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  1. Tell Flacco he’s the starter and be done with it. It’s happening.
  2. Yes typically these breakdown videos can be tedious but whoever put this together did a nice job.
  3. really sold breakdown of Wilson last year. Just things you wonder if they're possible to clean up. As far as GW's comments and what we've seen to date...I still wonder if his hand size has hurt his ability to make easy throws. I see Pickett wearing the glove on his throwing hand...maybe could help Wilson with grip.
  4. They often find themselves on other teams because of the reasons they fell too fwiw. Claypool want last there as the most recent example.
  5. yeah this is the main concern. Late hits and poor tackling falls on the coach.
  6. That’s fair. Saying he can’t make cuts in preseason games because he could get hurt is crazy though. Look at Lamar Jackson he’s not dialing it down when running. Your knee shouldn’t give out on a juke move.
  7. After Zach went down I went from clear to brown liquor so I don’t recall either .
  8. I mean it was a simple cut that athletes have to make. Preseason or not. His knee should be able to withhold that especially on grass. Glad it wasn’t serious but it’s concerning that running could be an issue if his knee is fragile. Wilson needs to be able to scramble.
  9. Give up a 2? He knows the offense. It’d be arguably the end to Wilson as a Jet so you’d have to manage the ramifications of that.
  10. Hard to take too much from preseason pass coverage, but overall yeah just looked uninspired on the DL and OL. What was actually bad bad was the absurd late hit on Hurts and the tackle attempt by Kwon Alexander on the Goddert touchdown. That falls directly on bad practice habits and the coaching. Williams not getting pulled from the game was crazy. The Alexander tackle was a startling peak into what Jets practices look like.
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