderson no? WR is still the weakest position on the roster.
  6. We dont got Doctson here.
  7. Congrats to the Jets on having the highest paid and most notable player opt out! Truly an honor I'm sure.
  8. In typical Jets fashion the most notable and highest paid player opting out is a a Jet.
  9. All of the projections for Darnold this year have him as like a bottom 8 QB.
  10. Free gear and food too. It’s not a bad lifestyle for four years.
  11. They’re D2. Giants used to practice at their facility back in the day.
  12. Sports media doing a conga-line every time there's a positive test isnt helping matters either.
  13. Minshew is already off the list and had a false positive as did Stafford. Stafford's wife also just took a dump on the entire process.
  14. Dont think Darnold's roster status would impact them taking another QB if it doesnt work out this season.
  15. Most do. I don’t see the mask thing being an issue. It’s going to get play when someone videos someone wigging out as if it’s the norm.
  16. Nah. Not with the potential for Lawrence if Darnold implodes.
  17. This article is apparently old and Beckham now wants to play. Who knows. He just likes the attention. I have noticed a growing resentment from players and media toward fans. The media seems to outright dislike the fans these days and are openly rooting against sports. It's crazy. This quote from Josh Allen I'm sure will get dragged: Positivity in relation to COVID and sports returning gets met with a swift rebuttal, no matter the facts.
  18. People really don’t seem to care for potential solutions.
  19. I'd lower your expectations to be honest. It's not how it works...at least not anymore. The media and many of the players resent the fans. It is what it is. What Solder did isnt to be expected.

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