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  1. The pirouetting needs to stop but he looked pretty sharp on those last couple of drives. I wasn’t expecting that at all either.
  2. Wilson had a nice second half. Tough place to play. You have to think positive with this development.
  3. Gwill needs the jugs machine. He's got to be leading the league in drops.
  4. So did the NFL get rid of the defenseless receiver penalty?
  5. Defense needs to play well. Turnovers sacks. If it doesn’t you can count down to the Saleh heave ho.
  6. He did graduate the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.
  7. Did Saleh get his beard dyed and lined up for the cameras this week?
  8. If Trubisky has a day that may be the end of this regime. Not a must win but the defense has to play well.
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