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  1. Maybe players should discuss with the union to lobby for college rules and have the clock stop after first downs. This way the games are longer and receivers get their touches.
  2. Immaturity levels that probably should have been flagged during the draft process
  3. Nitpicking? The triple lutz axels into sacks I think the fans have a right to be skeptical.
  4. Jets marketing team does not allow any deviation from the pre determined uniform schedule.
  5. Surprised he’s struggled this much. Entire class has been bad.
  6. Wilson needs to run more. If he can’t pass then he needs to run.
  7. Etienne is back for the Jags and has looked awesome.
  8. I mean we can be fair. Yesterday was a gigantic step back for Wilson. He was not competitive. The next 3 games in division are huge for Saleh and the state of the Jets. This isn’t about just Wilson anymore. This is a team sitting at 5-2 carrying a QB not playing well. If the offense sputters in the first half against New England Flacco needs to be loose at the very least. This is the first season we’ve made it to Halloween in forever, the Jets owe it to the locker room and the fans to put the best QB on the field to try and make the playoffs.
  9. Losing the best player on the team does in fact suck. At 5-2, you have to see what’s out there trade wise. Carter is not an early down runner.
  10. That’s everything these days. Officials have never been held accountable. I think the last one to step down was as Triplett and that was like a decade ago now.
  11. Can’t wait to do the same thing again next season!
  12. The board is what you make/get out of it. Sort of like Catholicism.
  13. This is why you draft a back in the mid rounds every seasons. Drove me crazy how the Jets consistently undervalued the position. Id look to make a move. Carter isn’t a between the tackles early down runner.
  14. It was as if they were watching a different game. Plus the Washburn guy adding zippo. Also factor in the penalties. Just a mess all around.
  15. The CBS broadcast was so bad that it wouldnt surprise me if they got this wrong too. He went in the blue tent.
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