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  1. Have a safe holiday everyone! Remember the 5-0's will be out tonight, dont drink and drive! Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Woody may change his tune when he sees half the stadium empty, and the rest of the fans in there wearing paper bags.
  3. This man never lies. If you honestly think Reggie Bush will be a bust, than I'm just speechless.
  4. I figured it would get edited, but I figured Tomshane would have liked it.
  5. Bit, do you feel Dom Capers should be fired?
  6. Isnt that the ultimate goal? Win a championship? It's only been what, 36 years now? Like been said before, we've treaded water for 4 seasons and now we've finally sunk. We've hit rock bottom, it's time to move on--from Terry to Herm to Chad to Curtis. Last year the window closed in Pittsburgh after Herm called for the kneel then Brien went in and missed a kick everyone and their mother knew he would. You've been posting on these Jets boards forever now Bit, and I still haven't been able to understand you're logic
  7. Matt39

    If TO is cut.

    Who the hell is going to throw him the ball?
  8. True. I think Goodwin may be the worst lineman I've ever seen. Or at least as bad as Machado was.
  9. The whole defensive line has been dissapointing. Aside from a few flashes, Abraham hasn't been as good as advertised. Ellis has been invisble the enitre season. The rotation of Reed, legree Pouha has failed. And then you ofcourse have had Robertson, where there seems to be a divide on the board. I just don't see it in the kid. For our defensive line that has 4 first round picks seeing significant time playing like this is embarassing. I know this will probably be way down our list, but we could alos use another LB with some more speed. Denver's LB'S were flying all over the place today it seemed.
  10. Lol Shawn, the 95 Raider game I was there. I was like 12 years old. I beleive it was 51-0 Sunday night game. Oh the misery.
  11. I may got to the Raiders game and openly root for Lamont.
  12. Bradways a boob. He also comes off as an arrogant know it all. F him.
  13. As of right now, with the personell they're sending on the field, this is the worst team i've ever seen.
  14. I expect the crew of Steve Tasker and Don Criqui very soon.
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