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  1. Fant is basically the definition of an overachiever. He didn’t play football until college and was a tight end.
  2. You can get away from the 5 year rule by introducing a throwback. Would be interesting to see if the Jets do this.
  3. Boomer really read of his Uber Eats receipt live in the air?
  4. Skits and carrying pads will suffice. Buy them dinner and get them hammered. That’s how it should go.
  5. The Jets threw the gauntlet down as nice as they could publicly. Privately I’m sure was a different story. He’s got until camp it sounds like to figure out how he wants his career to go. He’s got guaranteed money this year and next if that’s all he’s worried about. Hopefully his support system is encouraging him to get in shape rather than enable.
  6. The fanbase was definitely pissed off on the change regardless of how many finance bros and lawyers in the northeast supported it. The new name and uniforms stink out loud. How they didn’t anticipate Commanders getting shortened to commies seems like a fairly massive miss. Luckily the Indians going to Guardians softened the blow a bit. Guardians is beyond bad.
  7. I’d say this is a tad different than running up a tab.
  8. I’m not getting the why am I not the CEO yet energy from his tweet just yet
  9. I mean yeah that’s just dickhead move. At a client dinner once guy at the table at Shulas ordered a steak that fed like 8 people once. Didn’t even take it home.
  10. There are better ways to do this. You are an ahole if you order the most expensive thing on the menu only because someone else is paying. Just me though.
  11. Saleh has been quoted saying he has 40 days to make what he needs to make happen. If he shows up overweight for camp he’ll probably be PUP’ed.
  12. The Jets made this closer than it needed to be.
  13. DL is the toughest group. Smith has stuck around for a while now, team likes him. I think most of the Mims stuff is hot air. If they dont trade him he may be a last day cut.
  14. Pizza Hut is the move. right @slats?
  15. Earthquake's listing was exaggerated. Big Show was 7'0. If you look at Undertaker he was over 300 but looked fairly trim. Kane wore platform shoes. Hogan was like 6'6. I dont see how Becton isnt well over 400lbs.
  16. Jordan Mailta for the Eagles is listed as 6'8 and 350ish. He looks skinny compared to Becton. Thinking of other guys...Andre Smith from Alabama, disappointing career. Erik Williams before the car accident was a beast and massive but never that big. McKinnie played was a dog.
  17. Listening to one of the TOJ pods and Will Parkinson who does some of the interviews heard he was well above 4 bills. Unintended consequences of the new CBA is conditioning is up to the player in the off-season now because training camp has been condensed so much.
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