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  1. Ehh, dont know. Bolly was great on Sunday, but he was playing in the 2nd half against Shottenheimer. Be prepared for an all out assualt from the Panthers defense. They'll be blitzing 95% of the time. Hopefully Brooks can stay calm in the pocket.
  2. The Jets rarely blitz anymore. Brees has all day aside form the Abraham sack. It looked awfully reminiscent of our cover who days.
  3. I would like to see both teams lose tonight
  4. AEC, 4-5 years ago I would have agreed with you...but I mean, its ridiculous now. Last year he led the league in carries I beleive at the age of 31, while we had a guy behind him who Curtis referred to as "a better back then he was" barely get on the field. I dont doubt Curtis' main goal is a championship, but I also think this streak is almost as important.
  5. And yes I know there's been an abundance of Martin threads, but I just got even angrier tonight as one of my buds, a nonbiased fan felt Curt was just atrocious. He actually felt ba for me.
  6. Herm and Curtis? Honestly. Watching Tomlinson yesterday shoved it in our faces even more. We have have the slowest running back in the league. He has zero moves. Zero. The Oline was fine yesterday. Listen, Martin's been a solid Jet. He's accomplished alot here, but it's over. In my eyes he's tarnishing his career at this point. He refuses to come up and let the younger guys play. Lamont now Houston. Like Booze said, I hope Martin doesn't reach 1K. If Herm's brought back next season it will be the same thing all over again. Right now, Martin is by far the worst starting back in the league and it is killing us.
  7. I would like the possibility of Miller on offense.
  8. The only reason Houston even got in the game was because Martin got poked in the eye and needed to come out. If that hadnt had happened, he wouldnt have saw the field.
  9. I enjoy listening to Tierney talking about the Jets. Few on the radio call out Herm, Curtis and everything else. It's just too bad he's paired with Stephen A. I dont think Stephen A's as awful as people thinks he is, he just knows little about football.
  10. And one more thing, our young stud DT sucks.
  11. Maybe its just me, but I'm going to lean to Herm.
  12. Herm implementing the cover who again? Barrett was giving guys 15 yards cushions for gods sake. How about a blitz once in a while. Shake it up. Brees had ALL day aside from the Abraham sack. Again, Herm playing not to lose. I'm sick of it.
  13. Herm- "Hey Mike, run the draw." Dinger- "Herm, we're on defense." Herm - "Run it anyway."
  14. Martin actually looked somewhat quick I think on a toss play left where he almost broke one. Other than that though, he was awful.
  15. Houston wont be seeing any significant time at all this season. Herm's main goal is to get Curtis his 1000. I mean, isnt it blatantly obvious at this point? End of the first hal, Jets with all their time outs take a couple shots, right? Nah, run Curtis...pad those stats.
  16. Miller needs alot of work at corner. I watched him alot in college. For all the speed he has he gets burnt way too much. He's awesome on kickoffs though. Hopefully he'll one day remember how to field a punt. I know this is way to crazy for herm to even consider, but Miller played offense sometimes at Clemson jsut because of how such an incredible athlete he is. Just a thought, considering we have zero explosive players on offense.
  17. 2nd and 9 at SD 41 (5:42) V.Testaverde pass to L.Coles to SD 22 for 19 yards (S.Davis). 1st and 10 at SD 22 (5:07) C.Martin right tackle to SD 21 for 1 yard (S.Merriman, S.Cooper). 2nd and 9 at SD 21 (4:29) C.Martin right end to SD 17 for 4 yards (S.Merriman). 3rd and 5 at SD 17 (3:48) V.Testaverde pass incomplete to C.Baker. That drive got me ticked. Do the jets ever after a big play try for the endzone? Nope. Martin off tackle for 1.
  18. Matt39


    Wow. He's an unreal talent. Almost impossible to cover. I wouldnt doubt he could become the best tight end in NFL history. He's that good.
  19. I really want to hear your take on Robertson this season. Am I I the only one who see's this fat mess get pushed around all over the field? He's regressed this season, badly.
  20. Gotta eat some crow here. I always felt Bollinger was not an NFL QB. He played great today, and I actually got excited duting a game for the first time all year. Huge spark. Its just to bad the guy behind him running the ball is a rally killer. McCariens not being able to catch doesnt help either.
  21. This Curtis Martin fiasco is laughable.
  22. 1st and goal from the 4, Martin for nothing. Didnt see that coming or anything. I HATE the fade routes. Absoultely hate them. There is only one player in the NFL that you throw the fade to the endzone, and thats Randy Moss...possibly Plaxico. HAve Brooks roll out, create something. Unbelievable.
  23. EB, big Ced get a carry this week or what?
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